Saturday, March 16, 2019

Warm and cold hands

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It is about that time
Looking back over our lives we have been very blessed. In our late teens, Sherry was working in a hosiery mill and I was a HS dropout and about the lowest rank in the USMC, (Private first class). We had some very thin times in life, once borrowing $60 from the bank for 6 months to fix an old car. We lived in trailers, a remodeled chicken house, a house with no indoor plumbing, tents and 3 very nice new homes. then the last 20 years in a motor home.

But I was a natural carpenter. I worked my way up studying and became a General Contractor. I fell in love with a job. God and Life was good to me. Sherry had left the mill, raised our boys to school age then studied office equipment and went back to work in offices. Her insurance covered me and made my life much easier.  We both have been frugal. Over the years we have accumulated several houses. A manager keeps them rented and we have lived well off the rent.

We have decided to start giving the boys their inheritance early. We want to see them enjoy our blessings before we are gone.  Now a meaning to this post that was passed on by Myra. I may not quote it correctly but this is what I read. She said her dad had said when ‘giving to her’, “I would rather you receive this from a ‘warm’ hands instead of ‘cold’ ones.” THANKS MYRA!

Our parents were both very happy and did not want in their late life, but there was no inheritance. It is different with us. So we are turning some of our blessings over to the boys starting now. We have two homes that are almost equal. Mark finally decided to take the home in Florida. So son Jack will get the one close to his home in NC. Now Sherry will now have less to keep up with ;-). In your 80’s keeping up with utilities, taxes, upkeep, insurance and such can become a real task.'

Monday i will visit Code enforcement in Belmont to check requirements to build on our last lot. WE hope to build one more home here beside the Condos. Grand daughter Sherece wants to buy it. We will try to keep it at the lowest possible cost with some donated family labor of course. She has already talked to the bank. 

Our future ‘home’ place is sorta up in the air. We have three plus the coach left. But we have about 3 months to make that decision while the new house is being built. Wish us luck!

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I hope this is clear(er), things even here are busier than I expected.


Mevely317 said...

Aw! On behalf of my dad, thank you for the shout out … he'd sure be tickled to know some of the stuff he imparted 'stuck'!
Given your situation, these sound like win-win decisions, both for the 'boys' and your own states of mind. Now, I can't wait to hear more about the new groundbreaking!

Lisa said...

I think you and Sherry are making some good decisions. Lightening the load is a good thing.


betty said...

I like that you decided to share your inheritance with your boys this side of heaven. I said that to son one time when we were talking about something we were helping him with. I rather see the joy on his face when I'm still alive than when we are gone and he gets what little we have. I'm sure your "last" building project will go well and your grand daughter will be blessed with what you both build for her.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Makes since to lighten your load and give to your family now. I love how Myra's dad put it from warm hands instead of cold ones. Might as well share the wealth now while you get to see the good it's done. I figure it's always better to help out those we love when we can. It'll be interesting to see just what home you decide to keep for your very own. The sun is out but it remains cold in Ohio. Hope you two have a wonderful Sunday!

Love and hugs,

Dar said...

From warm hands versus cold ones is a wonderful way to share what you have worked a lifetime to get to pass down to the family now. We never know God's plans for us so it's never too soon to get the sharing done. Good luck with the groundbreaking and building. I know you'll love it one more time.
love n' hugs from up north where the air is still cold but the sun shines bright.

Chatty Crone said...

So you have three lots left to build yourself something and you will decide that at a later time. And the boys have their houses. You two did really wonderful.
Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!
Top 'o the morning to you too!