Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The monkey face

Trucks of Art:
          Very Unique, a Kaiser Frazier Truck

But for today:
… The monkey face that is how I remember the correct mounting for an outlet.

This is wrong, according to me.

The outlet will operate properly either way, but I like consistency. Wiring a home I did them all showing a monkey face. For many years now, the common blade on our electrical plugs is wider than the other (The right eye). You do not need to know that. All we need to know is you cannot plug it is backwards.  LOL

Now this jewel is called a GFI, (Ground Fault Indicator). They are used any place water is encountered. This blog entry came about when sitting in the Dr’s office I noticed  one of the GFI outlets upside down.  LOL

The GFI outlet is more expensive, so we used as few as possible. Since the kitchen and bathroom require a GFI, to save money we tie an outside outlet to one of those. It works like the domino theory. When the GFI trips in the kitchen the outlets behind it fall also. So someday when an outside outlet does not work, you should check to see if a GFI in the kitchen or bathroom is tripped.

Many people have paid for a trouble call for this reason. Each outlet attached to a GFI should be labeled. The GFI senses water or dampness between the ground and hot, and trips immediately when incidents like a hairdryer or electric shaver is dropped into a bathtub or sink. A person may get a jolt, but not enough to hurt.

Building sites have a temp power source requiring a GFI. I once had a neighborhood dog that liked to chew on my power cord. I would run him off but he would sneak back. Once in the rain he chewed into the hot wire. I happened to be watching, his tail went between his legs and he yelped, he never came back. Without the GFI he would have been electrocuted.

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PS: Most kitchens have more than one outlet, They are all usually controlled by one GFI. So if one goes they all go. Resetting the GFI usuallly cures the problem.

PS2.... LOL I just knew you would love this.  hahahaha Sorry it was on my mind.  At least the truck is something you have never seen! ;-O


Chatty Crone said...

I found this interesting - I know we have the ones that moisture or surges trip - but I am going to look and see if the others are all right! lol

Mevely317 said...

Oh, that poor dog! I, too, found this interesting. I was always certain I'd be instantly electrocuted if my hair dryer fell while I happened to be washing my hands.

Woody said...

Interesting on the Outlets, Lucky Dog to chew a live wire and survive ! Quietly waiting for Spring and now have to get the car fixed ! Oh Well, Life goes on ! You and your Honey enjoy and you Behave ! sending warm wishs and regards, Gary and Anna Mae !

Glenda said...

I found this interesting as well, knew which was the GFI but not how they operated, THANKS. Last week I dropped the remote for the kitchen ceiling fan/light fixture in the dishpan and of course couldn't turn the fan on. A new battery fixed that issue, thankfully.
p.s. love the monkey face, will remember that one!

Lisa said...

When we bought the house we are in now, we had a ‘fly by night” electrician come in and redo the wiring since it had aluminum wire. Not only did he do a lousy job tearing up our walls, he had every single outlet upside down. Nick has since turned them right. Just the look of them upside down was driving me crazy.

From the West side.

Susan Kane said...

Thanks for the info. I am totally inept with little understanding.

Rick Watson said...

GFI circuits are life savers. I remember how they go using the monky face trick too.

betty said...

I too learned something new today. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about electricity and GFI's. That dog learned his lesson!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank you for the very interesting info in the post today. Before I sold the old house I had to bring the plug ins up to date and install a few of those GFI outlets. I didn't do it, but thankfully my one and only SIL put them in for me. And there was one that didn't have a monkey face, but yes it did still work. He eventually did put it around! Here I do have them in the kitchen and bath. One time the the one in the kitchen went off and I went checking the breaker box only to find it was the GFI kicking in. The power had gone off and when it came back on it had shut the power off. I pressed the red button and then everything worked again. They really can be a life saver.