Thursday, November 25, 2021


That Car:


I was invited to Jack & Sherry's house for dinner, but I decided a drive in the mountains would serve me better............ just sayin'.....

For today:

One of the first long trips in a Motor Home was in a small 24’ Toyota Ranger.  WE drove to Cape Cod then went to see the Plymouth Rock. There is a historic village there in the area and we made a tour of that and also went aboard  a replica of the Mayflower.

(Modern day kid learning to roll a hoop one favorite past time of kids in the 1600s)

It was long ago, 1621 in the Colony of Plymouth, Massachusetts. The citizens there started a tradition we still celebrate, Thanksgiving.  Plymoth Patuxet is a living museum, a small community as close to the original Plymouth colony  as could be with all the ‘Pilgrims’ talking as was proper in 1621.  It was fun and interesting. As on the Mayflower, all inhabitants and sailors speak as if it were 1621. Folks try, but they are good actors they stay in character.

So today we know and are THANKFUL that our forefathers were also thankful for landing safely on a strange shore and being helped by the Native Americans to settle and grow crops. I find it mind boggling that this great country was founded by those hardy souls who believed in God, and took time to be thankful.

Yes they were mistakenly called Indians, because in the beginning somehow, Columbus thought he had sailed to India.

I won’t go any further than that except to say, I will address anyone as they PREFER as long as it is not considered slang or nasty. My sister was named Shirley, when she was old she wanted to be called Shirl, I had no problem with that, she was Shirl until she died. I was named Jackie, I preferred Jack, which most folks call me. Sherry my sweetheart likes her name and I do too, so when she is not “MY LOVE” she is Sherry.

BUT, but today I preferred to be referred to as THANKFUL, I am so blessed I would be amiss if I were not VERY THANKFUL.


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Gary and Anna Mae said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you both, we had a quiet day !! Weather cooler, down to 17 degrees in the Morning. Sending down Love and Prayers from the North ! Gary an Anna Mae

Victor S E Moubarak said...

It is right and proper to be thankful.

Hoping you had a great Thanksgiving.

God bless you and Sherry and your family.

Lisa said...

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am thankful for friends like you.

yaya said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jack and Sherry! I hope you had a lovely day and I know I'm thankful to have you as blog buddies! My husband had family on the Mayflower. My family came from Germany and Greece many years later but still by boat! I'm thankful for the sacrifices they made so I have a wonderful life now. Have a good weekend! (I'm glad your turkey got to head to the hills!)

Mevely317 said...

A visit to Plymouth Paxuet actually sounds tempting! How far we've come, but thankful folks (like you and Sherry) still make time to remind us about the importance of giving thanks.
Love from a Chamber-of-Commerce day in 'Bama!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You can call me Thankful too. So much to be thankful for this year. Happy Thanksgiving !

Dar said...

We also have sooo much to be thankful for. My greatest is giving thanks for my family, daily...and our health. I'm thankful for your genuine friendships always.
loven'hugs from up north where fluffy snowflakes are drifting to the ground...I'm thankful for all the moisture we can get for our dry ground.