Sunday, March 10, 2019

Small museums, some private parks

Trucks of Art
 1965 F100 One of my favorite work trucks over the years.
Now: A unique museum or park.(Some pictures posted a few years back)

Small places, even large important places in their time fall subject to changes in life and culture. It seems life’s cycles are hard to accept although true.

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.  One of the first ‘women’ I remember that kept their ‘maiden name’ and I accepted it with no question. My heroes in youth, I was shocked to learn the RR & DE museum was closed.

While in Wisconsin (near Park Falls) visiting bloggers Dar and Mel, someone suggested a local attraction. Concrete statuary created by the ‘sculptor’ using debris from the roadside and concrete. The figures were far from beautifully ‘honed’ subjects.  But we loved it. To appreciate the little ‘museum’ you must first realize how hard it is to create a ‘sculptured concrete subject’ without a mold, sorta like stacking mud!

Sean (Sean of the South) did an entry o Whitwell, TN. It centered on a Mining Museum that was fading fast (in my opinion) when these old men pass so will the museum. Sad in a way, but that is LIFE
 All the characters in the park were made by one man.  It is my understanding that everything, except the cement, came from policing the roads in the area.

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Mevely317 said...

Halfway into your post I was thinking about Sean of the South's tribute to the miners. These concrete characters are so great … I wish Wisconsin wasn't so far. (LOL) Seriously, art such as this is more appealing to me than some highbrow 'stuff.'

Glenda said...

Wow, there are some amazing and clever works of art in that collection. I especially liked the broken pieces of amber glass in the monuments. Very interesting post.

Woody said...

Interesting Post, having been around a lot of Concrete, (mud) It must have been hard to build all those statues you showed in your pictures in your post, I give those people a lot of credit for making them. we are enjoying 37 degree temps and some rain, but going to cool down! Take it easy, sending Love and well wishs from the soggy old North Country ! Gary an Anna Mae

Rick Watson said...

I love Sean of the South. He has a way of putting the hay down where the goats can get at it.

betty said...

That is a cool place in Wisconsin to visit! Fascinating! That is sad about the Roy Rogers/Dale Evans museum closed but if you were to ask any "young" person who the two of those were, they would have no idea. When we went to Southern California in December, we visited the Richard Nixon presidential library since we have never been to a presidential library. It was very informative. I bet if I was to ask son who Nixon was, he would have no idea other than say "president??"


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How wonderful old road waste can be used to make such beautiful works oaf art. It amazes me that anyone could find beauty like that in the unbeautiful. . Dale Rogers and Roy Rogers were icons of their time, sad that their museum is no longer open. You've seen so many unusual things that it's always a delight to see your pictures.

Dar said...

Too bad time and change closed the RR/DE Museum. They were big in their time.
As for the Concrete Museum, it's in Phillips, upper mid WI. on Hwy 13. The concrete man passed away but his family has kept the museum open. It's pretty cool what the ol' fella made for the viewers interest. Dad said that some of the pieces were 'mudded' on chicken wire frames. In any event, what a project! I've always loved the two bucks ready to butt heads. Next to the museum is a bar with the best taco Tues. around.
love n' hugs from up north where we had something you'd like Jack....homemade tomato basil juice I made last fall with surplus tomatoes...oh my! so good.