Monday, March 25, 2019

Now I know why I am bald!

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My Dr. Appointment for the ‘skin cancer’ is today. I had all this paper work to fill out. They ask your health history, and medicines one is taking. I am taking no medicines. I usually get the question, ‘Are you sure you haven’t forgotten some medications?’  They are just not used to that with an 80 year old bald headed dude. But I am really in pretty good health. (BTW I dropped another pound) I saw 152 on the scales this AM.  I was 137 when we were married. BUT She says she doesn’t want me back to 137. But I would like to bounce around 148-150.

Bad news in church last Sunday morn. In the church vestibule a man older than I mentioned my bald head. He has a full head of hair. I said, “Yes and that isn’t really fair you know.”

“Jack, I was bald until last year.”
“Really?” me.
“Yeah last year St. Peter approached God about a problem on earth. Saying, ‘Sir, we have a problem on earth. Many GOOD men are going bald, can we fix that?”

“Good men you say?”
St. Peter, “Yes sir, some very good men.”
“God thought a minute, then said, ‘in my name, let all GOOD men on earth have a full head of hair, no matter their age’,” AND IT WAS SO!

“That should answer your question of why you are still bald and I have hair,” my friend (?) said.  LOL

You shouldn’t get mad at church, but you can plan on getting even.  HA!
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Lisa said...

Wise guy huh? And I always thought bald heads were solar panels for youthful energy.

Good luck at getting even.

Susan Kane said...

I like men with bald heads.

Dwayne Johnson? Vin Diesel? Bruce Willis? Yul Brynner? they are so hot.


bald men are definitely cool.

Mevely317 said...

I agree ... bald is beautiful! Congrats on the weight loss! I'm starting again today cutting carbs -- that usually works and I feel more energetic as a result.

betty said...

Wasn't it Telly Salvalas, the actor, who said "bald was beautiful?" Great job on another pound gone!

I tell you, I'm sure the doctors are surprised with your good healthy. I've typed a list of over 20 medicines and the person is in their 50's.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There are a lot of jokes about balk heads for sure. But I agree, they are beautiful. I couldn't say any difference because several of my sons are already bald and they can't help but be beautiful in this mom's eyes! Like you I don't take any medicines either. I do take a daily vitamin and the occasion aspirin, but they are not prescriptions so I'm thankful for that. I remember my dad taking almost 20 pills every day. We are blessed.

Love and hugs from a sunny Ohio this morning!

Dar said...

Two of our sons are bald and beautiful, like yourself. It's hereditary. My twin brother and I have the same receding hairline. I don't think it's too funny tho:( I have a feeling mr.jokester in church is going to be hearing 'one' in return. It's a gorgeous 42 degrees and sunny around here today. We'll take it!
love n' hugs from up north where the fresh bread baking smells mighty fine.
Ya 'unt some?

Rick Watson said...

I think I would have slashed his tires:)