Friday, March 29, 2019

She’s baaack

 But for today:

 Well after 1½ days AWOL the black girl is back. Looking much more slim and trim. I was headed out to do some measuring on the lot when trotting down the driveway from up Jim Arp’s way was Stormy D. She came right to the porch, and of course I dropped the tape and stakes and got her some fresh food and milk.

 That bowl of food was 3/4 full

 She allowed some petting before she dived into the food. She was ready for some food. She would eat for a while, then lap some milk. She looks good and was very well cleaned up.
I kept wondering when she would head back to the kittens. She stayed with me about 20 minutes and did not seem to be concerned about getting back. She walked off toward the new building lot. She carefully dug her hole, done her business and covered it up then wandered on down into the woods. I watched her from a distance. I was surprised. She climbed a fence and jumped down on the other side and moved under an old abandoned building.

 Here she looks like a kitten herself, that box I tried too late.  Maybe when she brings them by to see us it will fit under the deck.

She was mum about how many ‘puppies’ she had. I asked the color, were they all right etc. She kept quiet. Now a dog would have told me. LOL

I was glad to see her and know that she is okay. Do feral cats chew the umbilical cords loose? I did watch a birth on youtube. A human, the cat owned, was the mid wife and clipped the cord, then handed the cat back to the mama. There was enough time between kittens for the mama to clean them up.
I think I will see her in the morning. I wonder how long before she will allow her brood out?
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PS: She has not shown up again yet....

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bobbie said...

Way to go, Stormy! Yep ~ cats bite the cord apart. Thanks for the update ~

betty said...

Great to hear this! I was a bit worried about Stormy. I do hope she brings her kittens to show you. I would imagine at least a week or so before they are ready to be on display so to speak? It is good you are there to feed her. She's going to need all she can get to take care of her little ones.


Chatty Crone said...

I am glad to hear she is okay too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mevely317 said...

Congratulations to Stormy D. … AND her Godfather Jack! Oh, your heart must have jumped for joy when you spotted her!

Susan Kane said...

Wonder when she will feel like you are okay to see her babies!

Glenda said...

YAY!!! Looking forward to the news :)

Lisa said...

Growing up, we had a cat that had kittens all the time. Hahaha. We never did anything but watch. Somehow the cords were always gone. Not sure how that happened and never even thought about it until you just mentioned it. The little eyes will open in a few days and before you know it, they are running and playing everywhere. Momma cat will also eat any babies that are born defected. She will also move them to other places if she thinks its safer. So who knows, she may bring them to you. Keep the food and water around near.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good to see she is ok and got her tummy full of some food. She'll be sure to back for more. It's amazing how they can bounce back so fast. I certainly didn't feel like leaping over fences the day after I gave birth. Ha!

Dar said...

Having barn cats and feral ones, they have had many litters in the barn and woodshed. The little eyes stay shut about a week or so before they start to ruckus around and want to follow mom. She probably won't bring them over tho, until they are about 6 weeks old and expect them to be quite wild. I'm sure Stormy D appreciated the meal. I'm anxious too, to see how many and the colors of her kittens. Have fun, in the meantime, Gramps!
love n' hugs from up north where the wind is bitter cold today