Saturday, March 23, 2019

Jack and Sherry, A Love Story

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But for today:
 I thought it would be cool in our ‘autobiography’ to use Movie and TV ads to introduce the year i.e. I picked the Honeymooners for 1955. I stepped across the copyright line. I removed all ads other than the ones I could prove were in public domain.  BUT it is published. I wrote the book for the Jack Darnell family. I wanted them to know something about our childhood and how life WAS.

The book (#12) is 400 pages. When I started I thought 100 would be the limit. I can’t see any sales except for those I bought. The main target was our family.  It is an e-book for $2.99, Amazon would not let me put it at 99 cents. One advantage of the e-book is the later pictures are in color. The paperback for about $9 (the least they will let me charge) has all b/w pictures. My friend Evelyn and Sherry read it, made a few changes. Evelyn said, ‘It is for your family, so it is written as they know you speak, let’s leave it naked, just the way you wrote it.’

I remember my parents talking about the depression. Leaving N Georgia and driving to Hollywood Florida for WPA work. They lived in tents for two years and bathed in the ocean.

I never asked what type work they did in Florida. I will never know now, EVERYONE connected has passed on. I kick myself for not asking.

Are you curious about your parents and how they lived before you came along? I hope you learned more than I.

While reading this book, I realized I had included only the highlights.

Anyway it was a task of love on my part. If one of the grand kids enjoys it when they are 70 years old it will have been worth every hour I put in those 400+ pages. LOL

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PS: The book started as a broad family book. I asked for some input and photos. I received some help from Ken, Eddie (Herron), and Dewey, the DArnell.  There are a few extended family pictures in it and some Genealogy.  I would suggest if you are part of the family and interested, check out the e-book first. the newer pictures are in color (e-book only), They did not print well in the paper back.


Lisa said...

I think this will be a treasure for your family. It still amazes me how you can do all you do and still write a book.
We are at the beach and there is no internet. Im typing this using my phone data.


Rick Watson said...

I love love stories.

betty said...

I bet your family will love this book for generations to come. We often want to know more about our families when it is too late to ask about them. Having the answers, like you wrote in the book about your lives, will be a great asset I do believe!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You two have a great love story to tell about for sure! The great thing is that it is not over yet either. You may have to do a Part 2. I'm surprised you could keep it at 400 pages!

NanaDiana said...

I love that you wrote that book with family in mind. That is one reason why I blog so that my family has an idea of what life was like day-to-day as they get older and look back and wonder 'when was that', etc.

I hope you and Sherry have a blessed, wonderful Sunday-Hugs- Diana

Mevely317 said...

A family treasure, indeed … but that didn't stop me from downloading it! You and Sherry have the ability to make us feel like your extended family … and for that, I thank you!

Glenda said...

So looking forward to reading the entire book; downloaded and started already. I love reading B.F. Darnell stories and the tale about his well-digging is epic! This book was such a great idea.

Dar said...

A legacy for your family.......such a treasure for sure. And like Rick said, I love a love story. You two fit the bill perfectly. And MA may be right in that you may have to do a Part 2. Great job Jack and Sherry!
love n' hugs from up north where grandson Sy turned 16 today. Pinch me.!


a wonderful history. the family will treasure it.

Chatty Crone said...

I hope your family buys it - what a wonderful legacy.

Sorry I haven't read emails recently - got Andy off to Guatemala for a mission trip and then my son and his family came from Ohio and left today.

I finally feel a little caught up!