Thursday, November 11, 2021

Sand and Florida in the winter

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

                 A 1927 Erskine

For today:

While still in the Navy our ship pulled into Mayport FL. That is on the Jacksonville harbor or bay. The uniform of the day was short sleeve shirts, after all this is Florida. LOL

We about froze at the bank of Telephone booths standing in line to call home.  Every port was the same, long before cell phones or the wide use of answering machines. There were 5000 men on the ship and about ten telephones. Of course the lines were long.  If no one was home or there was no answer, you had to go to the end of the line and wait again to maybe call someone else. But believe me it can get COLD in short sleeves at 40-50 degrees with a 20 mph wind coming off the bay.

About this Florida sand.  It is solid to drive on most places, but if you forget and turn your wheel while stopped, they just drill into the sand, much like you standing still on sand and just twist them back and forth, you will go down. If you do that two times, your front wheels are buried and the back wheels spin trying to get the front wheels out, so they dig into the sand themselves. Believe me it does not take long less than a minute. LOL

I laughed when Myra mentioned an audience, I did this in Deltona when we bought a house over there. With the front wheels buried I did get an audience of about ten neighbors, here I did not get an audience, Thank the Lord.

We have been dining and visiting friends who lost loved ones to Covid since we were here last. One lost a mother over 100 years old, the other two were son and son-in-law; both in their 30s. They are still devastated. We lunched with two Covid survivors, one 87 the other about 80.

Meanwhile the coach is still stuck. I hope by the end of today I will have the coach out and on the parking boards.  Life Goes on.

Wishing all of you a good day and that you are enjoying LIFE!


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Lisa said...

I can imagine getting stuck in the sand that way.
Sorry you lost friends to covid.