Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Loved and Unloved

 Cars of importance to someone:

 Shirley's 1956 Studebaker Power Hawk

For today:

I cannot remember not being loved. I had a mother who loved me all the time, even when she had to use a switch. I think dad loved me all the time. I had brothers and sisters who loved me some of the time. Maybe they loved me all the time and liked me some of the time.

I loved my mama’s cooking. I’m smiling now, once in the chow hall I said, “This sure ain’t my mama’s cooking!” The guy across the table said, “Mine either, she could NEVER cook this good!”

A family I knew for many years had a daughter who lived in front of us here.  We were going for a walk and she was getting into her car. We chatted for a little, she was on her way to her mama’s house. She said in parting, “Yes I’m going to mother’s house, I wouldn’t even like her if she wasn’t my mother.”

That threw me for a loop.

Being in the military I met several men who had not had a good family life. When I heard their stories I was shocked at first. I thought everyone loved and respected at least their mother.

I am thankful that I lived in the 30-60 era in my youth. Kids wandered around from neighborhood to neighborhood. Playing ball in empty lots, skating,  etc. Parents knew someone would watch after their child if they got hurt. I mentioned previously, even after I got my car I left the keys in the ignition in town and at home night and day.

No one locked their doors, there was no A/C so windows were always open in warm weather. I’m looking back, I cannot remember ever having anything stolen.

Of course, if you pay attention, you know the Lord loves you.

I was fortunate with mom & Dad’s love Sherry continued the practice. I think she even likes me. I do know she is my best friend, I do love her. She said if I be good, we will celebrate 65 years of marriage soon.

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Mevely317 said...

How sad for your neighbor's attitude. Lots I regret having 'sassed' my own momma, but we sure loved one another.
Great point you make about 'like' v. 'love.' Definitely, there's a difference. So neat you and Sherry enjoy both!

betty said...

Oh the good old days, Jack, to leave windows opened, doors unlocked and the like. Sad we evolved so much away from them, isn't it? To love and be loved are the greatest gifts God has given us I do believe!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Congratulations on your 65th Wedding Anniversary.

Yes, things aren't as they used to be. The world is changing fast, and not for the best. I pity future generations, but I guess they'll love their gadgets and electronic things.

You are loved my friend. God loves you.

God bless you both always.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I too had a good childhood and knew I was loved. So sad some do not get the love growing up. We can both be thankful for what we got. Lots and lots of love. With Father's Day coming up. I wishing you all the best and of course lots of love.

Lisa said...

I have actually said what your neighbor said but it was toward an inlaw. Lol. But it holds true. Some people come into your life by marriage and you are forced to accept them. But A mom? No way could I think such a thing. She must have been a youngin.

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