Sunday, March 31, 2019

Cats are sneaky.

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First, you guys seem to teach me something most days. I never thought of the idea of scraps from the table making a pet beg. Maybe in my case since, my dog was not an inside dog he was NEVER fed from the table but his food did come mostly from the table.(sorry about the cheese cake Myra my friend meant well!)

 I do like this critter. Saturday about 5 o’clock I was out back washing the car when down the drive trots Stormy. She gives me her ‘meow’ greeting which means, “I am here to eat, and there is no food up front!”  
Of course since she owns me, I stopped and prepared her food and milk. She wanted to be petted first. Grandma Sherry came out and petted Stormy for the very first time and Stormy had no problems with that.

We talked, I asked how the kids were?  Evidently they are okay because she ignored me as she ate. She glances frequently in the direction I think the kitties are. I planned to follow her again today but she seemed to know that. She ate between times of coming over for some petting and not be in a hurry to get back home.

I told her she could use the box on the porch but she laughed at the idea.

So I brought the car back up to the front garage. She took a little more petting, Sherry went inside to get ready for our walk and Stormy suddenly jumped off the porch without a fare you well, and headed for the woods. Again she stopped, took her time ‘to dig, do and neatly cover’. I was up in the edge of the trees. She is sneaky! She disappeared weaving in and out trees and bushes. Next time we are gonna have a talk.  LOL


Saturday, March 30, 2019

Cats and the unfortunate connection to disease

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I have said it many times, I am NOT a cat person. I loved old Tom when I was about 3-5. We moved at that time. He ran away and returned to the home we had just moved from. The dude traveled 30 or 40 miles to return. I always admired him for that.

I had a nephew treated at ‘Sloan Kettering’ in NY for Leukemia. His dad was a 'match' and gave him blood and bone marrow. They declared the operation a great success. He was instructed, if he had cats, to keep away from them for a period of time because his resistance was about zero for disease.

He did not pay attention, he loved those cats. Something from the cats entered his body and because he had no resistance, he became VERY ill and passed. He was in his 40s, I think.  The doctors laid the blame directly on his interaction with ‘CATS’.

I will admit, since I have no idea where Miss  Stormy D. travels and what she contacts, that I wash my hands after I have petted her.

I did not follow the thread, but a day ago on the internet there was news that said, ‘Researchers have found 8 diseases that cats spread.’  I consider that type of headline as click bait, and as slow as our system is, it would take all day. I just know that cats have caused physical trouble and Imma be careful.

That said, I haven’t seen hide not hair of that girl since that short ‘feed’ on Thursday. But YES, I do care for the stray, and admire her ability to live.

I know most of you do not feed your pets table food, but we are taking the family out Saturday and I will bring the fat and scraps to Stormy. I do use cat food because it is cheap and we have few scraps from the table. Yesterday we did have spaghetti, the local moochers got the remains. Stormy never came by.


Friday, March 29, 2019

She’s baaack

 But for today:

 Well after 1½ days AWOL the black girl is back. Looking much more slim and trim. I was headed out to do some measuring on the lot when trotting down the driveway from up Jim Arp’s way was Stormy D. She came right to the porch, and of course I dropped the tape and stakes and got her some fresh food and milk.

 That bowl of food was 3/4 full

 She allowed some petting before she dived into the food. She was ready for some food. She would eat for a while, then lap some milk. She looks good and was very well cleaned up.
I kept wondering when she would head back to the kittens. She stayed with me about 20 minutes and did not seem to be concerned about getting back. She walked off toward the new building lot. She carefully dug her hole, done her business and covered it up then wandered on down into the woods. I watched her from a distance. I was surprised. She climbed a fence and jumped down on the other side and moved under an old abandoned building.

 Here she looks like a kitten herself, that box I tried too late.  Maybe when she brings them by to see us it will fit under the deck.

She was mum about how many ‘puppies’ she had. I asked the color, were they all right etc. She kept quiet. Now a dog would have told me. LOL

I was glad to see her and know that she is okay. Do feral cats chew the umbilical cords loose? I did watch a birth on youtube. A human, the cat owned, was the mid wife and clipped the cord, then handed the cat back to the mama. There was enough time between kittens for the mama to clean them up.
I think I will see her in the morning. I wonder how long before she will allow her brood out?
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PS: She has not shown up again yet....

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