Friday, November 19, 2021

Addictions and that danged Cigarette

  Car of the day

I think this is an International Truck base. Pic sent by ProtoDeacon Malanowski. The Deacon is an old shipmate, and proof God can do miracles. LOL I don't think 'Ski' ever smoked.... but.....  ;-)

Now for Today:

Today I got my second shot for Covid. While I sat,  I people watched. There was a man on a 3 wheel buggy accompanied by his 12 yr old granddaughter. He handed in his prescription and the druggist said it will be a few minutes.

He rolled back close to me and said to the girl. Let’s go back outside, I need a cigarette. He was also sporting a portable oxygen tank.

There are no requirements for masks in Florida as I know of, but I have been wearing one in crowds. I would wear one anyway in a drugstore or hospital, after all, many folks coming in are SICK, or they would not be there. LOL

I had forgotten mine this time so in a bit I went out to get it and passed the handicap buggy and the guy was enjoying his cigarette with his oxygen.

Up the road, after my shot, I passed the old man and the girl as she walked beside the buggy, of course the man was smoking.

NOW don’t get me wrong, believe me, I am not faulting the man …….

 Are you now or were you ever a smoker? Ever Quit smoking?  Remember the old joke from days gone by, “Quitting smoking is easy! Shucks, there are some days I quit 8 or 10 times.”

I smile at overweight folks who look down their noses at smokers. I know there are overweight folks who cannot help it due to health problems, but most of us can. We only need to stop or cut back sweets, starches; whatever is keeping us over weight. Are you addicted to sugar, candy, pies, cakes etc? Just stop it! Yeah you see I know how hard it is to STOP a habit, so I give the guy a break, it is his health. I do hope he smokes mostly out doors and doesn’t affect the kid.

My son says it is easier to get off illegal drugs than stop smoking! He knows because he has done both.

Do I miss the cigarette? You bet and it has been around 30 years. If I could smoke 3 cigarettes a day, I might do it, but I know that is impossible.  It is sorta like the alcoholic who says one beer or drink will be okay! ......If they still had a smoking section in restaurants, I would eat there, just to smell the smoke.. LOL

Can the old man quit?  Sure he can. In my opinion, anyone can, BUT I am here to say, it is like staying on any diet, it's MUCH easier said than DONE.

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yaya said...

I never smoked but most of my family did. Not Mom, but Dad did. He used to say he stopped every day...he never smoked when he was asleep! Dad passed away at 56, Mom at 94. I report, you decide. Yes, addiction in any form is bad and hard to break. Smoking is why my sister has her health problems even though she quit about 5yrs ago. I'm just glad I never had the urge. I hate the smell of cig smoke...and after working in surgery and seeing what a cigarette does to you I just never wanted that. Do I eat sweets or carbs? Yep and I've been on a new diet and have lost over 20lbs. A few more to go to feel like I'm on the right health path. It's not easy as I do like my sweets. Just takes discipline and a good reason to quit an addiction. My heart goes out to those addicted to anything.

Unknown said...

First of all, good for you for quitting smoking and good for your son for quitting drugs and smoking. I heard quitting heroin was easier than quitting smoking. I've never smoked and neither has my husband. We are glad about that. My husband's cousin is on life support. He collapsed at home a week ago. It's not looking good. I don't judge, but the best thing is just never start smoking in the first place, because once you do, they'll be a time you'll want to quit and it will be the hardest thing you ever do. I'm pretty sure your wife is happy you're a former smoker.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Yes, some addictions are very hard to break.

Hope you're enjoying your holiday Jack and Sherry. Take care and have fun.

God bless always.

Mevely317 said...

Quitting a 41+ year smoking habit was probably the hardest thing I've ever done ... particularly since my heart wasn't in it (LOL).
I can't tell you HOW CLOSE I came last week to buying a pack. 'Just afraid I wouldn't be able to stop at one, ya know? Maybe when I hit the 80 year mark, I'll treat myself.

Dar said...

One thing I can't stand, is the smell of cigarette smoke, I don't mind a good cherry tobacco scent tho. My FIL used to smoke cigars and pipes, a different scent entirely. Anyway, no, never did smoke, except for second hand from my dad and sister....I was glad the day my dad said, I quit, cold turkey, and he did ! My main squeeze never smoked either. He does chew tobacco tho........and yes, I hate it. I'm glad your family kicked the habit. Here's to your better health so you can walk more of the App. trails.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week. It's my turn to cook.
loven'hugs from up north where the deer hunting season has begun. The woods is very quiet so far.

Gary B Wood said...

I watched our Neighbor's brother come out of the house wearing Oxygen and sit down and Light up a Cigarette. Can't imagine he could be that reckless. I can remember several times handling tragic events as a Policeman where someone was burned badly or died from trying to smoke while on Oxygen. I sometimes think now and then that a Smoke might be OK until I walk by someone smoking and it doesn't even smell good !
You behave yourself !! sending down love from the North, Gary and Anna Mae