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Sister and Sister in law

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Remembering my boyhood I did a lot of family visiting in the summer. I would spend weeks with my Sister and Brothers.  My sister Kat and SIL Ruth (wife to Odis) were like my mother. Mozelle  worked full time in the mill. Kat was a cut up and had married at 15. She had a son (Stoy) by 17 and treated him like her baby doll. Ruth too was a cut-up and had already had Howard so I had playmates.  

 top Odis and Ruth below the tallest kid is Kat in mama's chicken lot just before she got married

Kat, Jr & Odis were much older than Shirley and I. We were like the second family to our parents. The older ones lived out in the ‘woods’ in houses they had built. Copper was scarce there was no electricity. Therefore there was no power to pump water. They dug one well in the beginning and they all drew water from that well. Kat and Ruth knew how to entertain kids.

I guess the point of this post is with three grown siblings mom and dad had plenty of places to drop me if they had appointments or conventions to attend. (Was there such a thing as baby-sitters in the 1940s?)  I had plenty of kin but not many that I stayed with (or that would put up with me). I felt at home with Uncle Irvin and Aunt Bert, that was dad’s side. On mama’s side I was always at home at Uncle Doyle and Aunt Julia’s. Many of the others both parents worked and could not handle another child or didn’t have the room.

Those summers were a treat to me. My nephews (Ted, Howard & Stoy) were just a few years younger than I and many cousins my age.

Point 2: I spent many weeks away from my home growing up. I can’t remember getting homesick until I joined the USMC, I got homesick on Parris Island in 2 days……..  I still wonder why?  Hahahahaha   The DI said he would be my mama and daddy!  Who coulda asked for more? ;-O   Right guys?

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betty said...

I don't think they did have baby sitters that weren't family members during that time and when I was growing up in the 1960s. My mom used my cousins who were older to watch us and I'm not even sure she paid them because everyone loved my mom and they knew of her finances with being widowed so I'm thinking they did it for free. There were so many of them that the rare times she needed a sitter she didn't burn one out so to speak. We also got sent over to our aunts and uncles homes too. That's just how they did it back then I'm thinking. It was a good thing!


Chatty Crone said...

I agree things have changed. I never had a sitter and maybe we had a sitter once in awhile with our kids but not often.

You know what I feel like - we just lived. Things were so simple. Now everything is complicated.

NanaDiana said...

Your childhood was a lot like my own. I often stayed with my Aunt Bessie that lived just down the hill from me. My playmates were at my Uncle's house that lived about 3 miles the other way. What wonderful times we had. I don't think I ever had a babysitter in my life. xo Diana

Mevely317 said...

I never, ever tire of seeing your old photographs! How fortunate you and Shirley to be surrounded by all those family members! When my parents moved to Los Alamos in '52 it became just "we 3." I think the closest kin was Chicago. But no. Now that you mention it, I don't recall ever having been left with a babysitter. Mother and Dad took me everywhere they could -- or didn't go.

Lisa said...

I remember growing up, Aunts and Uncles were the best and my cousins were my best friends. It was great because you never had to worry about your cousins not liking you or moving away. They were always in the family.
Now days, I want to be a fun Aunt so bad but all I have small are Great-nieces and Great Nephews. The parents of these kids (my nephews and neice) never come around or associate with us. It sure aint like it used to be. I miss those days.

Sunny and 36

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Large families used to be more prevalent than they are today. I grew up with lots of cousins and aunts and uncles and have some wonderful memories too. Times have changed and most kids spend time at daycares not with relatives. One of my greatest joys of being a grand'ma' is being able to babysit.

Glenda said...

Wonderful history lesson Jack! Cousins and neighbor kids (most a mile away or more) were our companions at the farm, but as y'all know, we had great church friends. Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday "Young People'e Endeavor (known as YPE" and of course, the Pastor and wife, if we were lucky they had kiddos like Jackie, Jr and Mark!!!

Dar said...

Coming from a large family, we never had babysitters...WE were the sitters if and whenever the folks needed to be away. Our best friends were our cousins and each other. On rare occasions we got to spend a night at one of the cousins which was always a huge adventure., new surroundings, cows to get in at milking time at my uncles, strawberries to pick on Strawberry Hill. Thanks for rekindling great memories of my youth. Cousins and siblings rule.
love n' hugs from up north where the snow is going down fast with flood warnings all over the state and surrounding states. It's raining and warm.