Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Strange work, Nasty Jobs

 Cars in memorial:

Many Pooper Pumpers have interesting names.

For today:

I have never minded WORK. Nasty jobs? Someone must do them. Just yesterday JJ and I were headed for a nasty job and a tractor/trailer was sitting in the right lane with emergency flasher on.

JJ drives as a courier, and I know in his job he must at times block traffic to do an emergency delivery. I told Jack Jr, “Now that is a job I could not do. I know trucks have to stop traffic many time to make deliveries. My brother and a bunch of uncles/cousins were truck drivers. But for myself, I would be a nervous wreck stopping traffic on a busy road.”

JJ said, “Yeah dad, sometimes they do that to get something to eat,” he said smiling as he pointed to the driver walking out of McDonalds with a drink and a to-go bag.

Anyway, nasty jobs. Most folks are familiar with ‘septic tanks’. They are used to take care of sewerage where public sewers are not available. The day before we had replaced his plumbing and found his tank was full, and needed to be pumped.

The “Pooper Pumper” came opened the lid and it was loaded with roots. They pumped what they could. 

My family knows I will attempt about any task no matter how nasty. Shucks like most dads, I have changed very messy diapers, even rinsed them in the commode. LOL

So I looked the situation over and said, “Yeah, we can do it.”  The job was tough but not all that bad. The roots were about 8 inches deep and solid like steel wool or SOS pads. I was able to punch a hole thru and carefully tie a rope around a bunch and we actually was able to pull a bunch out. I removed my hearing devices (Not the time to drop one, LOL) and stuck my head in and with a flash light could see another big bunch. It was a little tougher to rope, but we did. The rest was a ‘piece of cake’ (probably not the best description, LOL.)

The 'work' was done by JJ, digging down to the tank and re-covering it.

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 Cars in memorial:

 Stutz Blackhawk 70s

For today:

We do a trivia question daily. I have about a 77% lifetime average of being correct. But in the last few days this one hit the screen:

A Foundation created by Ray Charles is associated with the following:

a.       Diabetes

b.       Deafness

c.       Sight

d.       Homelessness

Some trivia questions are obvious, right?

As a matter of fact the answer is ‘b’…Deafness. Hearing is SO IMPORTANT to the blind. 

I have mentioned we met and ate dinner with Bill Irwin, as we talked he said between the two sight and hearing, he would choose hearing. He KNEW firsthand how important hearing was to him as a blind man.

Yard work is mostly finished. I took a break and went over to Jack Jr’s to help remove roots from his septic tank. EWWU, it was nasty but we got it done.

Sherry had shrimp stir fry for dinner and finished it, as I showered. Food was good. JJ ate with us.

A few seconds with the kitties.


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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Stuff, Cars and cats


Cars in memorial:

We called this an English Ford (1948 Prefect). My daddy loved to promote Sunday School. He once gave one of these away at church.

Sherry and I drove it around announcing it would be given away at a drawing on Sunday. He once gave a pony away on Sunday. 
Yesterday's car was a Morris Minor, thanks Victor!

For today:

Myra mentioned Sherry’s glasses. Yep they are new. We both had cataract surgery years ago. But now reading is becoming a chore as the sight deteriorates again.  I am wondering if they can do the surgery again, gotta check on it.

I think the kitties are still nursing some, but they are eating cat food also. They are still a joy to watch. And yes they are doing well with the litter boxes. #1 gets in the boxes when I am cleaning them and I work around him. He seems to enjoy dodging my work. But looks confused with me taking their buried treasure. LOL They usually cut up for me but not this time.

The last big meow is Tom, he is jealous of attention to any other cat or kittie.

This is our Hibiscus that Grandma Mary gave us, it is beautiful.


Picture of me working in the yard, Sherry took them and I didn’t know.

Just a little more yard work and we will be titivated and ready for the fourth!

Stay tuned for more of our very exciting life. LOL Thanks for stopping by, we both appreciate it.


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Monday, June 28, 2021

Looking forward to the Fourth

 Cars of importance to someone:

For today:

When I was a kid I looked forward to being old enough to ‘shoot firecrackers’.  When I was about 8 yrs old, our great state of North Carolina outlawed firecrackers. They could not be sold nor exploded by John or Mary Doe, it had to be a supervised show attended by firemen or other officials. I and my friends were so disappointed.

South Carolina, however, fireworks were still legal. My Uncle Irvin owned a country store and restaurant. He sold firecrackers there.

When we would visit he would take a roll of a hundred firecrackers and nail them on a power pole or tree and set them all off, WHAT A SHOW!

My dad never brought firecrackers back into NC, but friends did. They would sneak and shoot them and run like the dickens.

I still like fireworks, but of course I like them when it is a giant display like city or county. WE have been fortunate a couple times to see the Fourth and New year’s display’s in Washington DC.

We will probably watch our home town display from our church parking lot, it is a great place to see the whole thing.

Do you enjoy fireworks on special days?


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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Yard work and grapes

  Cars in memorial:

 I know it is a classic British, must be in the 50s I cannot name it. But I like it.

For today:

I like a lawn that is mowed. I cannot grow stuff for some reason. One reason is, we don’t stick around long enough to care for it. My neighbors had better get back soon or I will probably have their entire garden killed. I probably water plants too much; then not enough!

Anyway I love to see a home with beautiful flowers and neatly trimmed shrubs, we just don’t do it. I do like a neat mowed lawn, and I normally keep ours mowed.  I am either cheap or don’t understand, but I will not pay to have my grass mowed unless I am to be gone for months at a time.  I use the mowing as exercise rather than a chore.

I guess I do not understand trying to get the closest parking spot to the door of a store of mall and not adding steps to your day or going to a gym to walk on a tread mill and exercise. For me, when walking behind a mower saves money and gets exercise done at the same time. BUT let me state here that is strictly a personal opinion. I know we all have reasons for what we do, this is for ME talking now. LOL

In our daily time together Sherry and I do discuss those passed before us. Some younger some older, but most in worst health than we. Our diet over the past 50 years has changed from that of our peers. We joke about garlic, for one thing. We eat more garlic in one week than our entire families ate in their life time, it was NEVER a part of our diet. I don’t know this, but I have heard Garlic is very good for you. We seldom eat ‘fat’ and no longer use LARD, LOL.

 While waiting for Jack Jr. to bring our sunday dinner we waited on the porch and I went out to check the grape vine.

As a kid at one of our homes we had a grape arbor. I loved the grapes. I have never been able to get a grape vine started. This year I finally got one to grow, I HAVE 4 CLUSTERS OF GRAPES!

The Jpanese beetles are working havoc wih the leaves. But my concern is the grapes now. How do I protect them from insects and birds? They are about 1/2" in diameter now.

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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Searching for food and got memories too!

 Cars in memorial:

 The First motor vehicle ever. 1886

On January 29, 1886, Carl Benz applied for a patent for his “vehicle powered by a gas engine. Daddy's mother and dad were married 3 years before that!

For today:

I was taking my sweetheart out for breakfast, but found ‘Giorgio’s’ closed. We were just enjoying riding and drove a few miles to ‘Greens and Grits’ down town Lowell. It is a ‘cafĂ©’ where locals gather. I have grandparents and other kin buried a few blocks from the restaurant. This little town brought up memories. Leaving, Sherry said, “Let’s drive by your Grandma’s old house. Lowell is a little town you can do a ‘U-turn’ on Main Street. So I did a U-turn and headed out to the Art Cloth mill village.


My mind went quickly back to 1945, I was 5 or 6. I was in a 1941 Chevrolet in the back seat. HWY 74 runs 2 miles from Grandma’s house. I can still hear dad say, “I should go by and see mama, but we need to get to Burlington.” (About 70 miles away).

When we reached Burlington Dad ran into the house to catch the phone that was ringing. It was one of his brothers telling him their mama was dying, to get there as soon as possible. WE headed back immediately. We did get back before the final breathe.

Dad was the oldest of 9 boys and 3 girls. That old mill house is vivid in my mind, seeing all 12 grown siblings around the bed of their mother who was married around 1884. All crying, some praying; as a kid I still remember feeling the loss and love.

I had never until this morning associated dad’s death and grandma’s death and similar circumstances. At the time we lived in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (GITMO). The USN would have flown the family back together upon his death. I wanted to be there at his leaving for his eternal home, so I flew out leaving Sherry & the boys to follow later.

The similarity of the deaths; when I reached Charlotte the plane was not allowed to land due to severe weather. I circled Charlotte as dad died in the hospital below.  Close but yet so far. The difference was, I was not there to say goodbye.

So yes, Sherry & I drove by Granny Darnell’s home. We also went by the homes of Uncles: Sam, Doyle, Fred (2 of them). All moved from Georgia to work at “The Art Cloth”

Sorry, I’m getting too old, memories fill my mind.

Nite Shipslog.

PS: Kitties for fun:

BTW, as y'all said, They took to the litter boxes in less than two whole days, I was pleasantly shocked.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

About filing and home record keeping?

 Cars of importance to someone:

 1966 Minni Coop II

19xx Mini-Sota Farm vehicle

For today:

I have been responsibility for our record keeping for the past few years. YOU know, filing receipts, and keeping records of Insurance, car tags, maintenance on vehicles, home & life insurance, utilities, etc. It wasn’t so bad when we lived in the motor home, all the records just rode with us. BUT when we began living in this house part time, I was carrying about 50 pounds of folders up and down stairs. Not smart at Sherry’s age. LOL

She has years of clerk and secretary experience. I asked her to help me cut the files down. She worked with me for two days. She is pretty danged smart. Together we cut it down to about half.

She let me know I did not need a full year’s water bills in the file. Same with all monthly recurring bills.   Also I named my files wrong, and misfiled lots of STUFF.

I had our records for the last four home closings and improvement receipts.

Now my records weight about 7 pounds with 3 pounds of permanent records that needs not travel with us.

We found my original SS card, issued in 1956. And a free pass to the USS North Carolina Museum given to us many years ago, by the ships skipper.

Anyway it was two days well spent, for me.

I seem to never know what to keep in the records and what to throw away.  Anyway I am a much happy camper after my girl helped me. I am just a lucky dude!

Nite Shipslog

PS:  I actually have a file labeled ‘Death’; Black and filed under ‘D’. It contains the wills, Ins info, power of attorney, and information of who to notify. I just kept it as it is but MUST review it. Sister Shirl insisted I do it years ago. I think my obit is in there. I must check. I am eligible for a free burial at sea, but my girl refuses!

Is it your fault? Are you Responsible?

 Cars of importance to someone:

 Someone is responsible for this!  LOL

For today:

RESPONSIBILITY! I saw the news on the net today of a Condo collapse in the Miami area.  WHAT A TRADGEDY!

The picture looks like the Federal Building in OK City. that Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols blew up. They were responsible for that incident,

When I was building the roof over our indoor pool and the beam expanse was more than normal.  I knew a stamp was required. The framing inspector had inspected many of my homes with no problem. He said to me, “That beam looks good, I should require an architectural stamp on it, but since this is going to be YOUR personal home I am going to TRUST you. I will approve it.

I have thought many times of that trusting inspector. He put his reputation and job on the line for me.  I had NO DOUBT about the beam, but when I see a collapse like this latest, I think, “Someone is RESPONSIBLE, and ultimately it is the inspector’s duty to check the building to ensure it meets standards required. Most likely someone will pay dearly. The plans will be pulled from a file. Inspectors will check the Foundation on the drawings and what is actually there. Then the other structural requirements. Inspector’s names are recorded that approved the progress of the building.

Somewhere architects, contractors, subs, materials suppliers are sweating, did I cover all the bases? Did I miss something?

Look at all the building going on. Inspectors are pushed to the limits to see every building going up. I remember as a builder, I would be upset when calling for an inspection and get the answer, “Jack, we are swamped, it will be 4 days before we can get to you.”

AW Tom, come on man, I have my drywall guys waiting. If you don’t see it today, I will be delayed on this house another week!”

Now looking back, when I see something like this, it hits me, “RESPONSIBILITY!”

That word applies to all of us.  What parent has not thought of their responsibility to teach that child right from wrong?

WE try to do our best in raising a child. If he/she decides to sell drugs, rob a bank or steal a car is that our fault? Very seldom is actually the parent’s fault, however when I read of a kid robbing a store or bank and their name is front page, I think of a broken hearted mama and daddy. They know some of their friends will say they are responsible…

RESPOSIBILITY …………. Most of us take that seriously.

Nite Shipslog

Now smile, some failures are obvious:

Weren't we supposed to meet?
The first step is a long one!

These steps are gonna be hard to go down or up!

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Turning pages

Cars of importance to someone:

 1950 Chevy, our first car when we were married.

For today:

There was a time my sweetheart cooked a full breakfast every morning. Of course most of the time, we being from the south, it included grits. Bacon, eggs, grits, molasses and biscuits. The meat changed. Growing up I never had pork chops for breakfast. Sherry’s family had pork chops on Sunday morning.

NOW? Maybe once a week we have a ‘meal’ at home or go to Waffle House. Before Covid, we liked to eat at a family restaurant called ‘White’s’. Most of the time we have cereal, cold or hot. But even the cold cereal gets a little raw oats added. I want that to control my cholesterol.

(We are sitting at our computers now, Well I am not, but Sherry is!)

I interrupt this blog for an announcement in reference to click bait or crazy titles. Sherry who sits beside me ON HER COMPUTER, just got one entitled: ARE YOU POOPING THE WRONG WAY?..... WHAT IS NEXT???

Now back to the reason for today’s entry. Since most of the repair work is done on our houses, we sit and talk at our favorite place, our ‘little table’.

(Shown here)

For the past few days we have enjoyed an hour+ of turning pages of our lives. We have talked about blogs, people we have known, family. Sad times and Good times.

(the location of our little (short) table (bar), designed by my sister Kat when I was building our homes alike at the same time)

In our 64+ years we have separated; never come close to a divorce. But I know some of you have. I KNOW in my heart there are many HONEST reasons for divorce. But no matter the reason, that word causes pain to the entire family. It seems that many families have been touched by it, in the last 20 yrs.(4 times in our family alone)

If you have never had a son or daughter addicted to drugs and alcohol, you are so BLESSED.

BUT…… Oh BOY! Remember the blessings of holding your own child after its birth? AND then Remember the absolute JOY of holding that GRANDLOVE (Dar’s word!), given you by your son or daughter!!!!

We have enjoyed our visits. I love being with this girl. WE have had a varied life. We suffered, have been fairly poor, we have been rich (comparatively) and we have traveled.  Over all we have been blessed. As philosophers and Scripture indicates, “You must go thru some valleys before the mountaintop experience can be appreciated.

Right now, that is what is on my mind.  I know you too have been there, done that! WE all have things to be thankful for, scripture says, “THINK ON THESE THINGS!”


Nite Shipslog

PS: Sorry, I must be careful, I might think I am a preacher again!!  LOL

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Some things I refuse to read

 Cars of importance to someone:

 A customized mid 50s Pontiac

For today:

Amazing the things that hit my e-mail box.  The subjects make me smile but I refuse to read them. Some of the subject titles are:

1.       If you itch ‘here’ it is an indication of on-coming Alzheimer’s.

2.          Scientists: Vertigo & Dizziness, First Sign of Brain Poisoning

3.       Waking more than twice a night can indicate bladder infection.


4.       Doctor: 4 signs your heart is quietly failing


5.       This color under a fingernail indicates a coming heart attack!


I consider those ‘click bait’ and besides if I knew that part of my body that itches to indicate Alzheimer’s I would probably start itching there. LOL

I also have no interest in seeing pictures of movie stars that have aged terribly. I ain’t doing so well myownself. LOL.

I can remember when certain words were taboo on radio and movies (also TV), so I really don’t care which words the Royals of the UK are not allowed to say, I seldom talk to them.

BUT there are things I look forward to reading. I have a list of favorite bloggers. I also at times see ‘former’ bloggers on FB (Ora, Debbie, Terry and more), and get a kick out of commenting at times.

I also remember fondly several who have passed. I will always remember Jean of OPP, AL, Paula of Pleasanton, TX, Rick of Alabama and Jimmy of Miami. I just wanted to reach out and hug Jean and Paula they were about our age, interesting and wrote well. We planned to eventually see many Bloggers, but at least we did get to see Jean and Paula and have dinner with them.

I also appreciate all who take time to read this stuff and some of you even take time to comment. Thanks

Nite Shipslog

Monday, June 21, 2021

It was too good to be true!

 Cars of importance to someone:

Either a '32 or 34  not sure, but sure is nice..

 This is about a close scam on a Coach.  If I posted it before just skip it.  LOL Thanks.

For today:

You undoubtedly have heard the axiom, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Well we have been talking and thinking about downsizing our RV. A friend sent us a lead on one that was VERY GOOD! A beautiful small Mercedes diesel RV.

The lady selling it did not need it, ‘she had won it in the divorce and definitely did not need it, and just wanted it  gone. It was on an ‘E-bay private sell’. The price, $19000, 1/3 of its value.  Not only that, but shipping and delivery was free to anywhere in the USA, the location was Wichita, KS. WOW. I have bought much from ‘e-bay’  and wasn’t worried, but the deal was amazing.

It is on e-bay for goodness sake. So I clicked BUY NOW! I got the coach, I had 4 days to change my mind or pay for it.

The deal was actually too good to be true. The prices of similar coaches were from $49K to $83K. So I checked with e-bay fraud section. They said for me to check ‘My messages at My E-bay and it the messages I had received were not there then it was a scam. They were not in my messages.

I emailed back that I was buying a ticket at charlotte, NC for Wichita and would bring the money and save them $2300 on shipping fees. Where can I meet you and see the coach?

Silence. Ebay said they would locate the site and shut it down. They had copied E-bay’s pages and messages perfectly.

So Yep, if it is too good to be true, it probably is. LOL

Nite Shipslog

PS: I just heard today someone here in the area sent $60K in a wire transfer for a '55 Thunderbird.  They called to say a couple days later the Bird was loaded on a flat bed for delivery across country and the Flatbed had a wreck and caught on fire. Truck and Bird were a total loss. there was on liability on the truck and none on the Bird, they were sorry!  OUCH

Sunday, June 20, 2021


 Cars of importance to someone:

 1948 Chevy dad bought me in 1955.

There is one guy still around who remembers that I got a ticket for loud mufflers and also wrecked it, he reminds me often.

NOTICE:  Before my entry I want to show you what my daughter in law gave me. She gave me this hand made card for Father's day (and a big gift!).  WE had a family dinner catered by Olive Garden. 
                             Now the card:
The card
                              Start to open

Open and I have a '48 Ford Truck.
Thanks Corrine, you are the best!

For today:

I am one thankful Dad.  At present I have two fine sons.  They have absolutely wonderful families. They have blessed me (us) with marvelous Grand Children, who in turn have blessed us with Great Grands.

Above is Jack Jr and me on another Father's day.
Son Mark and I on one of his trips up from Florida.

I have shown this picture several times, our last day on our Utah trip. More have been added since then. LOL

It is a wonder God has blessed me this much. I don’t even remember why I was smart mouthing dad, BUT all of a sudden he cut me where it hurt when he said, “You are the only one of my children who ever sassed or talked back to me.”  That really hurt, I learned something and I never again hurt my dad like that.

Dad had only a 3rd grade formal education. He had to become a full time farm hand at 9 years of age. He was self-educated. He TRIED to instill in me the importance of an education.

I saw my dad as successful. He was friends with everyone and very happy with his life. I thought, “If he can do this with a 3rd grade education, why do I need HS and college?”

I am very fortunate that by luck, blessings and tenacity, I was able to become successful in my own right, but it would have been much easier if I had taken his sage advice.

You see, HE KNEW THINGS THAT I DID NOT. He had been there.  I have no doubt of his destination after his death at 69.  I hope at least I can follow the foot prints he made on that journey to his God, rewards and His Blessings.

Nite Shipslog