Friday, April 5, 2024

I miss real e-mails

 Pic of the day from the past:

Our family at Papa Doc (Francois Duvalier)'s grave site with an eternal flame. Papa was the dictator of Haiti for many years. We bummed a ride on an Embassy flight to spend a day in Port au Prince.  Baby Doc (His son) took over at Papa's death. He was the dictator when we were there.

  For today:

On the average day I get 125 to 200 e-mails. I delete pretty close to 99%.

For a deaf person e-mails were great for communication. BUT now most of my receipts are spam.  I think Bill Gates was right at one time when e-mails were starting.  He suggested charging a penny or two for all e-mails over 300 a day, or something like that. That way the average person would never have paid, but the spammers that shoot out thousands  to millions a day would have had to pay to invade my computer. LOL

Now communication is big-time TEXTING.  I like that too, but instead of talking on a phone behind the wheel millions to millions are texting behind the wheel. I see so many people passing me and texting at 70-80 mph.  Each person figures I can handle this, no problem.  Much texting is done at traffic lights, and in a normal day you might miss a traffic light because three people in the ten car line were texting and did not realize the light had changed.

It isn’t smart to text and drive….

And we all do things that aren’t smart at times. One of my favorite snacks at night is crackers and milk. I love to crush saltines in a glass and then add the milk. I have heard that many great recipes were discovered by accident, such as adding a spoon full of the wrong ingredients.  Well Last night I was preoccupied and poured green tea over my crackers. Not a lot mind you maybe 5 tablespoons worth before I realized my mistake. So remembering hearing about mistakes making good stuff, I just finished with milk. Guess what?  That mistake was not one of the good ones. LOL But I made it okay.

I am sure you haven’t made a mistake snacking or cooking.

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Thank you all for being here… and being YOU



Mevely317 said...

What a great picture! (And just look at JJ's posture!)

Yep, I still prefer to communicate via e-mail, but I'm afraid that's going away like the dinosaur. Even something(?) seems to be up with FB messenger where I'm having to set up a security PIN??? I text with son, but these fingers weren't meant for my phone's tiny keyboard.

Those drivers who text behind the wheel are scary! Back in Phoenix I even witnessed a police officer on motorcycle doing it.

PS - Chuckling over your green tea and crackers! That sounds like something from Dr. Seuss.

Chatty Crone said...

Green tea and crackers - lol - NOT!
It is against the law to text and drive - so who cares or follows the law? :(

happyone said...

I hardly get any emails anymore. People just text me now.
Oh I've made my share of mistakes when cooking. Don't remember any turning out better!! :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've made lots of mistakes cooking, but non of mine turned out to be good ones. I'm better off following a recipe! Testing and driving is so dangerous and you see it happen everyday, it's a wonder that there aren't more accidents ! Hope you get a goof email soon, that is discouraging. Keep on deleting those span ones and hopefully they'll stop!