Sunday, June 13, 2021

Nothing much

Cars of importance to someone:

 The mid 50s  Finned Caddy

For today:

I spent some time with an old friend.  He and I have changed a lot over the years because we chose different paths in life.  Life is like that. We none stay the same.  We think different now. He is a ‘mechanical’ type guy. He loves ‘Four Wheeling in the mountains of West Virginia for fun and I prefer walking in solitude (when I can physically do it. LOL)

He has been very successful in life. He and his wife lives on 65 acres and loves the isolation. He was destined to be in Business for himself.  He did that. He goes to bed at 9PM and gets up at 5AM to have breakfast with a crowd of retirees and business men. He does not care to read.

I stay up to all hours, read and get up when I wake up usually about 9AM.

We travel different paths. We are kin to some of the same people but are not kin ourselves.  We get together very seldom, it is always good to sit and talk about the past.  The present is not too common anymore.  But I am learning that is what life is.

I used to have lots of friends and acquaintances I think…. But lately I am not too sure if I have many close friends.  I am becoming sort of a recluse methinks. LOL

I do have a friend, Melvin, from Salvador. Problem is, We can’t communicate too well, but we do smile and laugh at each other a lot.  LOL His kids love the kittens.

We saw them the other day and smallest girl, about 5, Ran and grabbed me yelling “Kitties!”

Small things make your day sometimes.

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Mevely317 said...

I agree, little things mean a lot! Shared pasts are often apt to be bittersweet. A line from my favorite-est ever song, "For it's the laughter we will remember, when we remember, the way we were."

betty said...

I think sometimes it is good to be a recluse. Causes less problems and misunderstandings :)


Unknown said...

But you and Melvin are communicating, you smile and laugh with each other. I think that's great. And think of it like this, if you don't speak the same language that means you won't get into too many arguments.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and choice.

God bless you, Jack and Sherry.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do agree, it is the little things that often make our days great. I spent yesterday at a party for one of my grandsons and had so much fun just sitting and watching them all have fun. Some were only 3 years old others almost 20 but they all had so much fun playing with one another. The older ones loved acting like a kid again.

Dar said...

You wrote well about ' life ' as we all know it. Nothing ever stays the same. Some of my dearest friends from my younger days are now so different as I must seem to them. We may not do or like the same things but we are still friends at heart. There are times I wish to be more reclusive. As I age more and more, I almost 'need' solitude to ground me. You are not alone, dear friend.
Love the Caddy...those of our past are more precious than todays.
loven'hugs from up north where a north wind has blown in cooler, more tolerable air. We'll take it., and now, back to work on a huge lean-to. Enjoy your moments this week. They are a gift.