Sunday, November 14, 2021

The grandson says, "I am a girl Grandpa! What do you say?"

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For today:

I have said a lot over the years here in bloggersville. Now I ask you, “How would you approach it, if you had a son, grandson or great grandson who tells you, “I am not a boy, grandpa, I am a girl.  I am no longer Stanley I am now Susan. I was never supposed to be Stanley.”

“BUT honey, I have always loved Stanley!”

Looking back. I remember when ‘Aids’ first came to the forefront. I read, “Within 2 years you will know someone who died of Aids!”  I did.

Then came Covid, it was unnatural, but I knew one of the first people who died of Covid, he was a first cousin.  Now we know at least 6 people who have died of this terrible disease.

Then comes one of the latest ‘Headline’ subjects. More and more people, even children, who are sure God or nature made a mistake and gave them the wrong plumbing when they were born. Now is when the rubber meets the road. What do you do when a child you love, who is dear to you, all of a sudden announces, “Grandpa, I am not a boy (or girl) I am really a girl (or boy)!”

Tell me how you would handle it! Friend it is going to happen, believe me.

Life throws some curves my friends, we must be ready to catch or dodge them, no matter how wild they are.

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Rajani Rehana said...

Please read my post

Victor S E Moubarak said...

As best you can, (and it is very difficult), you try to handle the situation with love. You pray to God for guidance.

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'd say no matter what, I love you. You are special and unique and a child of God. You are just who you were meant to be. We have to love them no matter what.

Mevely317 said...

Victor is right, of course. To be honest, however, I'd be heartbroken. What's that gesture some Jewish men do? -- Tearing their sleeve (I think) to symbolize separation, man from son. I just don't know....

Gary B Wood said...

It's a whole different world out there now, I have met some kids who really don't know what they are !!! In this situation I do not dwell on it nor comment to them on it. I know "God made them and we know God Does Not Make Junk " ! My wife lost a Family member to Covid who was only 69, We lost people too soo to this Terrible *(Virus-Germ-Infection) ! Stay Healthy, safe and Enjoy Florida, Love from the North, Gary an Anna Mae

Dar said...

Let them know you love them unconditionally but do stress the fact that they were born perfect in God's eyes and are and always will be His child., thus yours. It's a confusing world now more than ever, for kids, teens, even adults struggling with their sexual identity. There is way too much publicity in my opinion and I don't think the public should be telling kids what they should be. Let the kids be kids but love them., no matter what they feel is their calling. God called the shots first and will continue to. Believe.
loven'hugs from up north where the sun glistens on the snow.

Susan Kane said...

Reassure them, love them, and help them. Getting help and information is good.

NanaDiana said...

I think you just continue to love them as they are. They are still the same person inside as the one you grew to love. I try not to judge because who knows what terrible hurdles they will have to jump...and I let God judge them and just love them where they are at. Not sure if I answered your question. I know it is hard...really hard...God bless you. xo Diana

yaya said...

I would love them no matter what but I would be stunned at first. I guess in this day and age it's something we might have to deal with. Not easy for sure but I would still let them know I love them and would be there for them.

Lisa said...

First, I’d let them know I love them. Then I would sit them down and talk to them about God and how he created us. I would tell them what the Bible says and how God does not make mistakes.
Now days, children are confused. When I was little, girls that wanted to be boys were just called tomboys and boys that wanted to be girls were called sissys but they eventually grew out of it.

“Teach the children whats right or the world will teach them whats wrong.”

Glenda said...

First, just reading all of the wise answers above made me feel better, there is so much truth in every comment. He was most likely influenced by the garbage being taught in schools and perhaps some other student who he admires, changed his concepts. He may "grow out" of this stage he is in. I agree that we are in a very challenging time. And, the news reports I've read, parents and grandparents are aghast at the teachings. The advice to "love him just as before he announced this" and that acceptance, love and prayers will be the healing for all of you. Trust in our great God.....Love and warm hugs, Glenda