Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Permit process begins soon

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It has been a long time since I ‘pulled’ a building permit. The last time I did, I only had to go down to city hall and tell them where I was going to build, they asked my estimated cost, checked to see if water and sewer was available, signed off on the zoning and sent me to the county for the building permit. 30 minutes at most. 

Now there are about 20 steps to go thru before a zoning OK will be given. So the process starts. I am guessing 6 weeks before any dirt is moved or trees dropped.

Son Mark who lives in Florida is also a Licensed General Contractor in NC. I want him to build the house if possible. He is a ‘faster’ builder than I. I am a plodder. I like to get one phase of the house done before starting another, always have. He doesn’t mind forging ahead and pushing inspections.

Either way this first meeting with zoning Monday, will let me know how many of the 20 steps I actually must make before zoning is Okayed.

Weather for the folks who have ‘lived’ here in the Gaston area feel like they have lived in a rain forest this year. Son Jack says 4 days is the longest they have gone without rain in the county.

So Saturday the sun was out and I cleaned up falling limbs to burn and cut the grass. Actually here I mowed a little grass, wild flowers, weeds, clover and wild onions. But as I mowed I remembered what I missed mowing the yard here, the smell of chopped wild onions. I actually like that smell, most folk hate it. Yep, I ‘ain’t right’.  In NC that saying is applied to folk who do not have a ‘full deck’ or ‘the elevator does not go to the top floor.’

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NanaDiana said...

Oh the dreaded building permits! It is such an ordeal here to get a permit in the city of Green Bay. Not only to build but to remodel. It's a nightmare. Many folks go just outside the limits in small neighboring communities to build and enjoy the benefit of lower taxes, too.

Good luck to you and I am glad your son is going to be able to help you out. Did you decide to stay put and build a place? Hugs- Diana


are you finally settling down.

betty said...

The church we recently started attending meets in a high school auditorium. They are going to be building their new permanent place soon. I guess it took about 6 months to get all the necessary permits! Funny thing was they are planning to build at an already established store within a strip mall; so not sure what permits were needed but much rejoicing was sent up when the final permits came through. Hopes yours goes more smoothly!


Glenda said...

Sure hope the permit process goes well and you get the go-ahead soon! Wishing you sunshine in NC.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do hope it doesn't take the 6 months that Betty mentioned and that before long you all will be able to get started. It's wonderful that you will have help with your son being a faster builder than you are. I'm sure you'll have a hand in there too, one way or the other. But he is younger. You are doing the important work now so he can work later. Now that we have finally had the last blast of winter the spring rains will begin here and there will rarely be 4 days of nice weather for us. But then we need the rain just as much as we need the sunshine. Anyway, wishing you many days of sunshine ahead

Chatty Crone said...

Way to go - but boy we have made life hard for ourselves haven't we?

Mevely317 said...

6 weeks?! Good grief! I'm sure there's reasons for everything, but why 'fix' something if it ain't broke?

Lisa said...

I hope getting a permit will be easy for you but I hear its awful now trying to get things approved.
I like the smell of fresh cut grass and wild onions too.
My elevator goes up to the same floor as yours.

Bored at work

Woody said...

Good Luck on the new "Project"< Maybe you will get a Good Inspector !!!
We have warmed up and the Maple Trees are running sap and Maple Syrup Season is under way ! Can't wait for the 23 March for the big Pancake Breakfast !!! Don't over do you 2 behave yourselves, Love from the gradually warming North Country !
Gary & Anna Mae

Dar said...

LOL, I get the ' full deck ' thing...or half that - guilty of it ! You sure go after it Jack. With the help of your son, you'll have that house built in no time. The best of luck along the way.
love n' hugs from up north where we're finally in for a week of warmer weather in the 40's-50's. We'll take it!