Wednesday, June 9, 2021


 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 1960 Buick

 For today:

Son Mark was enjoying flipping houses down in Florida. During that time he also took up scrapping. His scrapping also had a side affect.  He scrapped while visiting in NC. Most of the time he sold the ‘stuff’ at the scrap yard before he left. BUT good intentions do not always pan out so he had scrap metal at his daughter Sherece’s house and ours.

He now is interested in ‘fast pace’ stocks on the market, and hasn’t been home in a few weeks.  Soooo being a good dad and Grandpa, I decided to get the scrap to the scrap yard.  Easier said than done.

I needed my utility trailer, but I had not updated the tag since 2017. So first to the DMV. I really expected some problems since the tag has a NC tag and I am now a resident of Florida with all vehicle tags Florida.

Well was I surprised. To bring the tag up to date would be around $60. “Mr. Darnell would yo like a lifetime tag for $106.00?”

You bet, so now I have a tag that expires in or near 2099. I let her know I expected to see her again when I renewed!

Oh the scrapping? It took a day to dig it all out (365 lbs) and get it sold, the total EARNED $14.65.   Wow what a way to make a living…..  NOTE: I also looked like a scrapper by the time I finished. LOL

Enjoy life, it is the only one we have.

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betty said...

I'm hoping to be reading that story of you going to renew the tag in 2099, Jack :) Wow, a lot of work for little pay! The big thing here lately in the Phoenix area is people are stealing other people's catalytic converters and then taking them to the scrapyard for whatever they can get for it. I hear it can be stolen in 2 minutes or less! Scary! Glad you did your scrapping the honest way!


Mevely317 said...

Okay, I laughed out loud about you seeing that clerk again in 2099. I'd not heard of a 'lifetime tag' but wow. What a great initiative!

My late uncle wasn't much of a farmer, and spent the last couple decades of his life collecting and selling scrap metal. What a shame the return is so pitiful; I'd no idea!

Thanks for your closing line. G'night, sleep tight!

Lisa said...

Thats all 365 lbs of metal cost? Wow l thought it would
Bring more than that. Did you charge for labor?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I know there are people that go around picking up all kinds of scrape and make a living from it, but for all that work, that isn't much money at all. At least you got the junk out of the way.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I guess by tag you mean a car number plate. Does the number plate belong to the "owner" of the vehicle or to the vehicle itself? Here in the UK the number plate belongs to the vehicle and it is given when the vehicle is first registered to be driven on the road. So if the car is bought in England, and it is then sold in Scotland the number plate remains the same and is still valid for the life of the vehicle - not the owner.

God bless.

Dar said...

The lifetime tag sounds like a deal. I wonder if they offer that in WI. I'll have to check that out! We pay $100 smackeroos each year per trailer to license our two. It would be a tremendous savings for our 2 trailers that are used practically weekly. I think you were robbed for the scrap. We wait for the price to go up before unloading. Not much profit for the work and the load. Bless your heart for helping out your son.
loven'hugs from up north in our sweltering heat. It's been HOT...humid and very DRY. The creek only runs every other day, it's so low. Even the frogs are waiting in line for a drip. Stay your cool selves.


looks like quite a chore. Alot of back breaking work to load all that SCRAP up. good for you, you did it. Such little monetary reward though. had to chuckle about the tag. wish all of them had an expiration date like that. one less trip to the DMV. Love the Buick. a nice looking car indeed. PS) Havent been posting or commenting alot cause of my hubbys and my health. but i havent forgotten my dear blog buddies. You guys take care.