Friday, February 9, 2024

Stubborn (and cheap)

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So for today

Yeah I am stubborn.  We delivered son’s tax stuff for 2023. He is unable to get to NC to submit it. Three days later. Came the call. Tax forms are ready to submit.  We took care of it.  He has given us the funds to pay so we paid his taxes then paid Pace Accounting, the preparer $250…. WHAT?  Mr Pace did  my taxes and bookkeeping for just a little more than that; it also including keeping books and doing taxes. Yeah I must live under a rock but is that a normal fee for doing simple taxes now????

I ain’t been right in my head for awhile now.  But I still drug myself thru our taxes and finally got them done and e-filed.  So yeah, I am stubborn and cheap, The forms are weird at times, the worst is the work sheet for the taxable part of Social Security. I laugh at the math part every year; it MAKES NO SENSE WHATSO EVER!!!!!   But I follow it anyway and get it done.

 I set here and still don’t feel great, but glad that part is over.

Looking forward to my mammy gram. (pappy gram) I did not know there was a problem with men’s tits since we don’t give milk. But Mr. Dr. says if there is a serious problem with the male titty that it is far worse than the female breast. 

So we wait for the call setting the date & time.

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PS:  Thank all of you that read here. I enjoy comments and appreciate it as I read them. I am trying to keep up with youall...


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So glad you are able to get the Pappy gram. Men and women can both have breast cancer so it is important to have the test. I'm praying for good health to return to you. I haven't had to file taxes since I retired. Me only income is my SS check. I used to pay to have my taxes done, I couldn't keep up with all the tax changes that happen. It was well worth the money I paid !

happyone said...

We do our taxes with TurboTax. Have done it for years that way.
I have to idea what a tax preparer gets.

Chatty Crone said...

My husband is very cheap and stubborn - He ALWAYS has done our taxes and the kids too. Sometime I wonder if we should get them done - but no. Turbo Tax.
I pray everything will be okay for you and your health!

yaya said...

Our accountant bill is about 325..yikes. Yes, get those mammo grammed! Working in surgery for many years I've helped with men breast lumps and cancer. So don't delay. Now that the tax crap is filed, just relax a bit! Give that cutie of yours a nice Valentine's hug and kiss!

Anonymous said...

Dan Pace does our taxes too! He is my moms cousin. So hes my 2nd cousin.