Thursday, March 14, 2019

Another long drive

Trucks of Art
  One can have a problem when the load shifts.

Since the death of BIL Elmer we returned to Deltona. We have been on a 'tenious' schedule. Trying to keep up with Son Mark and his, ‘I’ll be there with a load tomorrow.” He had also been in a tough spot to clear his house before it sells. Planning was tough for him also. His house was under contract and he had to clear out before closing.
Every day for a week. Not knowing when he would be arriving we could not make plans.  We needed a firm decision on an offer we had made. He finally made it up with a friend Terry bringing both his vehicles. Since the ‘offer’ was personal we did not want to discuss it openly.

Then a day later another two loads to be stored in the huge storage building we had built. Terry had brought a load on his truck, so he did head back to Port Richey leaving us to finally know something. His house closed in Port Richey. Part of his household goods were in storage down there.

Yes he decided on the house in Deltona. So we packed our stuff in the car and trailer and returned to NC. He and Janie, his deaf Bull dog, are now living at the home there. We left all the furnishings and many tools.

We drove straight thru in the car towing the trailer. We are beat. Everything is unpacked and halfway stored in our home here. The motorhome asked where have you been? My wild cat Stormy D. also played mousy for a few minutes before letting me touch her. Of course she over came her hurt feelings when I offered food and water. LOL

 More of the continuing saga tomorrow.

Nite Shipslog
PS: Sorry this is scatterbrained I will try to fix it and fill in the holes tomorrow!


Chatty Crone said...

I do have to tell you I am confused about what is going on - but I hope it all works out.

betty said...

I think its neat that Mark will be in Deltona too. At least I think that's what I got from this. Get a good night's sleep and sort if all out indeed in the morning!


Lisa said...

Like Chatty said...I’m Confused too.
I cant tell if your are coming or going sometimes. Haha but thats the whole fun of it. Thats the life of an explorer, traveler and wanderer.
Glad you always make it to your destinations safe. Thats all that matters.

Get some rest

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Not a dull moment for you all with the houses and changes coming and going...Not the quiet relaxing time you hd planned for sure. Eventually all will get straightened around. Take care and relax when you can.

Dar said...

Mark is very grateful, I'm sure, to have a temporary home to settle in while his life and new home get settled into. You're great and generous to help out. Life is full or challenges that you and Sherry always seem to overcome.
I'm glad you had a safe trip back to NC, your home and home on wheels and Stormy Darnell. lol
love n' hugs from up north where, you guessed it, It's Snowing again!

Mevely317 said...

So glad y'all are back off the road safe and sound! I had to read this 3-4 times, but pretty sure I sense what y'all decided about Deltona. This sure reminds me of my father!