Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Basal cell

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Oh yes, something else we did yesterday. I scheduled some surgery on my neck (I hope). The skin cancer that was found last year at the VA is now scheduled to be removed. The VA must still be backlogged, I am scheduled with a local Dr..

To be honest, this surgery worries me. Not that I expect any bad results from this session, but the future. I have friends who have had one ‘skin cancer’ removed and since that time have had ‘MANY’ removed. My mind tells me that many of these operations are not necessary for an 80 year old person.  The one I am having removed is at least 20 years old. If anything that pops up now lasts 20 years it will be on a corpse. What I am saying, AND IT IS AN OPINION, I think doctors continue to find something to do to your body for the money that accompanies the ‘session’.
During the old folk’s session at Hardees Monday AM, I asked if anyone at the table had had the pleasure a skin cancer removed, they ALL had. I asked, ‘after the first how many afterwards?’ They averaged at least one a year. Some were scheduled again soon. 
Too me that is too ‘unusual’ to be real. DO ALL OF US old people HAVE SKIN CANCER THAT IS LIFE THREATENING??????
I sat right in the doctor’s office (last year) and he told me he was 4 months behind. He said, “Don’t worry about that Basal Cell, it is not life threatening, very slow. Don’t even worry about it. I will get to it next year, if not it still is no problem.” SOOOO in my mind I am saying, “Then why the heck am I here?”
I do know why I was there yesterday, because that ‘spot’ is driving me crazy itching.
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NanaDiana said...

I had some basal cell removed years ago. Have it done- it continues to grow 'under' and when it does present it can be pretty awful. Itching is usually a sign that it is changing.
I agree-sometimes procedures are performed that is not necessary. My hubby had some very aggressive skin cancer that required three months of chemo. He has the gene for "rapid growth" for cancers. He has had several spots frozen since then (4 years ago).

Good luck- just tell them you fought the devil and won when anyone asks what happened to your neck!

Mevely317 said...

Oh dear, now I'm confused. You raise some great points; and I wouldn't put it past some doctors to order borderline tests or surgeries - particularly if the patient has a 'blue chip' health insurance policy.
On the other hand, (your) peace of mind is priceless! Please just keep in mind, everyone's cases are different. If I'm remembering correctly, you've got some pretty strong genes going for you. Lots of fans out here praying for you, too!

Chatty Crone said...

Make sure it is basal cell. There are two others - more dangerous. Did they take a biopsy? You may be correct - see what your doctor says.

betty said...

I agree with Chatty Crone's comment. Make sure it is basal cell. Better safe than sorry.

I find it "odd" that the doctor said he was too busy to remove it last year. I think if he was really concerned about it, he would have taken care of it himself or schedule you with someone else to get the matter taken care of.

I'm not sure if they do unnecessary procedures like this, but I do know they have protocols they follow. If you go into the hospital complaining of chest pain and you are of a certain age, even if you told them the chest pain was because you moved something heavy and strained a muscle, they are still going to want to work you up for a heart attack with all that testing.


Lisa said...

I agree with what your saying. All of a sudden, removing skin cancer is “the thing”. But when people hear the C word, it gets scary. At my age I have a lot of friends schedule body scans. Thats where they go looking for problem spots. They always find something to remove. Not me. If its aint broke, I aint fixin it. But of course if im ever told I have a skin cancer, I will have it taken off weather he is right or wrong. Good luck on your little surgery. I guess as we get older, we do not get to keep those beauty marks.

Work today, beach tomorrw.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think that if it's bothering you, then it's time to go. One of my son's has had some removed from his back not long ago. My dad, may he rest in peace, had some on his ear removed too. The doctor told him that fair skinned people are more likely to have them. I've heard of some people that have a yearly skin check just to make sure all's ok. I will be saying prayers, that your surgery is successful and that you will soon feel relief from that bothersome spot.

Love and hugs,

Glenda said...

Sorry to hear this, however from what limited knowledge I have about that type of cancer diagnosis is that it is usually slow growing and normally found where skin has has exposure to sun. I'd agree that it's time for further examination, hopefully treatment will eliminate for good. Love and prayers from Chobee.

Dar said...

My prayers are always with ya, my friend, no matter what you decide. Personally, depending on what it is, the kind, yes, I'd have it taken care of for peace of mind if for no other reason. Yours seems to be bothering you. I'm not so sure I agree with your VA doctor's flip opinion last year but apparently he wasn't concerned enough to follow thru ' at the moment.' Hang tight, you'll decide what's best and feel better for it. Good luck Jack and know you're tucked in our prayers.
love n' hugs from up north where the snow if melting faster today as it was all the way up to 50 out there. The breeze still has a bite tho flowing over the snow.