Tuesday, November 30, 2021

I can’t change it, so I will watch

 That Car:

 I thik this is an '82 Citroen.

For today:

From my small seat, here in Florida I see the world around me, no problem; life is good.  But looking at the WORLD around me from the internet and I say OUCH. I am one of about 334 million people (333,738,930 as of Tuesday, November 30, 2021) here in the USA, This dude cannot fix a major thing here.

 In this great country we have ‘Gay people’, black people, and diverse folks from around the world. All have an agenda.  I do understand it. I tell my wife if I was a black man I would probably have been militant. That view is from being raised in a segregated world. I accepted it as proper or normal.  It was not RIGHT to expect black people to give their seat to a white peron in a bus. It was not RIGHT that at black person could not drink from the same water fountain as a white person.  BUT I, and millions accepted it as the right way to do things. I never had the experience of attending school with kids of color.  I thought that was normal also.

Like you, I pick my friends from the ones who also would pick me.  I have friends and family who are completely opposite of me in Religion, politics and ideas of the future, but we can have dinner laugh, joke and even poke fun at each other. Folks that is the USA, I LOVE IT!  I do not plan to hate or dislike someone just because they think different from me.

Are there personalities that rub you the wrong way? There are some that sure turn me off. I talk too much and it is usually around someone I cannot understand what they are saying (HEARING HERE, NOT A DISLIKE). I enjoy people with whom you can have a conversation. We met a man on our walks back home who would STOP us to TALK. (We like to smile and wave). It wasn’t long until we knew HE wanted to TALK, not converse. We deviated our walk because of it.

EGOs, most of us have an ego whether we admit it or not. We should think highly of ourselves. We have strong beliefs and that is normal methinks. BUT, but when an individual has an EGO that is larger than the WORLD and their way IS THE ONLY WAY, it turns me OFF, friend, mayor or any politician.

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PS: We have  Missouri friends who visited Florida during segregation and one of the boys (Robert I think) tried the 'colored fountain', expecting flavored or colored water.

True story.

Monday, November 29, 2021

I see December coming up.....

 Memorable car of the day:

Christmas Car

For today:

Kids living in Key West or Alaska KNOW what December means. No doubt about it, I too still love Christmas.  Of course not like I did at ages 6-12, I think that is the ideal age for Christmas.

I read Sean of the South a good bit, in one of his last blog entries he told of a waitress he had in North Georgia. She had a disturbing tale about her youth and Christmas. There was never a tree nor presents. They never had a tree until dad and mom died and she painted one on their trailer wall in green. She and siblings made ornaments and stuck them to the wall. She was the oldest of the bunch of siblings and raised them.

When you hear a story like that I know “that I KNOW” I was raised in a family that wanted ME to remember Christmas., not only for gifts, but for the reason for Christmas.

We will send a little extra this year to our church back home for the families and homeless who are hurting this time of year. We will also make a donation to “A Home for Children.” (That used to be an orphanage.)

Hey, I have known homeless men personally, folks who fared well and were satisfied with that life. Sleeping in alleys, under bridges and shelters. I was told, “I have no responsibilities, no worries or bills to pay and no schedule; Jail? Ha, that is a nice warm place to sleep and be fed too.”

But believe me not everyone looks at it that way. ESPECIALLY the children of the unfortunate, the druggie and alcoholic. The children of the prostitute; they are stuck in a no win situation. We want to help where we can.

November I am always Thankful, in December, when I can, I want to do something about it.

Yeah in my 80s there is NOTHING I NEED! I am not looking for a present, but I hope I can help someone who needs it. Life is good, OR IT SHOULD BE!


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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Did you find a bargain on Black Friday?

 That Armored Car:

 It is hard to believe a door would come open even in a wreck!

For today:

Yep I went shopping on the net. Including a cool ‘oscillating’ tool I will use to rebuild a double pain window here in the coach.

Some will be delivered by UPS/FEDX others by the US Postal Service.

I am very aware that our USPS suffered like many other portions and powers attached to our government. We all are aware of appointees by politicians who ‘OWE’ folks who helped financially get them elected.  Managers have not always been smart. Our postal service was once lead by someone who decided delivering packages was too cumbersome and not worth the effort and eventually it spawned the likes of FEDX/UPS, companies that have paid for fleets of planes and trucks just to deliver packages.  This is fact, as I am writing this, out the windshield I see a FEDX truck is delivering to David across the street.

We must keep in mind though, neither UPS nor FEDX would deliver a letter to Rancher Thomas or Widow Jones who lives 40 miles in the wilds of Colorado, Idaho or North Dakota for postage of less than a dollar.

Nothing I have said relates much to what I remember about the United States Post Office in the 40s & 50s. Hey I remember the postman bringing mama chicks in a flat brown box with holes in it. I remember the thrill of running to the mail box to wave at the mail man and get the mail like I remember waving at the train engineer as he leaned out that side window of HIS locomotive.

I even collected stamps. I couldn’t imagine a stamp no used being worth anything, so I wrote myself letters and put NEW German stamps on them just to get them cancelled and returned with ‘postage due’ stamped on them.

BUT MOST OF ALL I remember standing in front of a ‘sort of bulletin board’. That bulletin board held pictures of the FBI’s top 10 “MOST WANTED MEN”.  I looked and stared hoping to remember enough to recognize someone and turn them in for the reward. When in fact, if I had met any of them walking into the PO I would not have recognized them.  LOL

Little did I know that we would actually be acquainted with a woman whose son would be on that list. She actually threatened to whip my sweetheart once. BTW she went to jail when he was caught also.  I posted that story once.


If that doesn't work I might repost it....  Na, I am trying to put the whole post in a ps: hope it works.

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Monday, February 18, 2019

Stamp collecting and bank robbers

                This man was a collector!
The now:
At 12,  I started collecting stamps.   On Myra’s blog the other day she had a picture of 1911 valentines. They were what I have always called ‘Penny Post Cards.’ Sherry and I remember the penny post card existing until into the 1950s. First class was 3 cents and airmail 6 cents.
I had stamps from many countries. I bought stamps from the ads on the back of funny books (Comics). I could buy a hundred foreign stamps for 25 cents.  The ad declared ’no one had looked thru these stamps, some could be worth hundreds of dollars.’  Looking back I know that was all hype.
However I did have some that were ‘of value’. From my Great Grandpa’s desk Shirley and I found many treasures. The old office and court room was falling in, no one seemed to care about the law books nor written records. I found many odd stamps on the envelopes.  I actually had some of the first Air mail stamps ever issued in 1918, I knew they would bring millions!.
 (I had 6 of these. Today's value (used) is about $30, I guess I didn't lose that much. This was my top valued stamp)
We were living in the first-ever purchased home ($3,000). Before that we  had rented apartments or bought trailers. Then I decided to join the USN.  We chose to rent the house. I thought nothing of putting stuff in the attic, no one would bother it.  Would they?  HA! I never envisioned the house would be rented to the family of a ‘world famous thief.’ The rent was $40 a month. Mrs. C was evicted owing $800.00 (Yeah, I wasn’t much of a landlord LOL!)
My stamp collection was gone along with more, including a black & white sheep skin throw rug that I bought in Istanbul Turkey.  Everything was gone. Steven C, of the family became the mastermind for the second largest bank heist in the USA. The  ‘Loomis/FArgo’ heist of 1997, $17million. Probably not worth the effort to ask him what happened to my stamps, huh? Methinks he is out of prison now.
 Now I collect ‘stuff’.  Are U a collector?

Nite Shipslog
PS: Mrs. C also went to jail for money laundering. 
Did you know that 17 million in bills weighs over 2000 pounds. They had stolen so much they had to leave 3.3 million in the truck.


Glenda said...

That had to be a heartbreak to lose your treasured stamp collection along with the trust you had in those unscrupulous renters. I have had a few of those tough life learning lessons.

Lisa said...

I sat in high school class with one of the people that was involved in that heist. I never even knew he was a trouble maker at the time. Anyway, I do not have a collection of anything. I have tried, but never got around to a display of them and so I would get rid of whatever it was. Im gonna say, I do collect sand dollars. I have a glass dish on my mantle that I put them in but If they get gone, it will not bother me as I can always just get more. Haha.

From Sunny Gtown

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How sad your collection was stolen. You definitely had a good one going. But who knew you had a thief in the house. My husband collected stamps and I passed them on to one of my sons. Maybe some day they'll be worth something to my grandchildren, even if only a fond memory of their grandfather.
Love and hugs from northern Ohio where it is cold, but sunny.

Mevely317 said...

Oh Jack! I think we all long to rub shoulders with the rich and famous … but this is taking things a bit too far. :) I've never known any serious stamp collectors, but admire their/your passion. You must have felt sick at heart!

I don't think I consciously collect things. Yet, I've discovered I can't resist olden stuffed bears at estate sales. That, and if I'm somewhere having a remarkable time, I'll probably buy a coffee cup. That way, weeks (and years!) later while enjoying my morning coffee I can remember that day.

Hope yours and Sherry's is super!

Friday, November 26, 2021

Shopping from my chair....


Memorable car of the day:


Oddities I like... Above what a hearse, and below is just fun to see.

For today:

 Last Sunday afternoon we were sitting here in the Motor home and I was thinking (very dangerous). “Do you miss the hand held shower heads when you take a bath in the trailer?” I asked my sweetheart.

“Yes, since you mention it, neither shower has a hand held spray, I miss it.”

That was all I needed, so I sat here and went shopping. I found just what we needed, delivered the next day at no shipping costs.

Monday a truck stopped out front a smiling driver started toward the MH, I met him half way. I thanked him very much and took the box. It contained two shower heads and they were at a reasonable cost. I finished cracking the walnuts I had out, we went walking and finished the day. We played our dominos game and played on the internet awhile.

Tuesday morning both shower hand-helds’ were installed with no leaks. I would sure miss this armchair shopping if it disappeared. I do buy a lot on the net. Some tools and hard to find supplements for Sherry. I needed another spare tire for the Florida utility trailer, so to the net and had one the next day.

I read the comments on products and take them with a grain of salt. MOST products will have high praise and disgust for the same product. Had I taken the advice of a couple guys I would have never bought the trailer tire. One said it was impossible to take the old tire off the rim, much less mount it on the rim… etc.  Before I ordered it I made sure I could get the blown tire off the rim. I did, so the order worked out fine. The tire is ready.

I guess I should think of something I need for this BLACK FRIDAY thing I am hearing about.


Nite Shipslog


Sherry used the shower and loves the new shower head. ;-)

PS2: I mentioned a long time ago on the blog that I had gotten in our shower with no washrag. I had to use that webby  thing Sherry uses. I mentioned it to my paslor. Being an understanding man he said, "If you get Sherry in the shower with you you will like and understand that thing!"  Wise man.....

… Surprise…

  Car of the day

Similar car the 1964 Chrysler Imperial with suicide doors at rear seats.

"You remember my brother Lefty bought your dad's Imperial!"

Just one of the many things I extracted from these 'hometown' people's conversations.  Of course I remembered THAT CAR Lefty was in high cotton when driving that dude. It had a machine that served 'soft drinks' cool car...


Now for Today:

We were taking Mark by our old house in Tavares when Sherry got a call, ……. she mouthed, ‘it’s David.’  She was enjoying talking to him, and I am still trying to figure who is David? I can tell they are trying to get it straight where everyone is. Sherry says, “You are in Eustis, Florida?”

She gave ‘David’ our address and told him, “We now live in Leesburg and we are headed home now.  Come on over we would love to see you guys.”

After hanging up she says that was David Ewing, you know, from Belmont; he and Delena are going to meet us at our house.

Now the phone call made sense. David and Delana were our neighbors at one place we lived in Belmont, NC. The street we lived on was Ewing Drive. (I learned it was not E-Wing but pronounced You-ing)

Their family came to that area from Scotland in the 1700s. David was born and raised here. He always lived within a block or so of his birthplace. The house we bought was the house where David was born. Since we don’t stay one place too long, we sold it to our Granddaughter Sherece; she is now David and Delana’s neighbor.

Sometimes this is a small world. Delena has a brother that lives right here in Leesburg, they were visiting his family for Thanksgiving Day and dinner. At the time of the call they were at our ‘mailing address’ (our mail service). Several people have made that mistake, thinking we live at that address. ;-)

The header statement about the Imperial, a vey unique car Sherry's brother Lefty owned. He bought it from David's dad. Of course it is fun to listen to people talk of people of their past and incidents they remembered. I don't have that pleasure. In never lived one place long enough.

It was such a pleasant surprise for Thanksgiving Day. They are easy people to like and visit with. We spent an hour or so catching up.  Anyway there are good surprises in life that was one.  Some things just make you smile…


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Thursday, November 25, 2021


That Car:


I was invited to Jack & Sherry's house for dinner, but I decided a drive in the mountains would serve me better............ just sayin'.....

For today:

One of the first long trips in a Motor Home was in a small 24’ Toyota Ranger.  WE drove to Cape Cod then went to see the Plymouth Rock. There is a historic village there in the area and we made a tour of that and also went aboard  a replica of the Mayflower.

(Modern day kid learning to roll a hoop one favorite past time of kids in the 1600s)

It was long ago, 1621 in the Colony of Plymouth, Massachusetts. The citizens there started a tradition we still celebrate, Thanksgiving.  Plymoth Patuxet is a living museum, a small community as close to the original Plymouth colony  as could be with all the ‘Pilgrims’ talking as was proper in 1621.  It was fun and interesting. As on the Mayflower, all inhabitants and sailors speak as if it were 1621. Folks try, but they are good actors they stay in character.

So today we know and are THANKFUL that our forefathers were also thankful for landing safely on a strange shore and being helped by the Native Americans to settle and grow crops. I find it mind boggling that this great country was founded by those hardy souls who believed in God, and took time to be thankful.

Yes they were mistakenly called Indians, because in the beginning somehow, Columbus thought he had sailed to India.

I won’t go any further than that except to say, I will address anyone as they PREFER as long as it is not considered slang or nasty. My sister was named Shirley, when she was old she wanted to be called Shirl, I had no problem with that, she was Shirl until she died. I was named Jackie, I preferred Jack, which most folks call me. Sherry my sweetheart likes her name and I do too, so when she is not “MY LOVE” she is Sherry.

BUT, but today I preferred to be referred to as THANKFUL, I am so blessed I would be amiss if I were not VERY THANKFUL.


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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

The problem

 That Car:

For today:

I am a busy body, I seem to NEED to be doing something.  Before retirement I was a workaholic.   Before my sister Shirl passed away Sherry and I visited some assisted living facilities, in her behalf. We both liked most of them. We even agreed it would not be bad for us about now to get aboard.  I even like the idea, EXCEPT what do you do with all that time?

I mentioned to Sherry, maybe if they would hire me (on at min. wage) part time as a maintenance man. I could handle it. That sounds like a good idea to me.

What else would you suggest? Now forget TV and movies, my hearing can handle only a little of that.

I know several people who can enjoy spending time crocheting, maybe I could learn that.

I enjoy painting, maybe…..

One thing that could keep me busy is writing. I have written several books but none have much depth.  I have thought about evening classes in writing at a local college, I might like that and get inspired again.  All my writing has been mostly to satisfy my need to stay busy anyway.

BUT dadgummit, I need tools. I need to FIX something. That satisfies something in my psych (is that said right?)  (Psych: the mind: mental processes and activities.)

I know Sherry gets tired of it. But about the time I get a house or Trailer remodeled or changed to suit us (me), I am sorta ready to sell and find a fixer upper.

You just cannot do that in a ‘facility.’  Wait a minute, isn’t the hospital and jail a ‘FACILITY’, lemme think about this some more….

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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Special People, Stevie now Steve

 Car of the day


Steve and his close friend Hank were Trans Am guys, both had one and kept them spotless.


Now for Today:

I enjoy hearing people brag on their family. It is natural if you have good, hardworking successful kids and grandkids to brag a little. So just to be clear I am proud of my sons. Both have had a great work ethic and that was passed down to their children. The grands are successful in their own right and YES I am VERY proud of them.

(I doubt if Steve has seen this picture)

But today I am thinking of Steve, a nephew. His dad was very proud of him and for a long time we all were close. He has been successful and like his dad is a hard worker. Lately he has suffered terrible pain in one of his feet.  The medical people that have looked into it CANNOT determine the source or reason for the pain.  In the meantime he continued to work.

(Our family was away from NC a lot, but when back we did get together, this is our boys and Steve 

He said once, “I am considering having the foot amputated, but the Doctors’ say that might not stop the pain, it might become ‘phantom pain.’ Now a side note: have you ever known anyone who lost a body part for any reason medical or accident? I have. One lost part of his foot and could still feel his toes at times. Then there was Sonny, Steve’s dad who lost part of a finger in an accident. He still felt the end of his finger and even unconsciously at times found himself trying to clean the fingernail.

Anyway Steve has always been there if I needed him. He is a licensed electrician and I hired him to wire a couple houses for me as side jobs.  It is a strange way to remember him I guess, but when I use my BEST extension cords I think of Steve. He gave them to me at separate Christmases as presents. That was over 30 years ago and they are as good today as they were then. He used bulk wire and commercial fitting, and made them himself.

Strangely enough, I never have sawed one in two.  That happened to all my cords before; most carpenters do that at times, being careless or in a hurry.

Steve, wife Donna and daughter Megan,  daughter Jessica missing here

This is his birthday or close, and I am thinking of him. He is now retired and one of the best men I have known. He never once gave is parents any serious trouble and cut his dad’s grass until he passed away. Strange (using my family as reference) Steve, like his dad, has never lived over 4 miles from his place of birth, Paw Creek, NC.  He has a beautiful family.

Steve has one oddity, he has always had a goat or two as pets. In his younger life he would put on a football helmet and butt heads with his goat.

Hey Steve if you read this, Think of that foot, ask Hank if maybe your head butting effected that foot……… HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dude we love you and hope you have found some relief!

Nite Shipslog

PS: Note to the family, has osteomyelitis been considered, Just a suggestion from friend Myra along with a Happy Birthday Steve......