Saturday, March 30, 2019

Cats and the unfortunate connection to disease

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I have said it many times, I am NOT a cat person. I loved old Tom when I was about 3-5. We moved at that time. He ran away and returned to the home we had just moved from. The dude traveled 30 or 40 miles to return. I always admired him for that.

I had a nephew treated at ‘Sloan Kettering’ in NY for Leukemia. His dad was a 'match' and gave him blood and bone marrow. They declared the operation a great success. He was instructed, if he had cats, to keep away from them for a period of time because his resistance was about zero for disease.

He did not pay attention, he loved those cats. Something from the cats entered his body and because he had no resistance, he became VERY ill and passed. He was in his 40s, I think.  The doctors laid the blame directly on his interaction with ‘CATS’.

I will admit, since I have no idea where Miss  Stormy D. travels and what she contacts, that I wash my hands after I have petted her.

I did not follow the thread, but a day ago on the internet there was news that said, ‘Researchers have found 8 diseases that cats spread.’  I consider that type of headline as click bait, and as slow as our system is, it would take all day. I just know that cats have caused physical trouble and Imma be careful.

That said, I haven’t seen hide not hair of that girl since that short ‘feed’ on Thursday. But YES, I do care for the stray, and admire her ability to live.

I know most of you do not feed your pets table food, but we are taking the family out Saturday and I will bring the fat and scraps to Stormy. I do use cat food because it is cheap and we have few scraps from the table. Yesterday we did have spaghetti, the local moochers got the remains. Stormy never came by.



Chatty Crone said...

I had heard something about cats and diseases.
We unfortunately do feed Disco good table scraps - if we get another dog we will not - he begs all the time.
Sorry about your nephew.

Glenda said...

Learned something new again; didn't know about much about cats, but I confess to feeding my pup "treats" along with his puppy food!

Mevely317 said...

I've always heard vague references to cats, but nothing specific. What a tragic choice your nephew made!
I try and limit our girls 'people' food to 1/2 (each) of a hard-boiled egg and/or a little shredded cheese. Mr. Softy (aka, Tom) on the other hand is constantly sneaking them pieces of his dinner. Last night, for instance. He gave Grace a bit of cheesecake … then, in the middle of the night, she threw up right next to my face. No fun!

Lisa said...

Ive heard of people getting infections from cat scratches but never heard of anyone getting a disease from one.
Most people do not give their pets table scraps because it may cause them to beg or not eat their own foods anymore. But Stormy is wild so she used to eating anything she can catch. She will appreciate some good human food.

From over here

betty said...

There's got to be something to that with cats and diseases because I know when my DIL was pregnant, she couldn't change the cat's litter box. Now I'm worried about Stormy again. We feed the corgi we used to have from the table. Mistake, especially with corgis since they are food driven. If we get another dog, we won't do that again :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, there is a lot of disease that can be contracted through cats. Pregnant women are warned to stay away from them. I know one of my son's changed the kitty littler box when his wife was pregnant. Good always to wash our hands often. Sadly many do not. But it's such an easy way to to prevent illness. Sorry to hear about your nephew. How sad he was recovering from one disease and caught another. Best to head warnings when we get them.
We got snow here today, Ha !
Love and hugs,


sad about your nephew. i have owned cats for over 40 years and never had a problem. the one feral cat i befriended did die when we tried to domesticate her.

Dar said...

On one bitter cold winter day, we coaxed a feral cat inside, she became ours for awhile, when we later found out she belonged on a neighboring farm about a mile away. We let her go but she refused to leave. The kids didn't mind. And yes, sad to say they are guilty of many diseases. Perhaps because they have wandered many places of uncertainty. It was a risk taking in our Midnight but it all turned out ok. I, too and sorry to hear about your nephew. Leukemia is nothing to fool around with.
love n' hugs from up north where the sky is gloomy today with promise of rain and warmth by the end of the week. Smiling! Have a blessed week my friends.