Thursday, June 24, 2021

About filing and home record keeping?

 Cars of importance to someone:

 1966 Minni Coop II

19xx Mini-Sota Farm vehicle

For today:

I have been responsibility for our record keeping for the past few years. YOU know, filing receipts, and keeping records of Insurance, car tags, maintenance on vehicles, home & life insurance, utilities, etc. It wasn’t so bad when we lived in the motor home, all the records just rode with us. BUT when we began living in this house part time, I was carrying about 50 pounds of folders up and down stairs. Not smart at Sherry’s age. LOL

She has years of clerk and secretary experience. I asked her to help me cut the files down. She worked with me for two days. She is pretty danged smart. Together we cut it down to about half.

She let me know I did not need a full year’s water bills in the file. Same with all monthly recurring bills.   Also I named my files wrong, and misfiled lots of STUFF.

I had our records for the last four home closings and improvement receipts.

Now my records weight about 7 pounds with 3 pounds of permanent records that needs not travel with us.

We found my original SS card, issued in 1956. And a free pass to the USS North Carolina Museum given to us many years ago, by the ships skipper.

Anyway it was two days well spent, for me.

I seem to never know what to keep in the records and what to throw away.  Anyway I am a much happy camper after my girl helped me. I am just a lucky dude!

Nite Shipslog

PS:  I actually have a file labeled ‘Death’; Black and filed under ‘D’. It contains the wills, Ins info, power of attorney, and information of who to notify. I just kept it as it is but MUST review it. Sister Shirl insisted I do it years ago. I think my obit is in there. I must check. I am eligible for a free burial at sea, but my girl refuses!


Mevely317 said...

I used to be bound by paper records, carefully stored in a filing cabinet. Thanks to all those years of secretarial work, I could put my finger on a receipt in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, when Tom and I got together that all went to pot. (LOL!) What a mess when I made myself sit down to sort and purge. Thank goodness, most companies keep records of my payments on their websites!

PS - Thank goodness, too, that companies like Office Depot and Staples will shred documents for only $1/pound!

betty said...

Seems like a good project for you and Sherry to work on together Jack :) Since I pay most of the bills online (now that I think of it, all the bills online) I don't keep receipts like I used to in the days gone by. Thankfully, like Myra said, all the companies I deal with keep records on their websites from previous payments so I can go back and look and put together anything I might need for taxes down the line :)


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Filing can be a big job these days with all the paperwork life generates. I had a Mini just like the one in the photo.

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I too tend to keep too much, but there have been times I wished I'd kept more. I cleaned out my files this last Spring and reduced a lot of things, I keep in all in a file cabinet and am thankful for it.

Lisa said...

Just save any receipts you might need at the end of the year for tax purposes. Bill pay receipts, you only need to keep them a couple months just to make sure they never try to say you didn’t pay them.

Working in a tax office, some people will keep a spread sheet on their computers and enter things they pay each month. Thats always a help.

Happy Saturday.

yaya said...

Good job! I need to follow your example. I have too many files and old stuff that needs shredded. I'll get on it!

Woody said...

I'm lucky as my Bride takes care of all the Files, I did however bring her into the Legion years back and have her help me arrange some files and information there to help me as Legion Historian ! Sounds like you "Lightened Your Load" as my Dad would say ! Sending down good Vibes your way ! Gary an Anna Mae