Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Our Trip, Rivers and Stinking Creek

 Pic of the day:

 Grandpa Wiley, jack Jr, and Mark our sons and Sherry's dad.

Wiley passed long ago, and those boys are now in the Social Security age group...

For today From Peru, Indiana

This trip had good roads and very good traffic. It is a strange thing, we saw our last traffic light in Shelby, NC; on thru Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana until just above Indianapolis, hundreds of miles of interstate without a traffic light. The light was on US31. We saw Gas Prices from $3.25, $3.45, $3.57 the highest was saw was $3.87.

The views, as I have said, are fantastic. The flat farm lands of Indiana allows you to see thousands of acres. I have told anyone who asked, I would rather drive this motor home than a car. You can see over bridges to the beautiful rivers. 

Bridge over the Ohio River, from the net.

I mentioned no Blue Grass, as we drove into Indiana we saw the White Water River. (the water was not white). LOL We crossed many nice rivers, the French Broad River. Green River, The Ohio River, the Silver River to name a few. And there was in Kentucky, Stinking Creek!  When I was a little boy many towns down south had a creek known as "Sh-T Creek."  All the town waste was dumped there.  I just wondered as I drove over it  was This the same.....??   ;-)

                Wasn't he a beauty?

I re-told Sherry of my first trip to Kentucky. I was less than 10 yrs old and went with Dad to a convention in Indianapolis. I knew nothing about horse racing, but I had read a book that featured ‘Man ‘O War’, he became MY HORSE. He lived in Kentucky and raced there. His name was on some signs, and it thrilled me. Later they buried Man ‘O War in Lexington, KY.  Sherry and I later visited his grave there.

Downtown Indianapolis from the net, I don't believe it was this showy in 1948/ LOL

Of course, I did not attend the daytime convention stuff but wandered over the city with some other preacher’s boys. The thing I remember most was DOWNTOWN and a sort of a picnic area and a square. We all had popcorn I was feeding some pigeons When a man walked out a door under one of the giant statues with a broom. He threw the broom at the birds and yelled, “We are trying to get rid of them D---ed things and there you are feeding them, STOP it!"

Tomorrow we should be parked near Buchanan, Michigan. The name of the park is “Bear Cave Resort”, we have stayed there when on trips in this area.

We are getting closer to answers to the strange things here in the coach, a faulty slide-out and the 4 jacks, of which one works.

Thanks for seeing us here in Indiana….

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Thank you all for being here…  Smile life is better (on the road)….

Monday, April 29, 2024

Somebody fibbed!! (And the ship)

 Pic of the day:


This is Odis's Fleet minus several large square riggers.  My brother was quite the wood craftsman. Left, I am the youngest of the siblings and Odis was the oldest.

For today:

First, one comment yesterday asked if Odis’s ship was still on display. Not at present.  I learned a lot about official donations such as the ship.  They keep great records and after about 15 or 20 years on display someone donated a larger model. The Ship’s Captain called the family and said  the ship was going to storage unless they wanted to donate it to a High School Library that was asking for it.  The school displayed it for years then were changing  their theme and offered it back to my sister Shirley.  We picked it up and it is now on display in my brother Odis’s grandson Mike’s house.  They are very proud of it.

The ship has been on display at new bank building openings and in parades.  To be handmade from wood it is a fantastic creation. Odis made an entire fleet, but the USS NC was always his favorite.

Now. We are on the road, About 30 miles South of Lexington KY. I visited this state once with my dad in about 1948. I couldn’t find any Kentucky BLUE-Grass then, and for your information the grass is still GREEN.  LOL Methinks some one fibbed to me. ;-)

But to make up for that, for about 4 hours today we drove thru the mountains of North Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky.  It was a fantastic drive with HUNDREDS of beautiful views.  We have driven this same route before but I do not remember these MTS being so striking,  I was thinking, we have never been here in the spring, that makes all the difference probably!

We are overnighting at the Fort Boonesborough state park. This is a nice place also. The last time we stayed it was about $15.  This time it was  near $45 for the night.

Take care next time I will write it will be Indiana or Michigan….

Y’all are the best for reading, and those that comment, THANKS

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Thank you all for being here… and being YOU Nice to have you visit us in Kentuck….  

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Don’t do that, DON’T SAY THAT!

 Pic of the day:

 Sister Shirley and me delivering my brother Odis's pride, a 9 ft. model of the USS North Carolina to the USS North Carolina Memorial in Wilmington, NC after his death. His family made the donation.  The real ship is in the back ground.

For today:

Countries of the world have different views of life and requirements to ‘fit-in or get along.’  I am told that a deep BURP is considered a complement to the cooking in oriental countries!

I am also told that cats and dogs are considered good human food in many areas.  I remember reading that many native Americans considered mules great food, even above the deer.

Aboard ship when we entered a foreign port in many cases we were advised of things NOT to do.  I believe it was Turkey, we were told it was VERY rude to show your feet or the soles of your shoes.

Once my BIL met arriving missionaries from South Africa in NYC. In the process of taking them to their hotel, he was telling about his youngest son….  "That little booger will slip away from you if I don’t watch it."

He was interrupted immediately by the leading missionary. “Please my brother, do not use that filthy word in our presence!” My BIL kept driving and he explained that booger or little booger in our family was considered affectionate and common in our language. Dick (BIL) said within a mile one of the missionaries commented loudly on a young lady who nearly stepped in front of the car. “Did you see that bitch; she nearly go herself run over.”

Dick said it was then his time to comment. “Bitch is not considered a good description of a young lady in the USA!”

Growing up we used many nick names that today would be offensive. There was Shorty Robinson, Crip Goodson, Badeye Thomas, Poot Daniels and our Belmont Funeral Director always called Fat Robinson.

BTW Boogering in some countries is an unnatural sex act between men.

Do you know common words that are offensive in another part of the country, or world? Maybe nick names?

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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

If you would like to make God smile..

 Pic of the day:

Flying into Salt Lake City over the Wasatch Mountains. 

For today:

Years ago I read a quote by Minnie Pearl on a church bulletin:  “If you want God to smile, tell Him your plans.”

By today’s standards Sherry and are not wealthy, but we are blessed. We like to do things for the family. We flew the entire family to Utah once to see Ben, Corey and our new granddaughter Elsie, twice.

WE flew everyone back when Elsie was bigger. Ben holding her on the left in this picture.


Pic of 2nd Utah trip bunch, at least 7 have been added since then. LOL

 Another time we were able to arrange a cruise for the family. We like making memories.

We haven’t done anything big for the family in awhile. I wanted to take everyone to Ireland. But now one family member has a Felony record, (the reason for my big depression over the past couple of years, which is still not settled). A person with a felony cannot keep their passport I understand.

 SOOOOOO  big idea guy, ME, Our 70th wedding anniversary is a couple years off. I said, “Hey on our 70th anniversary, let’s take everyone to Hawaii for a week or so.” No passports required. Believe it or not, my girl agreed. She will grit her teeth and fly.

NOW, dadgummit, two GROWN (?) grandchildren have a major disagreement and will not associate. I refuse to take a trip with snide remarks and dirty looks. That problem to me is, in the BIG picture of life, completely unrealistic. It is big to one of them of course, but families should get along.  There is NO REASON that problems can not be settled among family.

Those parents do not know how their hearts will break 20 years from now, when their own children marry do the same thing and stop talking with each other. I have a son and sweet daughter in law whose hearts are breaking.  Son has his own problems, but he is still their dad.

But all that is not my problem anymore. They are adults. BUT I will be disappointed. I wanted all of them to see the Arizona Memorial, Waikiki, the Islands and visit The Polynesian Cultural Center on the main island and learn the cultures of all the islands.

Also, I wanted them to enjoy a luah and some Kalaua Pork.

 BUT instead, Sherry and I may just have an intimate Steak and Lobster dinner and celebrate 70 years, maybe even THINK about sex!!  LOL.

I hope the problem is ironed out, but nothing seems in sight. Arranging, Transporting, housing and touring 22-25 people is not a simple task, and cannot be arranged overnight.  So unless some answer is in the next few months or a year, the Hawaii plan goes down the drain.  Maybe some of the grands can get together and settle this.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Friends on the internet

  A picture from the Past.

 They lived on an UNbusy street and we just parked on the road.

Sherry caught me going up to their door.

Below is Sherry leaving the coach after I made sure they were home and would see us.

On my last blog entry I mentioned Lucy,  I think the last I remember of her was 2015 (?). Lucy was a regular. Joe her hubby and Spunky the ‘fat Beagle’. She was a fun person, and just dropped off the internet.  Every once in awhile I would do a search of obits for her and Joe.

I found Joe’s obit first, she never mentioned it but he was retired from the USAF. Lucy & Joe Horky of Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Once we happened to be driving within 15 miles of their home and drove by unannounced.  They welcomed us like family. 

We had a great 15-30 minute visit. I did get to pet Spunky 

and see where Lucy spent her time on the computer.

Of course Sherry & Lucy hit it off like old friends.

In Joe’s obit it told she was in an assisted living at that time. A few months later I found her obit.

This is  an example of someone just dropping off the net and we do not know what is happening or has happened.


PS:  Once again ‘Thanks’ AGAIN to y’all for stopping by the Shipslog..  Life is getting better here. Except the new phone!!



Sunday, April 21, 2024

Things I do not understand….

 Pic from the past:

Our only Christmas parade Float, the grand kids wanted it. LOL  (PS: If you ride a float, you do not get to see the parade!

For today:

Things do not always go my way; I am sure it is the same for you.

There are things I see and read that make my mind just say:  What?  Why?  How?  And say them seriously.

In my memory the price of the Milky Way candy bar goes from a nickel to close to a dollar.

I see inflation, but I do not understand it at all.  How does it start and how does it stop. I cannot think it is simply politics, because it is something NO ONE, no group, no side wants the blame for, do they?

I read where people have $250,000 to $500,000 student debts!  How can an educated person run up a bill like that, with no way to pay it?

How can anyone with a car running well, but old, buy a new car when they are already head over heels in debt?

I did not understand when my online friend, Lucy (may she RIP), said if it came to the point of paying for her meds or her dogs meds, the dog would get his?

Now folks, I love animals, always have but when an animal reaches the level of one of your kids or mate, that is something else that I do not understand….

I do not understand the internet, but I use it.  I do not understand ‘cloud storage’ because I know we cannot store things in clouds, CAN WE?

Speaking of clouds, how can one weigh 1.1 MILLION pounds and still float around and not fall? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT. I WILL END TODAY WITH THIS from the internet:

Suppose that the cumulus cloud you are measuring is about 1,000 meters long and about equal in height and width (1,000 meters for each dimension). To find the cloud’s volume multiply width by length by height: 1,000 meters X 1,000 meters X 1,000 meters. This equals 1,000,000,000, or 1 billion cubic meters.

Then multiply the volume by the weight of water within 1 cubic meter of cumulus cloud, which has been calculated as .5 gram. One billion cubic meters times .5 gram per cubic meter equals 500 million grams. Thus, the cloud weighs about 500,000 kilograms!  Now 500,000 KG = 1.1 million pounds.


Remember that dude that said the sky is falling??? That is gonna HURT!  :-O

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PS:  I heard an educated man say the other day that the Sun has light, but the moon and all the stars have no light of their own, they only reflect the sun. Am I the only one who sees a problem there?

Thank you all for being here… and being YOU.  

Friday, April 19, 2024

Looking back with a smile…..

 Pic from back then:

My girl's graduation picture.  Yeah, she did take a chance and married a drop out.

For today:

I am sure y’all cannot tell that I have been down for a long time. BUT LAST NIGHT!!!!

There she was, just got into bed, not saying what, dressed or not dressed, Just beautiful. I held her tight and said:

Good night Sweetheart…..

Then she did something that took me back to dating 1955-56. She began to sing:

Goodnight, sweetheart
Well, it's time to go

(and I joined in)

Goodnight, sweetheart
Well, it's time to go
I hate to leave you, but I really must say
Goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight

Before I got a car, we would be on her front porch at 129 Hawthorne street, and we would sing that together. After one last kiss I would float home on cloud nine, past two cotton mills, two churches and some houses to 315 Church street.  It was only close to a mile home, but my feet hardly touched the ground.

Anyway my spirits are lifted it pays to think how blessed you are, my blessings are much worse than the problems.  I just forget in selfpity sometimes.

Today, enjoying the spring weather, we talked about that as we were swinging in the picnic area as we enjoyed an unneeded fire, just talking.  I am the luckiest guy in the world, hey at 86 years of age she is still the most beautiful and sweetest girl in the world.

 (I was a sailor here, we had been married a few years and her legs were the best!!

And yes, she still has those beautiful legs and.. …   ..

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Thank you all for being here… and being YOU.  


Monday, April 15, 2024

Today in NC

 For today:

I have a part time job now.  I walk the next door neighbor's little Poodle . I am not sure, methinks, 'cause she looks like a poodle. .  But she is a feisty little girl or old girl.  On my walk today I saw so many wildflowers I decided to pic a bouquet for my sweetheart.  I took these three shots neither sow how pretty it is:

I am also cleaning more in the woods. we lost two walnut trees over the winter and I cut them down and make firewood out of them.  I am fearful we have two large ones that died and could be dangerous. I will get the binoculars our and see if I can see any leaves springing higher up, I sure hope so.

Take care. I have been very busy. Sorry I have not been around as much lately..

Nite Shipslog.

PS:  Thanks for stopping by. 

Friday, April 12, 2024

Spring in North Carolina

Azalais' are blooming! Dutch kids about to kiss behind the bushes!   

PIcnic area showing folwers

 Enjoying spring and hope you are.  It looks good for a trip to Buchanan, Michigan and getting the coach repairs done.  TAke care and be safe.  I am not much of a cameraman.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Good Dr. Visit

 Pic of the day:


Graceland in Memphis, our first stop on a cross country trip in 1993 I think. WE had Sonny & Collette with us and Collette was one of Elvis's fans.


For today:

I have been asked, “How did it go?” (My long awaited pappygram)  Everything went good. Everyone was very nice and concerned. After all the tests, the Dr. came in and after introducing herself, she said, IT IS NOT CANCER! Then she smiled and said I know that is the top questions in someone’s mind when they come here for these tests.”

Smiling she continued, “You have Gynecomastia. “

Ah ha, you are saying, like me, that is a relief I know exactly what you said, I THINK! That is an everyday word around my house (NOT).

What the heck is that you (and I ask)? Well I will tell us: It is enlargement of the male breast with prominence of the normal fibro-glandular breast tissue behind the nipple.

That certainly cleared things up!  So I think I am growing titties.  I might be changing into a female of this species or,  as the doctor said, you are getting OLDer and losing testosterone (better than losing my mind (again)).  BUT, but what that REALLY means to me is this is nothing to lose sleep over and definitely not life threatening.


I do appreciate your prayers, thoughts and concerns, they were not wasted, I feel much better.

Now that I am no longer concerned about immediate follow ups, we can plan on focusing on the coach problems and possibly plan a trip or two.

I already have made reservations in Michigan, just above South Bend, for the first of May. IF and that is an IF, we can get an appointment with the repair facility.

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Thank you all for being here… and being YOU.