Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Strange work, Nasty Jobs

 Cars in memorial:

Many Pooper Pumpers have interesting names.

For today:

I have never minded WORK. Nasty jobs? Someone must do them. Just yesterday JJ and I were headed for a nasty job and a tractor/trailer was sitting in the right lane with emergency flasher on.

JJ drives as a courier, and I know in his job he must at times block traffic to do an emergency delivery. I told Jack Jr, “Now that is a job I could not do. I know trucks have to stop traffic many time to make deliveries. My brother and a bunch of uncles/cousins were truck drivers. But for myself, I would be a nervous wreck stopping traffic on a busy road.”

JJ said, “Yeah dad, sometimes they do that to get something to eat,” he said smiling as he pointed to the driver walking out of McDonalds with a drink and a to-go bag.

Anyway, nasty jobs. Most folks are familiar with ‘septic tanks’. They are used to take care of sewerage where public sewers are not available. The day before we had replaced his plumbing and found his tank was full, and needed to be pumped.

The “Pooper Pumper” came opened the lid and it was loaded with roots. They pumped what they could. 

My family knows I will attempt about any task no matter how nasty. Shucks like most dads, I have changed very messy diapers, even rinsed them in the commode. LOL

So I looked the situation over and said, “Yeah, we can do it.”  The job was tough but not all that bad. The roots were about 8 inches deep and solid like steel wool or SOS pads. I was able to punch a hole thru and carefully tie a rope around a bunch and we actually was able to pull a bunch out. I removed my hearing devices (Not the time to drop one, LOL) and stuck my head in and with a flash light could see another big bunch. It was a little tougher to rope, but we did. The rest was a ‘piece of cake’ (probably not the best description, LOL.)

The 'work' was done by JJ, digging down to the tank and re-covering it.

Nite Shipslog.



betty said...

That would be a nasty job, Jack! Not sure I would be up to doing it!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

You're a great father doing all this work for your son. Many thanx.

God bless.

Woody said...

Growing up we didn't have to clean the Septic Tank, we were "Lucky" and only had to clean the "Outhouse" ! I can remember Grandma getting upset when we called it the "Back House", Some were small and the only way in an out was to Back in !!!!! I was a senior in High School when we got indoor Plumbing and a Hand Dug Septic Pool and a Dry Well for run off ! Oh the Memories an knowledge gained from an "Out House" and a Spegall, May, Sterns Catalogue nailed to the wall !
Cool, 68 degree morning and Rain, off to our 3rd Funeral this month ! Stay Cool and Dry ! Gary an Anna Mae

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you could help your son, Not many would want a nasty job like that one. But I suppose someone had to do it. You are so blessed to do all you can still do. One would think you are a much younger man. But maybe it's the doing that keeps you young. Hope you can get some rest today. It's all deserved.

Mevely317 said...

I'm cracking up over here at those 'tank' truck names! Yours sounds like a most unpleasant job. Yikes on those roots! Now I'm wondering with all the roots Tom uncovered outside his shop if there aren't more; and could they be invading our septic system as I speak? Oh vey, something else to fret about.

PS - That truck driver holding up traffic? I, too, would be a nervous wreck.

Glenda said...

Very interesting post, glad J.J. has so much driving knowledge, I thought I'd be crazy last June on my last trip to see Mama. In Mississippi one lane of the highway was closed, the northbound had a huge concrete barrier and at least, 500 semis coming at me, in front and behind me, OMG. Grin and bear it, Mom would have said!

Chatty Crone said...

You are awesome I could not do that!

Florence said...

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