Sunday, June 27, 2021

Yard work and grapes

  Cars in memorial:

 I know it is a classic British, must be in the 50s I cannot name it. But I like it.

For today:

I like a lawn that is mowed. I cannot grow stuff for some reason. One reason is, we don’t stick around long enough to care for it. My neighbors had better get back soon or I will probably have their entire garden killed. I probably water plants too much; then not enough!

Anyway I love to see a home with beautiful flowers and neatly trimmed shrubs, we just don’t do it. I do like a neat mowed lawn, and I normally keep ours mowed.  I am either cheap or don’t understand, but I will not pay to have my grass mowed unless I am to be gone for months at a time.  I use the mowing as exercise rather than a chore.

I guess I do not understand trying to get the closest parking spot to the door of a store of mall and not adding steps to your day or going to a gym to walk on a tread mill and exercise. For me, when walking behind a mower saves money and gets exercise done at the same time. BUT let me state here that is strictly a personal opinion. I know we all have reasons for what we do, this is for ME talking now. LOL

In our daily time together Sherry and I do discuss those passed before us. Some younger some older, but most in worst health than we. Our diet over the past 50 years has changed from that of our peers. We joke about garlic, for one thing. We eat more garlic in one week than our entire families ate in their life time, it was NEVER a part of our diet. I don’t know this, but I have heard Garlic is very good for you. We seldom eat ‘fat’ and no longer use LARD, LOL.

 While waiting for Jack Jr. to bring our sunday dinner we waited on the porch and I went out to check the grape vine.

As a kid at one of our homes we had a grape arbor. I loved the grapes. I have never been able to get a grape vine started. This year I finally got one to grow, I HAVE 4 CLUSTERS OF GRAPES!

The Jpanese beetles are working havoc wih the leaves. But my concern is the grapes now. How do I protect them from insects and birds? They are about 1/2" in diameter now.

Nite Shipslog.



Woody said...

Like seeing those Green Grapes, I wish our growing season was longer but we do have some Northern Varieties of Grapes up here that do so well they have several big Wineries. I have grown some Grapes but just some small vines.
I would use a mild Soapy Water solution on the leaves to control the Beetles, 1 tabelspoon of Dish Soap to 1/2 gallon of water and spray leaves. When you water grape vines don't water them like it's raining, just water them from below near the ground, this will stop problems with a fungus ! Take Care, sending down love from a steamy 91 degree North Country ! Gary an Anna Mae

NanaDiana said...

I like a neatly mowed lawn, too, Jack. I walk on a treadmill in our garage to get some miles in-I have an ankle that 'turns' on me sometimes so I am safer walking on the treadmill. I just turn on my tunes and walk. Works for me. I do walk when we are camping, too, but don't hike at all.

We had those purple concord grapes on the farm and it was my job to pick them when ripe. They grew along a stone stile and I always KNEW there were snakes in there waiting to GET me because I had to climb on the rocks to pick them. They sure made wonderful jelly.

Hope you and Sherry have a wonderful fourth of July week- xo Diana

betty said...

So cool about the cluster of grapes growing! Clueless how to protect them though! I used to like to mow the grass when we lived in Montana. We don't have much here in the backyard but hubby does the mowing now. We drive by some big houses with a big grassy yard with lots of trees and we figure that's what keeps all the gardeners employed here :) That and probably not many want to mow a lawn in the extreme heat here!


Unknown said...

Good for you and Sherry for eating garlic. It is full of healthy properties and antioxidants. Keep eating it and you both might reach the ripe old age of 100. I hope so. And yeah, stay away from the fats and lard. And please don't smoke.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

The car is a Morris Minor. We had one years ago. How lucky you are to have grapes. All ours seem to grow is leaves. No grapes at all.

God bless.

Mevely317 said...

I appreciate a neatly-mowed lawn as much as the next guy, but loathe having to maintain it. 😣 Nope, were it not for Tom and Johnny (Deere), I'd have to pay someone or move to a condo.
Sorry, no clue about the grapes, but the two of you look mighty cute there on the front porch. I don't recall ever having seen a photo of the front. Are those new eyeglasses Sherry's wearing?

Mevely317 said...

P.S. - I was showing this part about the Japanese beetles to Tom and he said, "Buy a gun."
BTW, we sure like your flag pole!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I saws ro mow my own Grass for the same reason. The exercise. I finally had to admit I can no longer do it on my own and hired someone to do it for me. I'm not getting the exercise I need, but I'm thankful for the help. I love grapes and having your own is a gift that will keep on giving. Some cover them with netting so the birds cannot get them. My dad used to have an arbor and I got to enjoy those. Good luck on yours!

Lisa said...

We feel the same way you do about lawns. We always keep our lawn trim and neat but I do not have a lot to care for. Nick said he does not want to be a slave to the yard. I have "an area" where I plant a few flowers and bushes and a small box planter out back for my Loofah plants. Nicks riding mower broke so we push mow now. I ask him to save half the yard for me to push so I can get some outdoor exercise. So far it's working for us.

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