Saturday, November 6, 2021

 Stupidity & ignorance, (plus ZULU time)

Memorable car of the day:

The 2022 Chevy Corvette a beautiful dream of many a young person who cannot afford the front tires.

That same beauty after a stupid buyer crashes it in excess of 125MPH


For today:

It is amazing how just one STUPID decision can take a life, ruin a career and cost millions. I am sure you read or saw the story in the news about a man named Ruggs, the FORMER ball player.

To throw away, a great career and a salary most of us can only dream of, 4 million$ a year, WHAT? Now I read he is facing up to 40 years in prison. All due to complete stupidity, 156 mph in a residential area.

It is just too far out to even conceive. Now a young lady will never live to see life and family because of a self-centered, rich too soon, idiot.

It is hard for the normal working person to even think of the figure of millions of $ per year.  And to think anyone being paid that would gamble it away. Can you imagine what the man’s family thinks? They were on cloud 9 just a short time ago when he was drafted.

BUT what about HER family?

Tina Tintor was not famous, she was only a resident of Las Vegas since a baby. She loved her 3 yr old retriever. Both died because of stupidity and carefree fast wealthy ignorance.

Something less heart rending.    ,,,,,,,,

Now if you have dealt with international time, in business, governmental, or military you may be familiar with Zulu Tme.  That is the time recorded at Longitude zero. It is called Greenwich Mean Time or GMT exact time at ZERO is here.

It is to keep everyone involved on the same page. When a message or letter is received from anyplace in the world the time group may read 0300Z meaning it was sent when it was 3AM GMT.  That means it was 7AM local (EST) in Belmont NC and 2AM local in London when it was sent.

LOL We here are Four hours ahead of Zulu, Victor over in the UK is one hour behind Zulu time. I just know everyone reading was thrilled to know about that.

Y’all have a great time! TIME and life are good, at sometimes absolutely wonderful and definitely not to be wasted doing something stupid.  BE SAFE.

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Mevely317 said...

Heartbreaking. I've no words.

My father loved clocks, and loved owning them. I vaguely recall him having one sitting on the dining room floor. Each Sunday he'd tune it to a certain setting(?) where, at 12Noon, a disembodied voice would announce GMT time. (Does this sound familiar?) In turn, Daddy would go around ensure our clocks were all correct.
Nowadays, all I do is check my cell phone, trusting Verizon's right. LOL.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Yes, heartbreaking. Prayers.

Thank you about the time item. Did you know time was invented by the Romans? That is why old clocks have Roman numerals. Time was invented by a Roman Emperor known as Role the Tenth - shortened to Role X.

The Romans had letters to denote numbers - I=1,V=5,X=10 and so on. Then one day, the Emperor Claudius, received a text saying – I LV CLAVDIVS – and he didn’t know whether it was an amorous message from his girlfriend or his wife’s new telephone number.

God bless.

Glenda said...

Enjoyed both of the comments above AND loved the Vette. the zulu portion made me think back....waaaaay back. Keeping this short, got a new keyboard and the backspace is stuck. UGH, back to walmart in the a.m. Love abd hugs from Chobee, Glenda

Lisa said...

So sad to hear people ruining their lives with stupidity.

I am not familiar with other times. I can hardly keep up with ours.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Our actions always have consequences and we are the ones that need to make good choices so the consequences will also be good. No one else is responsible for our actions except for ourselves. I choose to be safe and keep others that way too. I had never heard of zulu time before. I'm always learning something new!