Friday, June 4, 2021

Rest Areas and water from the water pipe

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 A Bugotti methinks

(I think Victor nailed the one yesterday I did not know, a Renault. Thanks Victor)

For today:

Today the signs read ‘Rest Area 1 Mile ahead’. But in my youth our family lived away from mom and dad’s families, so many times we were on the road to visit, attend funerals or for dad to preach somewhere that was a distance away. Many times my sister and I were in the car. Remember no interstates existed so the only toilets were at service stations, or behind a tree!  Back then the sign read ‘Picnic Table Ahead.’  Same meaning, different era.  Don’t turn your nose up yet, it was the times, it was accepted, it happened.  We were sorta like the BEAR question, “Does the bear pee in the woods?”

I smile at a story Vondale and Rose tells about the time they volunteered travel out west and join in the search for parts of the Columbia that disintegrated on reentry.

They were in the desert and Rose had to pee. She saw one bush ran behind it and began to laugh, she said it looked like a snow storm with Kleenex & toilet paper. She wasn’t the only searcher for a bush. (Hiking we carry a small shovel to dig a 'cat hole' some don't think of the need!)

Not all Picnic Table areas were just toilets. In the Mountains there were many pull offs there was a pipe bringing spring water to the road. All you needed was a cup.  It was refreshing and a restful site. No car A/C back then.

On my short hike this time I found water directly from a water pipe and I thought of this video of “Amazing Grace the sweetest Song I know”, done A Capella . I love the South African accent (watch a couple minutes of it if you can, did you hear water pipe):


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jack69 said...

In case you don't know, that is a dial telephone on the dresser!, ;-)

betty said...

I listened to the video but I'm not sure I know what a water pipe would sound like :) We had a black phone like that growing up :) Great video; enjoyed their singing!

Son when he was young had a terribly small bladder. It was amazing where we had him take care of business. I love well maintained rest areas. We found they were well maintained in Arizona but not so much in California :)


Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful blog

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Why has no one designed a car with a toilet in it? Coaches and Winnebago have toilets, so why not a car? A small aperture in the seat leading to a tank! Also a wash basin on the dashboard, or back of the driver's seat for those sitting behind. A water tank on the roof to supply water. There you have it ... convenience in a car as you drive.

God bless.

Mevely317 said...

I like the way Victor thinks ...hahaha!

Yes, I sure remember those road signs for picnic tables. (I'm not about to share, but there's a photo of 3 y/o me, going to the bathroom while standing in a New Mexico stream. Why my parents thought that would make a good photo op is beyond me!)
Growing up I didn't appreciate the sacrifices they made, but bringing along our own sandwiches, etc. while on a roadtrip was commonplace.

Great video!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I remember the rest areas along the roads. They were a welcome site. One we stopped had an outhouse for a toilet. One of my sisters's lost her Easter Bonneet down one of the holes there. Gone forever . But we still remember that sight.

Dar said...

I tried twice to listen to the video but ' no go.' I also remember many waysides, one in particular was built and maintained by our 4-H club. It was less than a quarter mile from our house on the river so it was proudly cared for by our family mostly. Some on the road, however, were a fright to use. Peeuuuuuuu! so many a bush was also fertilized. lol Jack, you sure keep it interesting. Near Lake Superior there is a natural spring with the freshest, coldest spring water flowing from a pipe. We'd fill our canteens, bottles, thermos before setting up camp at Little Girl's Point. God's gifts.
loven'hugs from up north where it's 95 today and very humid, tight air. It's hard to breathe without A/C