Tuesday, February 20, 2024

There will come a time…..

 So for today

There will come a time when memories are the most important thing in your life. I am not predicting an end, just that I have reached that point.  I needed to do something,  ,,,,,,    so I started a fire in the fire-pit.  I sat and just stared into the fire.  You may have done this with a fire, a waterfall or water cascade. Your mind sorta washes out of the present, and the past becomes clearer.

I saw beautiful pastoral sites I remember looking down from mountains at beautiful farms. I remembered the beautiful desert lands around Gila Bend.  Then I laughed at myself at a memory.  WE had decided to spend a few weeks wandering the desert.  Then the builder in me came out as I saw a new home going up in Gila Bend. It was ready for the roof and I saw that they were going to install an old style ‘Tile Roof!’ Excitedly I said to Sherry, “they will be putting that roof on in the next day or two, I have got to come and watch!” I had never seen this done.

As a builder in NC I know that installing the roof is almost the #1 priority, if you are slow rain is going to ruin a lot of dedicated work, so you get it done ASAP!

I am sure this is not the Gila Bend area, most likely Southern Utah. (but deserty anyway)

You live and learn, we were there near a month and still no roof (nor rain). It finally hit me in the month of January in Gila, you MIGHT get .25 inches of rain. LOL You can about get that in NC in a heavy frost. LOL LOL

At least I was smiling as my fire died,

As I sit here, still no get up and go, I still read you guys when I can and YES I do appreciate your comments, thoughts, prayers and concerns.,

Nite Shipslog

PS:  Thank all of you that read here. 

Monday, February 19, 2024

Success or suckcess

 I am 85 yrears old as far as I know yesterday I did something I have never been able to do.  I kept a cough drop in my mouth until it dissolved.  I have always cracked it with my teeth before I realized it so i would  just chewed it up and swallow it.

So even in my crazy old-age addled state I accomplished something  LOL  Just sayin.  .

PS  I do appreciate prayers......  Life 's burdens are a little heavy at present.   BUT I know we all have those hills to climb........... so I keep climbing.........  I think.........  ;-) 

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Seems like an up hill battle

 Sherry took sick, she is aching all over.  We B a pitiful site. LOL  Y'all take care will be back as soon as we are able.

Nite Shipslog

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Just stuff and one tale

Photo of the day

 One of our few promotions, this at a trade fair. My BIL Jim in a suit and a real salesman.

So for today

Cats are coming back. Two are Stormy Daniel’s grand kits.

Gave away an antique dining room suite that was taking up part of my play house.

Still no appointments for my pappygram.

Repaired our fire ring.  The cement top had cracked over the years, I added another ‘concrete’ top. I used mortar mix for the last top.  Mortar doesn’t handle heat as well as concrete. J

Reading this headline makes me shake my head:

Here's What Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Said to Each Other on the Field After the Chiefs Won

Why is that a headline???

 I Must be plain dumb here that I did not know even who was playing he Super Bowl nor who won until Sherry looked it up on Google this morning at breakfast. I had asked about the Super Bowl I knew it was about due.

My interest in sports ended when the boys and the grands were out of school.  Sherry is from a sports minded family, and normally knows what is happening in popular sports.

Hey something else. Funny how we are always learning this is a small world. Lisa over at https://www.lifeawayfromtheofficechair.com/

was born in the same town Sherry was. She now lives about 10-12 miles away. She just said the guy that does Mark’s taxes is her 2nd cousin and does their taxes too.

 I will never forget when I first met Dan Pace. At the death of my CPA, Dan took over his accounts. The first year I was ‘HOT’ as he had me paying three times more taxes than my Old tax man Marvin H--- did. After he asked me a few questions about my last tax submission, Like:  Mr. Darnell, Marvin reported that you spent $200,000 on land development last year, did you?......... Me, shaking my head, “No, it was more like $50,000…..”

I quietened down and he continued to do my stuff until I retired. Marvin had embellished (lied) about expenses on my return.  I never looked at my returns, just signed them. So Dan’s office continued to service Darnell’s Construction until I retired WHILE hoping I wouldn’t face an audit. LOL. I never did!!!

Since Mark doesn’t like paperwork he still uses Dan.

Well at least I had a tale to tell. ;-)


Nite Shipslog

PS:  Thank all of you that read here. I enjoy comments and appreciate it as I read them. I just cannot seem to kick this problem with my throat and head......  Sherry says we are getting OLD....  No she said we ARE OLD,,,,,

Friday, February 9, 2024

Stubborn (and cheap)

 Photo of the day

So for today

Yeah I am stubborn.  We delivered son’s tax stuff for 2023. He is unable to get to NC to submit it. Three days later. Came the call. Tax forms are ready to submit.  We took care of it.  He has given us the funds to pay so we paid his taxes then paid Pace Accounting, the preparer $250…. WHAT?  Mr Pace did  my taxes and bookkeeping for just a little more than that; it also including keeping books and doing taxes. Yeah I must live under a rock but is that a normal fee for doing simple taxes now????

I ain’t been right in my head for awhile now.  But I still drug myself thru our taxes and finally got them done and e-filed.  So yeah, I am stubborn and cheap, The forms are weird at times, the worst is the work sheet for the taxable part of Social Security. I laugh at the math part every year; it MAKES NO SENSE WHATSO EVER!!!!!   But I follow it anyway and get it done.

 I set here and still don’t feel great, but glad that part is over.

Looking forward to my mammy gram. (pappy gram) I did not know there was a problem with men’s tits since we don’t give milk. But Mr. Dr. says if there is a serious problem with the male titty that it is far worse than the female breast. 

So we wait for the call setting the date & time.

Nite Shipslog

PS:  Thank all of you that read here. I enjoy comments and appreciate it as I read them. I am trying to keep up with youall...

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Bad news

Photo of the day

 Since my Grandson Ben has a Handlebar Mustache  He saw this pic and liked it.

I was a young fellow on the ship below (Uss Independence) where this picture was taken My compartment was just below that main deck...  Yeah just a short 45-50 years ago I had hair. LOL

So for today

My new job was going good.  I finally got Lexie to stay out of the house with me for 30 minutes to walk and do her business.

I was in the basement this evening, I had left the garage door open up top. I looked up ad Beth was comijg down the stairs holding Lexie and was crying. A Rottweiler up the street had attacked Lexie and she was bleeding. I petted her and she seemed ok other than the blood on the white fur. Beth said she thought a leg was broken and asked if I know any place for pet emergencies. Sherry knew of an animal hospital and told her about it but we were not sure if it would be open.

Lexie seemed very calm to me and sorta smiled at me.

Surely if the leg was broken she would not be calm.

Anyway she and we found an open clinic and she has taken Lexie there. We are still waiting to find out the results.  I will hold off publishing until I hear the results.  On hold,………

Oh yeah and the other bad news. Sunday morning I had my first OLD FOLKS incident. I got up and actually staggered to the bathroom and could not walk back to the bed, I guess I was dizzy but I had no balance. Sherry worried over me and got me back to bed. I think I skeered her. I could not get up and walk until after lunch. I did not hurt and as I lay there I thought this would be a good way to go HOME. No pain just ease on out.  But I didn’t I still ain’t right and have turned down many offers to take me to the hospital.

I will see my Dr, Tomorrow.  I feel a little light headed but I think I am good to go.

Dog info:

Okay, Lexi’s leg is not broken but she had several puncture wounds.  She has two drain lines attached to punctures. The sad part is it was the same dog that bit me last year. A mistake was, Lexie was not on a leash but the bad dog was. To get me he was on a leash and drug the mother.  This time he was on a leash and  drug the man this time.  It is terrible that anyone would have a dog they cannot control nor HOLD.

Jack info: Dr. is setting up scan and pappygram.


Nite Shipslog

PS:  Thank all of you that read here. I enjoy comments and appreciate it as I read them.

PS: I am beat still fuzzy a little but did finish our Federal TAxes.....


Sunday, February 4, 2024

My new job

 Photo of the day: 


So for today

We  have a a new neighbor, Beth.  One of the strict requirements given to our rental manager was ‘no dogs.’  The reason being the last folks had a Beagle that I loved.  I got some Beagle sugar every time I saw her out.  I had no idea the damage she was doing inside.  Needless to say we fear dogs now. 

The house stayed empty for too long, most folks have dogs now. (Side note: We stayed in a motel in Okeechobee a few weeks ago and they charge $30 additional a day if the occupants have a dog and absolutely NO CATS allowed!)

Any way I finally told Sherry I could agree on a very small dog. Beth has a small Poodle (I guess) she looks like Grace and Macie that Myra and Tom board (LOL) with anyway.

I didn’t mean to be so long, but Beth drives about 15 miles one way to take Lexie out for her break. She said she was trying to find a dog walker thru the local college. I volunteered to walk Lexie for no charge as long as we are here.

Today was my first shot. I took Lexie out, she did her business then headed back to the house, no walking with this old man!!!  LOL I THINK we will become good friends…

Referring to yesterday about Jim, no I will not be visiting Jim. The hospital is in a very busy part of Charlotte and It has been 20+ years since I have driven there, I don’t think I can handle the city traffic;

I did inform a fellow musician that will visit if he stays in the hospital another day or two. I am afraid I would mention what was said and that his house has been demolished. That might cause him some trouble and pain he does not need.

Nite Shipslog

PS:  Thank all of you that read here. I enjoy comments and appreciate it as I read them. I am not feeling great at all. A little dizziness jumping in, I was in the bed most of the day on Sunday.

Thursday, February 1, 2024

A sad statement

Photo of the day

 Jim and Barbara Wills in one of the movies Jim starred in.

So for today

I have mentioned my neighbor Jim (James) Arp.  You might have heard of the Jonas Brothers.  They are from Belmont, NC also. If Jim’s time had been now instead of the 50-60s He would have out shinned the Jonas Brothers.

But Jim has lived too long,  his name is not well known around here now. I have mentioned that Jim owns some prime land.  I must be prime it joins ours. LOL.

Jim was losing touch, but the last time I saw him he was still witty and still a sound spokesman.

We came home and one of Jim’s dilapidated homes had been torn down. I asked around and heard that Jim had died and his nephews were tearing the houses down. I searched for Jim’s obit but it was not to be found.  Today one of his nephews was at Jim’s place and I asked, “How is old Jim doing?”

“He is in the hospital; he is falling a lot.” The sentence continued sorta disgusted, “He will be 86 next month and he just refuses to die!”

I just shook my head and walked off.  He said to my back, “I didn’t mean that like it sounded,” But from the past, I knew he did mean it. Both nephews at separate times have told me “You know these are my houses!”

That is pitiful, all Jim’s siblings are passed. Jim never married and his closest relatives are now 2 nephews and a niece. The two nephews tore down one house with 'no' permit and told a neighbor Jim was dead and they were going to build 3 houses here.

That was so sad to hear, “He refuses to die.”  Wouldn’t you hate to know someone wanted what you have enough to wish you dead?  I have heard of that, but never knew of it personally.

I would think Jim would have a hissy fit if he knew one of the houses had been torn down, and the other ransacked.

(He was known as "Little Blue" (locally).  He is in the Rockabilly Hall of fame)

I haven’t seen Jim in a couple years. He was staying with a lady ‘fan’ from his hey days then. Since then she passed and I hear he is living with his niece.

Nite Shipslog

PS:  Thank all of you that read here. I enjoy comments and appreciate it as I read them.

Jim's yard is scattered with his tapes, records and memorabilia. I would bet there are $1000s worth of OLD stuff even from his disk jockey days....

I will be back soon. Now I am tired. We have lots of limbs from a storm to clean up.