Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Them danged Windshields

 Car of the day

 I cleaned a lot of these windshields, with no problem.

Now for Today:

For ME, automotive windshields are very tough to clean for some reason. It isn’t much of a problem and looks good until you are driving directly into the sun light, then you see all the smears, lines and just mess you missed. WE drive a Honda CRV and even it has a windshield this old man cannot reach to the middle.

When I get the car home and finally think about re-doing the windshield. Dadgummit, I still have a mess when I face the sun. I also realized that some of that is on the inside. OUCH I absolutely despise trying to clean the windshield on the inside. It is a terrible strain.

I once worked at a real service station (remember them). Buy a dollar’s worth of gas and you got your oil checked and windshields washed. On request you could get your tire pressure checked.

To tell the truth my boss was a friend but also I learned he was a crook. Mostly I serviced the gas island, but at times I filled in at the bays. Many, many times the boss just added oil to the fill mark shined up the old oil filter and charged for the oil change and a filter.  

I left his employ and joined the USN. Sherry planned to drive up to Great Lakes to see me while I was in school there. I told her to see Bobby, he was a crook, but I was sure he would treat her right. OUCH He sold her everything he could even a set of tires.

I climbed his case when I came home on leave, but it did not faze him. “Jack, she needed everything I did.”  It wasn't long until he went bankrupt.

I never had a problem with windshields back then, but in the 1950-60 era they weren’t too big. LOL. I still wonder what was used to clean the windshield back then, I sure do not remember, but it did a good job. I do not remember having a problem with streaks!

We are off to the Dr. for Sherry’s long awaited Ultra Sound of her stomach.  Think of us and say a prayer…. 

 (She is only 83 but still hoping it is a girl! LOL)

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do miss those full service gas stations. Now that I'm older, they would really come in handy. I will keep Shirley in my prayers for a good doctors report.

Mevely317 said...

Me, too! Missing those full-service stations, that is. I wonder just how many people would be willing to pay a little extra each week for that privilege.

Been praying for y'all since I first read this morning on my phone. How long before you know the results?

PS - If you find any solution for those dang streaks please let us all know!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Praying for Sherry and you too, Jack.

God bless you both always; and your family.

Sheila Y said...

Hope everything went well for Sherry. Prayers for her, and you, Sheila

Unknown said...

Serves that crook right going bankrupt. What a weasel. It's practically impossible to get the inside windshield 100% clear. It's a pain in the butt to clean and it still looks bad when you're done. Hope all goes well with Sherry and her ultrasound and they can resolve her stomach issue.

Glenda said...

Prayers for Sherry's good outcome. It's nervewracking to have health issues ~ if it's a girl, I know she's be beautiful!!!