Wednesday, March 6, 2019

I do learn, at times the hard way.

Trucks of Art
 1961 Chevrolet above and the 1961 Ford both snub nose pickups
We do not have a pet.  I am sorta adopting ‘Stormy D’ the stray cat up in NC. I do enjoy her. I still am amazed at a cat’s independent attitude. I remember a joke. A conversation between a dog on a leash and a cat. The dog was saying, “Yeah I am tied up and you are not. That should tell you they want to keep me and they don’t care if you run off!”

Stick with me.
A couple months back we had refrigerator problems. We left the food inside with no power. I still get reminders from Lisa about ‘don’t forget the food in the refer!’.  LOL Anyway one of the suggestions to remove the smell was ‘put cat litter in the freezer to absorb the smell. So I bought a bag of cat litter. I had never even seen cat letter up close. Stormy has never asked for any.

I keep stuff. I kept the remaining half bag of litter. I am making room out in the storage building. Since we will need every available cubic foot and I cannot see a use for the litter. What do cat owners do with unused cat litter? A couple days ago it was 80 and sunny. I simply spread the litter onto the sand toward the back yard fence.

Today I was walking around in the yard. Have you ever stepped in a big dog pile? As you walk the feeling is obvious, you feel one leg is longer that the other with the stuff stuck to your foot. NO! (I thought) a dog has left me a gift. I went to the hose to wash it off. The water did not effect it. I looked close, it looked like sheet-rock mud………  OH NO!  Cat litter!!! It is designed to grab and hold moisture!!

That stuff sticks like putty, BOTH SHOES!  Every crack and crevasse was filled. At least it didn’t stink.  LOL

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PS: I make work for myself. The shoes are clean, and the back yard cleaned, as well as I can do it. Does cat litter die by the half-life like nuclear radiation?


Glenda said...

FUNNY story!!! Love it when you make me laugh out loud, haha :)

R's Rue said...


Susan Kane said...

From worse to worse to worse. I was laughing as well.

Jean said...

Laughing, I heard and tried it once that it would remove oil spots on the drive way. I can't remember were it did are not. I put mine in a garbage bag and then it goes in the pickup can. That is when I change litter in Sam s litter box. You guys take care it's cold up here in Alabama.

betty said...

LOL. You were good to tell on yourself, Jack, so we could all enjoy a laugh! I bet it was hard work to get the shoes cleaned and I bet it will be something you don't do again with the cat litter.


Lisa said...

You just made me snicker. I now have a visual picture in my head of you stuck ankle deep in kitty litter.
Growing up, my cats always went outside to do their business so we never used cat litter.
I have seen mechanics and home owners use cat litter on oil spots in the driveway. Just sprinkle it on there and let it sit for a few hours and it will absorb the oil then you simply sweep it up.

Heading to work now

Chatty Crone said...

I can picture you and I can feel what you stepped in. No cat liter for me.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I guess we all have to learn the hard way at times. I once read that putting litter on the driveway was better than putting salt down to keep from slipping and sliding on the ice. We have lots of ice in Norther Ohio in the winter. So anyway, I used up one bag on the driveway one winter day and it did stop the sipping and sliding but after it all melted, I was left with a muddy driveway. It turned to clay like mud on the drivel Yuck, I'll never do that one again.

Still very cold here, but tomorrow it is warming up!
Love and hugs,


my daughter once put spare cat litter on her outside stairs to keep the snow and ice from being slippery. soon every cat in the neighborhood thought they had found a new bathroom.

Mevely317 said...

What a comical post! Love how you turn 'lemons' into lemonade. Never having used/been around cat litter, this was an eye-opener.

Dar said...

The best use I'd ever found for kitty litter was in an antique trunk I'd found at a tag sale. The litter took the musty old smell out overnight. The next morning I was able to restore the lining inside, turned the old trunk into a gem with a little leather cleaner on the outside to complete the restoration.
Kitty litter worked but I would also never use it where we'd have to walk. Funny story about one leg seeming suddenly longer than the other. Glad you were able to clean your shoes. LOL Thanks for the chuckles.
love n' hugs from our cold north where we are in for another 6-9 inches of snow over the weekend. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I'm so over it!!!!!

NanaDiana said...

Here is one great use for unused cat litter. If you have old paint cans semi full of paint you can fill them with cat litter and it solidifies the paint. Here in our area, the city will then dispose of them for you.

LOL about Lisa reminding you about the fridge. She's just a doll, isn't she? xo Diana