Tuesday, November 9, 2021

From South Georgia

 Memorable car of the day:

 1951 Hudson Hornet

      I liked this one when it came out. Surprised that the Hudson did not last, it seemed like a solid car.                          

For today:

Well the coach did start so we hit the road headed to Florida. We have had a great trip so far. We stopped at a couple rest areas. When we stop I always check the car we are towing, and open a side door in the basement area where I have a set of tools hanging within easy reach. I grab the hammer and do as my brothers and uncles (truck drivers) have told me. I hit every dual tire several times to feel the inflation. You get used to the sound to know if it is low on air.

As I finished a truck driver at his steering wheel parked beside me called me over. I like that tool storage you have that is good thinking.  I thanked him and bragged on his Rig. I told him that trucking was deep into my family, and continued to ask if there were less trucks on the road. “Lord NO, I see more trucks hauling than I ever have. We are just trying to catch up. WE are behind and we have lost a lot of truckers to this Covid sh**! I had to back over into the field for a parking place last night.”

There are definitely a lot of trucks on the road that is for sure.

WE drove about 7 hours. We will leave this site late AM to miss the J-Ville traffic. WE are about 3 hours driving time from our place in Leesburg. Sherry is feeling good.

The only strange thing I saw yesterday was 3 new cars that passed me, painted a dark grey, covered with little roughly painted 4” X 4” squares in white. Coming up in the mirror they looked like they had fish scales on them. LOL

Our Tuesday morning view out our picture window.

I cooked breakfast this morning, Sherry was proud of me. I did a complicated milk and dry cereal. LOL

Hope you all have a great day! we will be on the road in an hour or so.


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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad to see you're doing fie and that there are a lot of trucks on the road. Many places are waiting for their stock. Some shortages have occurred here, but hopefully soon shipments will be coming in. I am thankful for the truckers. They keep our economy moving.

Mevely317 said...

I love the looks of that car!
Thanks for this update -- both y'all and the truckers' situation. So much MIS-information out there! Aside from bottled propane for Tom's new Coleman lantern, we've not witnessed any shortages.
I, too, am very thankful to the truckers -- there's a few bad apples, but I remember my parents always saying if you're in trouble you can always trust a trucker. That, and they know the best places for a good meal. LOL.

Gary B Wood said...

I enjoyed the Entry, Loved that picture of the Hudson, I had one, I worked for my Uncle puttingon a Tar Paper Rood of 1/2 lap and chinked a chimney and cleaned a chicken coop and he gave me his Old 4 door Hudson, She had the Hydro Matic Transmission. I was "Hot Stuff" in my Senior Year in High School driving this old big Tank around ! Looks like a good "Trip" south, Drive Safe, Spoil that Beautiful Wife of yours and enjoy Florida. we had a 55 degree day !!! Sending down Love and Prayers, Gary an Anna Mae

Susan Kane said...

On quite the journey! Your RV is well set up.

Truckers for the most part are kind and regular people. But, there are those who have different morals.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Thank you so much for sharing your holiday with us. What a lovely vehicle you have. Enjoy the sunshine.

God bless you both always.

Dar said...

I wouldn't mind the ol' Hudson. She's a beaut. I'm so glad you and Sherry are up to traveling again...back to your home away from home. Travel safe and with the much appreciated truckers. life has been grand up north with such fair weather but now we have snow in our very near future. I'm actually looking forward to a little snow cover. It nourishes and protects the gardens and flowers for the next spring growing season. Enjoy FL and your good health. Pamper your pretty lady. You two are the best.
loven'hugs from our lovely north to your lovely south