Monday, February 22, 2021

Relaxing.... what is your way?

  Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


1956 Cadillac Eldorado 

So for Today:

Besides prayer or quiet time, what seems to relax your mind and body?  Is there one thing you can remember that just seems to sooth the soul?

I have known people that running, walking or meditating does it for them.

Maybe Vermont?

Funny thing about that subject there are two things that do it for me and they are totally opposites in my mind.  I love to sit and stare into a nice fire, especially a campfire in the mountains.  I have sat here by our fire pit in NC, and had the same results.

(I am sure this is New Hampshire, I liked the man under the falls)

Son Jack Jr likes to sleep to the sound of water produced by a small machine.  Yeah, water relaxes me also, but not the sound alone.

(This is in Georgia on the AT)

 I love the quietness of the mountains when I am beside a steady mountain brook as it cascades down a fall. The sight and sounds of that situation can cause me to lose the cares of the world and just drink in……………  And then there is the peace you feed  when you are alone on the deck of a ship looking at hundreds of square miles of blue ocean.......... well in those situations I just drink in peace......   ....... I think.

There are things that if they could be bottled and sold that could cure many ills and prevent suicides methinks.

This was on my mind and I am missing both situations at present being locked inside by the nasty weather. The one thing you can do in this case is PLAN to change the situation. We are here in North Carolina until Sherry’s yearly physically  with her local doctor.

After that our time is ours again. There is a good chance Florida will be in our sights. Ahhhhhhh some warm weather…



PS: And just when I am thinking of fires, Myra posts their Sunday morning service with the pastor being beside an out door fire. NICE!

BTW, Good service also, Pastor is also a good speaker.  She used the fire site effectively, remembering Ashe Wednesday.


Mevely317 said...

Thanks, Jack!
Now, even tho' our weather's warming and Tom's saying he "doesn't need" a fire pit, I may buy one for his birthday. Like you, poor guy's had a time of it with all the rain and gray skies we've experienced.
I know lots of folks like to watch an aquarium -- but they give me the creeps.

Some of my happiest memories center around being far out to sea. I used to say my favorite cruise would be no ports of call ... just lots and lots of water. Sadly, between the virus and passenger crowding I think my cruising days are over.

Lisa said...

Mine is sitting on the beach in the early morning with a cup of coffee.
A nice long shower feels good too.


yaya said...

Reading a good book is a relaxer for me but also I love to sit by the firepit. It's a proven fact that fire has a definite mental soothing. Unless you're sitting by a huge bonfire, a campfire doesn't really give you much heat but the look of it will make you feel much better. The reason I wanted to buy our house was because of the fireplace in the kitchen. The funny thing is we hardly ever light it! I hope Sherry's appointment goes well and you can head off to warmer places. Although being where you are would be warmer places for us! Wednesday we will be almost 50de! Can't wait!

Chatty Crone said...

Nothing feels as good to me as when when we are all home and eating dinner together and laughing. Rare we are all together these days. So many things going on even in Covid.
A lot of what you do I like as well.
It has been a rough winter - a lot of dark and rain. Today is nice though.

Dar said...

I find my most peace at the cabin watching the creek tumble over the rocks as an occasional deer walks by. The fire of course, always gives comfort and peace with heat and flickering flames dancing. There's even something soothing about the eaves dripping and warm sunshine. God sure found ways to bless us all. The best of reports for Sherry today and love to you both.
loven'hugs from up north where it's finally warming up with more snow on the way ....... so it goes where we choose to live. Life is Grand.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I lovw reading a goos look book more than anything to relax me. In nice weather I enjoy walks outside to take the stress away but now with winter weather.Reading does it for me.