Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Now comes Plan B (Ref Myra A-Z)

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 The Morgan (3 wheeler) A very highly rated English Auto. I had a student once who drove a Morgan, He gave me a ride in it, WOW did that car handle!

For today:

I have no idea why I cannot leave well enough alone. The morning I woke up in the tent, it was very wet from the moisture. It felt cold at 37 degrees, I said out loud to the squirrels and trees, “How would I feel if this was January and maybe 18-28 degrees; what if BOTH hearing devices would take a nose-dive with this humidity?”

It is aggravating to require a smack in the head to bring an old fart into (some) reality. OK I will go ahead and tell the world what I have already confessed to my wife. When I started this hike:

1           I felt light headed, not for joy, physically. I will walk this off. BUT it stayed with me.

2           The pack is TOO HEAVY. I will get used to this.

3           I noticed I was a little tottery (old folks saying of unsure of your steps.) I BECAME more cautious.

4           I turned my ankle a couple times. Ah, but no damage.

5           GOING UPMy legs got so sore I had to use the sticks to get over high steps.

6           It was tough going UP & DOWN, but I must say in my defense, Ridge running I could step out with the best of them at a 3 MPH walk with NO PROBLEMS carrying 41 pounds and I felt good. YEAH, I remembered once on the trail sitting around, Sherry mentioned, "These UP’s are tough." A young hiker around the fire said, “You need to hike in Nebraska!”

(Some of the above problems would disappear with carrying 10-15 lbs.)

A USMC Master Sgt. Passing by the shelter was discussing my dilemma. ‘Adjust your hike, carry dry food, maybe even 1 or 2 days’ worth, no cooking. Canvas vs tent. Forget the phone & charger. Drink a lot of water at every spring and carry only a pint, JUST DO IT!’ (Can you say Marine?)

So what about starting in April at Harper’s Ferry and heading North with Sherry in a smaller motor home for support. Jack Jr, says he will go along to drive her around and shuttle me. LOL That Hike is called a flip flop. Hiking from Harpers to Katahdin, then shuttle back to Harpers and head back South. That is also a thru hike.

WELL YOU KNOW, a dream is hard to give up. I am just talking now……………. 

(However I am looking for a smaller Motor Home. LOL)

Nite Shipslog.

PS: Maybe I should just act my age, get a 1955 Chevy and drive Sherry around on Sunday afternoons and wave at other old people.


Lisa said...

I think Sherry would like a 55 Chevy drive.

Mevely317 said...

Why not do both? Like Dinah used to sing, "See the USA in your Chevrolet!"

Chatty Crone said...

You'll go!

betty said...

Gives you about 10 months to plan your trip and practice hiking :) Sounds like it could be a doable plan if you decide to go down that road :)


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Whatever you do; take care. I think you are brave.

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Always nice to have a plan B. You learned some valuable lessons this time to help you continue on. Whatever you do, make it simple and keep it fun.

Glenda said...

The 1955 Chevy sounds GREAT!!! Whatever y'all decide, best of luck!

Dar said...

Oh, the 55 Chevy dream sounds wonderful. I think you'd enjoy it as well. You don't ' have to ' wave at us old people if you don't wish. Like 'MA' said, keep it fun.
loven'hugs from up in our wet north. Gardens are getting a nice garden rain. Life is good. I'll let ya know when the tomatoes are ripe. :)