Monday, November 1, 2021


 Memorable car of the day:

    1964 Mustang

For today:

Let me tell you, there are people who LOVE to see the mail man. Military men away from home live many times for 'MAIL CALL.'  Snail mail is IMPORTANT!

In the last couple days we have driven by our US Post Office, HEY, the drive by deposit boxes are GONE! Yep, we still use ‘snail mail’ as it is called. One of the dearest and longest held areas of our government has been the Postal Service. Due to Politics, ignorance and Mismanagement, the USPS fell on tough times.

Our way of life requires mail to ‘FIND’ us. Therefore we use a ‘Mail Service.’ There are many around the country. Our mail is sent to an address within the mail service using a Personal Mail Box 327 (PMB 327). Sherry calls for the mail every couple weeks and has it sent to the area we are in presently. Hiking or ‘on the road’ we try to pick a small town and have our accumulated mail sent there ‘General Delivery.’ We have met some very nice people in those small towns. Many times the Post Master hands us the mail. We have had some good conversations because they are not ‘pushed or rushed’.

Growing up I was taught that the mail boxes, even rural mail boxes were ‘sorta sacred’, free of theft. After all it is a FEDERAL OFFENSE to steal or burglarize mail from those boxes.

I remember very well starting to drop mail into a US Mail box in Las Vegas and seeing a warning. “Last collection at this box is 9PM. Any Mail Deposited Later Is Subject to Theft in This Area.”

To tell the truth I was shocked!

NOW, in our small town, the outside drop boxes have been removed.  Because…. “Someone burglarized them!”

That hurts, it is hard to believe someone would do that here in our town.  Of course it is no longer our ‘small’ town. It has grown by leaps and bounds. BUT TO STEAL MAIL!! That hurts.

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PS: Socrates said:

Do not do to others what angers you if done to you by others. (Sound Familiar?)

That was said by another wise man using different words.   Remember….. Do unto others…….


Mevely317 said...

FIRST(!), thank you for recognizing the actual 'birthdate' of the Mustang. Many folks say '1965', but my former hubby had what he called a 1964-and-a-half. (Looked like a piece of you-know-what and unfortunately, he sold it for only a few hundred dollars.)

That's crazy about the deposit box thefts, right there at the Post Office! There was a lady driving around a residential neighborhood (here) stealing mail from people's mailboxes; but thank goodness, someone's security camera caught her tag and she was arrested. Sorry to say, the USPS has been such a disappointment I no longer trust them with 'important' mail.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It seems nothing is sacred anymore. Our community has removed all the mailboxes and now we have a central place where everyones mail is delivered and I must dive over to get it. I haven't heard of any thefts except for packages left on peoples door steps. Not from mail boxes, but I do miss the convenience of having a mailbox right outside the house. Most of it is junk mail but occassionally there is real mail in the form of a letter or a card and that makes it worthwhile checking the mail box. Life just isn't what it used to be.

yaya said...

I love snail mail and frequently send card or letters. We still have our mailbox here in our small town. We also have drop boxes. I like to leave a treat and a thank you for our mail person every so often. She great about driving up our lane and putting packages safely in the garage. It's a shame that everyone has to suffer because of the few dishonest.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Post Offices everywhere seem to be competing with electronic mail - e-mails, texts etc ... Costs are rising and fewer items to bring in revenue.

God bless.

Lisa said...

I’d like to have that 1964 Mustang.
I’ve seen what you mean by the mail services. I used to be able to go into the main post office uptown any time of the day or night even when service windows were closed. Now it locks all the doors after 5. So I guess if you have a post box, you need to go during your lunch break. It’s sad how criminals make inconveniences for the innocent.

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