Sunday, March 24, 2019

What's in a name?

Trucks of Art
 I remember when car 'haulers' could carry up to 5 but mostly 4 cars.
Now they can take 9, wow!
My brother Junior became a successful business man after only a couple tries. The first was a printing business the second was concrete yard decorations, then adding flowers and china. Every time I use Junior and my sister Kat’s names I smile with slight embarrassment. I was very naïve or ignorant growing up. I thought my siblings names were what they were called. I never asked nor was I told their PROPER names.

Below is Me, Bingo and Junior. you can see the difference in our ages. Shirley and I were mom and dad's second brood.

My job aboard ship required a Top Secret clearance. I quickly filled out the forms. I never expected any questions. Soon I was called for an interview by the DIA. After the formalities the agent said, “WE have a problem. We cannot find anyone named Junior Darnell in Shelby, NC. We do find a business owner, B.F. Darnell Jr.“

I cleared that up right fast. “That is my daddy’s name, my brother is Junior Darnell.”

One agent looked at the other and said, “Well I guess that clears that up!” As they closed their briefcases I now know what they were thinking, ‘And we are going to clear this hick?’

If my wife (my brain) had been there she would have fixed it in a minute. She was with me on a visit to the hospital to see my sister Kat. Remember when you had to check in at a desk and get passes to be in the hospital? Well I walked up and announced, “We are here to visit Kat-- Katherine Lankford.”

“Sorry sir, we do not have anyone registered with that exact name, we do have a Mary Kathrine Lankford.”
My wife stopped me before it got worse and said, “Honey that is Kat’s name!” I nodded, but thought, ‘Ain’t nobody ever called her Mary in her life she is Kat!’

I do have the IQ of a genius, it just doesn’t show most of the time.  LOL

You can tell I had no problem with Junior Samples name on Hee-Haw!
Nite Shipslog

PS: My friend Buddy came home crying from first grade. The teacher had changed his name to Richard.  His mama had to explain that was his ‘proper’ name. (Buddy just got smarter-sooner than I)


betty said...

This made me laugh. It made me remember when the kids were younger and I read in a parenting book to teach your kids your first and last name so in case they got lost when asked what their parents' names were they wouldn't just answer "mommy and daddy."



i enjoyed this blog post. i was called terri lou as a child but my real name is theresa. imagine my surprise finding out.

Lisa said...

This was a fun read. I was just always Lisa. I never had a nickname but my brother couldn’t say my name and called me “Li Li”. That name came back when my father in law seen I used it as my email and he started calling me LiLi. I sorta liked it and named my Etsy shop with it. Hes gone and my brother is grown up. So Im back to just Lisa.

Going to work

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So true, we grow up knowing peoples nicknames. My mother always used her middle name and I was surprised when I learned that was not her fist name. Lots of people use their middle names, my grandfather did that too. I had an aunt and an uncle that were simply known and Brother and Sister. Even though I was not their sister, I called them that all their lives too. I'm so used to hearing my family call me 'ma' and am rarely called by my real name. Even people not in the family, call me 'ma' and that's fine with me. I'm used to it.

Mevely317 said...

Again, I'm sorta sorry I never had a nickname like the 'cool' kids! My DIL's given name is Lois. Except, when her parents brought her home, the older sister insisted on calling her 'Susie' and the name stuck. Funny story: When she and son were first dating, he was stationed overseas and could only phone on pre-arranged times. Lois told Troy she'd be babysitting for a neighbor that evening; he should call that number. Well, as it turned out, the lady of the house was late leaving and answered Troy's call -- only to say he must have the wrong number; she never heard of anyone called Lois.

Dar said...

Dad called me Susie Q most the time, my middle name being Suzanne. I liked it and never corrected anyone else that called me that. Mel was DeeDee most the time and Colleen was KimoJim because she looked like a little eskimo baby. It's funny how long some of the names stuck. Now we're all known by our given names., shortened a bit. I see how confusing it would be for a kid not knowing a parents given name if they got lost. Very good and fun entry. You make me smile every time.
love n' hugs from up north in the sunshine