Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Busy day

Trucks of Art

A lot was accomplished today. I talked to Zoning today. Alex said we would have to reopen a state road we bought along with this property. I turned it into a private drive.  He also noted that the property line splits the Condos. His statement was, “You will have to fix that first that is illegal in Belmont.”  I knew that, but I got away with it 25 years ago. LOL

Most people do not know, but the only thing that is physically touching on condos is the siding and shingles. The rest of the house us separated by 1 inch. I had my surveyor shoot through that one inch and stake it as two separate homes. It worked thru a bank and two lawyers, but now I am caught. I am still hoping to keep it that way, but the chances are slim. The Condos are exactly alike so my plans were for our sons to have separate deeds after we are gone. WE will see…..

Alex assured me he would call this afternoon to let me know if I could build on the lot. BUT no call.

We checked at a friends used clothing store to give her Shirl’s clothes, but it is between seasons and she had to turn them down. There are a lot of classy clothes, so it went to Belmont Community Organization.

I fixed a leak in the sink.

Got the Honda FIT ready for the NC inspection.

OH yes, I locked Stormy D. in the Garage. She screamed bloody murder. “Let me OUT!” I thought she had sneaked in to have her ‘puppies’ since she did not listen to me and either practice ‘safe sex’ or claw the Tom’s eyes out. I am sure she is pregnant and fat enough to drop 4-5 kittens. (I tell her they are puppies.) I put her food and water inside, to let her stay in the warm, BUT she is used to being free, so I let her out. I do admire the feral cat.

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NanaDiana said...

LOL about getting it over on the powers that be for 25 years! Good job. Hope you can continue to do that but, like you said, it doesn't sound promising!

Poor feral cat...hope she has a safe place to drop her litter and that she takes advantage of your hospitality.

Have a great night.

Lisa said...

Im gonna just say “good luck getting a call back”. Im telling ya. I hear that building, zoning, permits and all that jazz is one big head ache around here. Even more in Gtown. And they wonder why this town is not growing They make it so hard on people to do anything. So many restrictions.


betty said...

After Stormy has her litter of "puppies" check to see if there are any animal organization there collecting feral cats, neutering or spaying them, and then setting them free. They did it when we lived in San Diego and also now in Phoenix, I'm sure other cities do it as well. I think I might have mentioned it before. They trap them, do the surgery and they release them where they caught them. Since she won't listen to you about practicing safety, you might have to take matters into your own hands.

Good luck with getting everything squared away with the way you want it to be as you continue on with your building and distributing.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh my, it sounds like a quandary to me.. Hope it all gets sorted out to suit you so you can start on the building. Yes, animals that have always been free, don't like to be shut in. We had some neighborhood cats a while back that were like the one you have there, but they were all spayed by a kindly neighbor. My old neighborhood was a popular place for people to drop off unwanted cats. At least you managed to get something done with fixing the leak and getting your car ready for inspection.. Helps to make up for what didn't get done. Sounds like some changes will have to be made one way or the other in order to get the building done. Here's hoping it doesn't cause too many headaches.

Love and hugs,

Glenda said...

You're making progress, that's a GOOD thing! Prayers for it to go well for y'all.

Dar said...

As far as zoning, permits, etc, best of luck. It always seem to be one big headache. No one needs that but applause on 25 yrs. of hassle free. lol
As for Stormy D, I'm glad you let 'er out of the garage. Any cat can make a mess in short time if confined when they're not used to it. She'll do just fine with her upcoming litter. Good luck building in your future.
love n' hugs from up north where, yes, it snowed again. Oh dear.!