Monday, March 4, 2019

This and that and camping clubs

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 Foreward: I have been asked many times about our 'full-time' life ontheroad. It can be more expensive than most people think. If you pay nightly the least you will pay is $25 and the most is $100 for all conveniences. It is possible to live in the desert, or BLM lands from $0 to $3 a night with NO conveniences.  Then we learned about camping clubs from friends Don & Evelyn.
With our present life style our plans are pretty flexable except for arrival and departure dates. ( At present there is an exception, with Son Mark selling his house he is dropping by at odd times to bring loads of stuff, we are standing by for those occasions)  

In the present economy the RV industry is booming. A few years ago we just picked a town or area, looked in our camping directory got an address and headed there with no reservations. Only once or twice in the first 15 years of this life did we run into a problem.

But now we always have reservations. As a matter of fact I usually have to check with two parks before I find an opening. In the Last year it has been impossible (JAN_MAR)to easily find an RV site and that is the very reason we bought the home in Deltona. Anytime we cannot find a spot, we head ‘home.’ We have great neighbors and they are amazed at our lifestyle and schedule.

If we did not want to stay here in Florida, we could probably find a place in TX, LA, MS, AL or GA.

But, we became Americanized. We joined an RV camping club. The price is right, ‘IF SPACE IS AVAILABLE.’ Our first ‘Club’ had 6 RV Resorts we could stay 2 weeks then had to be out a week then back in. Our dues were at for $245 a year. For our week out we went to state or federal parks. Our first club sold out to another corporation, later it was sold again and we are members of Thousand Trails (Equity Life Styles).

WE upgraded and now have no weeks 'out'.Presently we have 82 “RV RESORTS” around the country where we can stay for 2 or 3 weeks at a time.  Our yearly dues are frozen at $500.  So we actually live CHEAP. To nonmembers, the parks charge $45-100 a night. We will have spent about 70 nights here in Florida for our yearly dues plus diesel fuel to get here.  Many people spend over $500 for one week in Florida on Hotels and motels.  But we do furnish our own bed. ;-)  The club furnishes the utilities.
Now keep in mind the term RV RESORT mentally calls up a plush spot to stay. Most of them are nice places, but some do not qualify under the name RESORT!  LOL
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PS: If there is enough interest, I will get more detailed on a post, including present purchase costs, etc.


Lisa said...

You two kids are living the dream.
We stay at ONE camp park. Our camper is stored there. We still have to call for reservations and its seems to get harder each year to get in. They said we need to make reservations 2 years in advance to get a spot. Heck, I don't know whats going on Two weeks from now, much less two years. So far we have done pretty good at making our main vacation a year in advance but with the weekend trips we just take our chances. I would love to get a small Camper to pull around to weekend trips in other areas. Our camper that is stored, is just too big to pull all the time.

Happy Camping

Susan Kane said...

I have always wondered about RVs and how amazing their sites are compared to our old camping days.

Love your adventures, lifestyle!

Woody said...

I enjoy your detailed posts about the RV, the costs, the clubs and really enjoy the pictures ! Think we may need to go buy another camper ! Ready for a camp fire !! WHEN the 3 feet of SNOW goes away ! LoL ! sending down our Love ! Gary an Anna Mae

betty said...

Hubby's parents did a lot of RV-ing but I don't think they ever bought into a club. They didn't travel like you and Sherry do, just had their places they liked to go so they knew what parks they were going to stay in, etc. They did park the RV down at one of the parks close to the beach when in the San Diego area Would park it there during the hot months and camp out there then as it was closer to the water and their house didn't have air conditioning, but their RV did :)


Glenda said...

Congrats to Mark on selling his house. Your lifestyle is enviable, you've got a whole memory book of pics of places you've been...what a wonderful way to enjoy retirement!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It seems the RV club suits your needs for sure. It was lack of camping sites that made me turn into a permanent camper back in the day. We found a site that suited our needs and we could come and go as we pleased, even pull out for a trip if we wanted. But mostly we just stayed parked and enjoy the amenities of the camp ground. It was like having a vacation home. I do miss those days, but have a lot of great memories.

Love and hugs from the frozen north, we are back in the deep freeze.


the club sounds like an interesting investment.

Mevely317 said...

Oh, I hope Mark's home sale is a good thing? Is he still rehabbing then turning them over?
At first, I thought your 'club' sounded like a timeshare. But no, your situation sounds more on the up-and-up; and I like that the $500 is capped out. There's little chance I'd ever have an opportunity to use one, but think it's all fascinating.

Dar said...

Our niece camps the way you do, using the camp clubs. What she loves about it most is the family of friends they have so when her hubby can't camp with her while he works, she still can be assured that her camping family will help her back her camper into place and help her other ways. She too, is happy with the capped price each year. When we camped, it was by the seat of our pants getting good sites...when they did not require reservations. Things have changed in that respect in the state and county campgrounds. I miss camping.
love n' hugs from up north where the thought of camping is at least 4 months away. LOL