Saturday, November 20, 2021

Mistakes, errors, how do they happen?

 That Car:

The car that many said was the biggest import mistake

For today:

Have you visited or been to the hospital in the past few years?  You had to notice how many times ID is checked before meds are given, meals are served and BEFORE any procedure.  I spent sometime in the ER last year for a stomach problem. My wrist band was scanned at least a ‘hundred times’ and that was not enough, I had to verbally give my name and date of birth.

I just read that money was spread across a freeway in California, the money ‘fell out’ of an armored truck.

My best friend was told one of his kidneys was cancerous. He was unsure so asked for a second opinion. Another doctor, a friend of his doctor, checked quickly and said, absolutely the kidney must come out.  Once removed and sent off, there was NO cancer.  Did the second Dr. really check, or did he just think his friend could not have mistaken that and agreed?

I also just read that an attorney from the small county of Highland Hampton in SC is being investigated in the deaths of his wife and family. He is also under indictment for stealing $5 million dollars. His is the largest law firm in the county with offices that take up a city block. The firm was turned over to him from generations before.  It seems money wants more money and in the pursuit of the same, TERRIBLE MISTAKES ARE MADE!


If you are a Motorhome driver there are procedures that must be followed before you drive off. So I made a check list which I followed for a while:

1,, Electric unhooked/stored

2.. Sewer/water unhooked/stored

3.. Step in?

4.. TV Antenna DOWN?

5.. Slideouts in?

6.. Loose stuff secure & doors latched?

7.. Leveling Jacks up

Yep, I learned it ALL, I quit reading my list and have broken every rule I made except one, I have never failed to unhook the sewer and water.  However, at an RV park in Key West, I watched someone drive off with ALL connections still intact, what a stinking mess!!! Electric sparks, water squirting into the air and sewerage spread over the 50’ the RV traveled before realizing his mistake. Thank goodness I have never did any serious damage.


I read once that the ‘wrong breast was removed’ during surgery.  I also read where a lady going in for that same surgery took iodine or mercurochrome circled the breast and wrote THIS ONE! (Not a bad idea!)

Yes mistakes are made, even life threatening ones, because we become too familiar and DO NOT FOLLOW instructions.  WE should admire the individuals, nurses and doctors who refuse to get in too big a hurry that they depart from protocol.

Can you imagine businesses that trusted that armored car service?

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PS: Again I broke my 400 word rule, sorry. ;-(   (MY MISTAKE!)


Gary said...

I enjoy your Posts and the pictures, going over 400 words is OK !!! I never really did stop and count the number of words you used !!!!LoL !!! Take care you 2 !!! Gary an Anna Mae

Unknown said...

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Victor S E Moubarak said...

It would be interesting to ask people in the street what is the biggest mistake they ever made. I bet there would be some interesting answers.

Best wishes to you and Sherry. God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

They say mistakes are supposed to be lessons to us to learn from Some are worse than others, Thankful you've made a list and try to follow it, even from memory. I've made a few mistakes in my life, none of us is perfect, but I usually do try to follow the rules and protocols.

Mevely317 said...

Oh ya, when Tom was most recently hospitalized I saw EVERYONE checking his armband, asking for his name and DOB. (Well, maybe not the housekeeper.) Those little electronic readers must make caregivers' lives so much easier. But do you ever wonder if someone gives a 'wrong' answer just to mess with them.

To the average onlooker, these examples are pretty funny. Yes, I've made some big bloopers in my time -- but can't think of a single one right now. At least, in the space of years I'm able to laugh at myself.

Dar said...

Of course, I've made mistakes, some big, some not so big....but all were lessons learned. I know some folks that claim to never have made a mistake or at least never owning up to it. Such is life. We are imperfect humans. For one of my back surgeries, the doctor actually drew where he was going to be working, another doc did the same on my elbow, marking the right one. I'll bet the armored car driver is job hunting...what a blunder.!
loven'hugs from up north where it's snowing very hard at the moment. It's pretty but I'm already wishing it would disappear.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just a correction about Murdaugh case. It took place in Hampton County in the low country of South Carolina. Love your blog!