Tuesday, June 8, 2021

It’s late but I made it

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 01 Ford Catena?

 For today:

I didn’t say too late, thank goodness. I’ve been getting things done and actually trying to buy a small RV over the net. After a little while Imma thinking could this be a scam?

If it is it is pretty complicated. The price of the RV is 1/3 of the prices I see on the net. And ¼ of the listed NADA value. Plus it is in Wichita, Kansas. And they will deliver it anywhere for free. WHAT?

My attention span isn’t good and I was trying to figure this out. I haven’t heard anything since I said we will drive out and pick it up.  I was thinking we could put something down then drive or fly out to see it and pay the remainder.

Anyway it is something to keep me busy and confused.


I appreciate all the comments you guys have made. I mentioned mama yesterday. Yes she lost both legs. When dad died, she wanted to die too. I am convinced no one can wish themselves dead, if that were so mama would have died a year after dad. She sat in one chair except for toilet duties, bath and eating all day. Day in and day out. None of us children were close by. Shirley in Maryland, Kat in Canada, Jr. & Odis 65 miles away and Sherry and I in DC.

The doctors said it was poor circulation and try as they could she would not cooperate in rehab.  Dementia was a blessing in that case.


In the End both Shirley/Jim and Sherry/I moved back in the area to assist mama. Sherry was the first followed by the rest of us. With Dementia you have to laugh at times.

I went into mama’s room and she was crying. I asked wht was wrong. “I was just thinking of your daddy.”

Dad had died a few years before, I said, “Mama, dad is better off than any of us.”

She quit crying and looked at me to say, “I guess he is, off chasing those women in Kings Mountain!”

That subject died and we talked about cooking. Inside I had to smile.  She was one sweet mama. She and dad had had a wonderful marriage over 50 yrs.

So Imma thinking, dementia can’t be all bad… for the demented? As long as they don't know it, can it?

Thank to all y’all.

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betty said...

Jack, I'm wondering if that RV thing is a scam. I wouldn't put any money down. Lots of scams for cars and puppies out there I think.

If I got dementia I would hope I would just be pleasantly confused and not belligerent or angry like affects some people.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Praying for you all.

God bless.

Glenda said...

This one brought back many memories..... I remember when my Mom went down that "dementia road". One evening as I served dinner, she looked up at me and asked "WHO ARE YOU?" Mom, I'm Glenda Eileen, your daughter!!! "NO, you aren't, you're someone impersonating my daughter, where's the phone? I'm calling the police." OMG, how do I handle this one??? I replied to her, "if you've finished dinner, let's go in the bedroom and use the phone." There was no phone in the master bedroom where my parents slept, but she followed me. There were lavender and chamomile oil fragrances in all four outlets ~ it's known to be calming. We walked in, she sat in her TV viewing chair and said "Oh, Glenda, this bedroom smells so nice! Crisis averted. Then Daddy bolted out the front door, 90 years old and he could outrun me, was halfway down the street before I caught him. Brother David Luke, came the next day and installed a deadbolt that couldn't be unlocked! OMG, He could be outta the patio doors into the back yard, it was fenced and gated with locks on the gate. Often, he would be MIA and I'd find him sneaking around to the back of the shed ~ "I'm just taking a piss". OMG, you can't do that in town!!! I was their seasonal caregiver for five or six years; every time they went back to Missouri, my three R.N. sisters told me how much Daddy had "improved". I took him to Walmart in the early hours, got him a cart to ride around in; had to put a big sign on the passenger dash because he'd hop in the driver's seat until he saw the sign "Kenneth Conrad - WWII U.S. ARMY Paratrooper," get out and get in "his" seat. Until the morning he wouldn't relinquish the electric cart saying "this is MY car", oh boy. He was always a "reader" and also wrote for the national Coon Hunter's magazine, the "Full Cry". He had a prize dog and could recognize the sound of his dog treeing a raccoon 20 miles away. We survived with the extra income from selling coon hides and the carcasses were sold to the neighborhoods that ate coon (we didn't, Mama put her foot down on that one). YUK.
Anyway, I always love your posts with tales of your "people", Mama and Dad, and all the siblings. I believe that family reminiscing keeps us connected after they are in heaven.
Thank you, Jack, for your dedication to entertaining all of us via the Shipslog. I'll admit to reading and not commenting ~ mainly time constraints. As I don't have dynamo Mark Darnell here, I've resorted to Labor Finders and found a couple of great guys who are on my payroll and no longer work for the high-dollar company. I was so impressed the first day that Patrick brought his lunch, sat down at the table, and bowed his head to say grace. He's helping me dismantle the "storage area" and I'm helping him, win-win!

Sending loving thoughts of how special You, Sherry, and your wonderful boys (and their offspring) are to my story. I'll always and forever remember "A Pig sit on a Chair?" Warm hugs from Chobee.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It would be nice if you could find something closer to home so you could easily see what you were getting. Don't for the price for that RV also includes the cost of a trip to get it. Being so far away would turn me off right there. It's good you share about your mother, who was one wonderful lady. It helps others to see what effects dementia has and how you deal with it. So glad you could move closer to her and spend some time with her.

Mevely317 said...

Oh Jack, I totally smell a rat. A big stinking rat. If they come back, you could always volunteer, your son-the-deputy will be coming with you to check it out. Ha!

I've wondered lots about dementia and how it affects people in different ways. Not unlike someone having had too much alcohol -- either they're the life of the party or an angry so-and-so looking for a fight. God bless the caregivers!

Dar said...

Neither of us have had to deal with dementia and how it affects the entire family and friends around you. You have had such wonderful parents and I'd also drop whatever was going on in my life to help mine. My sister has helped many with dementia including her husband. There were many bittersweet moments, she says. You've done good for your mama and should feel proud for it. As for the RV, I'd give that one the boot. It just sounds off....good luck deciding on this one.
loven'hugs from our hot north WI. Phew, it's hard to breathe in this air.