Tuesday, May 31, 2022

I have a bridge…..

 Memorable bridge of the day:


For today:

I told everyone I had an appointment at 1PM Wednesday.  We moved closer to the Dentist on Monday.

I mentioned this dentist is unpredictable. Tuesday afternoon I was continuing my outside waxing job on the coach and Sherry came around to where I was working. It was 2:30 on Tuesday.  Can we be at the dentist at 3:30 they have an opening.  I thought for a minute, then said tell them we will be there. I changed did a quick rag-bath, after removing the sweaty shirt. Put on dry clothes, brushed my teeth and smiled.  WE were there 30 minutes early.  We were out of the Dentist office by 4PM with my brand new 4 tooth bridge and went grocery shopping. I was so disappointed, no one asked about my bridge.  AND EVERYONE MUST KNOW,  I have griped enough about it.

(This is a covered Bridge with Sherry's sister Lennie and Elmer her hubby, chiding me for going too fast!!!)

I am happy with the bridge so far.  We will stick round here a couple more days to make sure and I can also finish the wax job.

So that part of our waiting is over.

I wanted to thank you for the ideas for a journal for the AT, if I actually attempt the hike.

But for now I must get used to not having a hole in my gum. ;-)…..  Life is good,  But diesel is approaching $5.50 a gallon.  L    But the engine still runs…….

Nite Shipslog

PS: Gotta love Phyllis!!!

¨A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.¨- Phyllis Diller

Monday, May 30, 2022

Never too late to remember and mention.


Today no car, but a small USN ship from WWII (Not the present subject ship)

For today:

I wanted to mention it on the actual Memorial Day, but I held it off until late.  Our Families were fortunate. Sherry’s brother ‘Lefty’ Harris (USMC) and my Brother ‘Junior’ Darnell (USN) served in some fierce battles in the South Pacific, including Iwo Jima; both returned home, Lefty was wounded on Iwo.

But of all our kin including cousins and uncles also returned.

However my BIL Sonny’s family lost a son, Sonny's brother “A.G. Helms Jr."  He was lost at sea when his ship was sunk by a German Torpedo. YOU can imagine, not a grave, and the body was never recovered. The family only had memories and a Flag of the country for which he gave his life.

Adrian Gaiti Helms, Seaman First Class….. He gave all….

Yes Memorial Day does mean a lot.

Nite Shipslog

PS: Makes sense!!!

. “Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing.” – Clive James


Sunday, May 29, 2022


  Memorable car of the day:


For today:

Do you keep a copy of your blog?  Some folk use these Blog or Journal entries as a Family or Personal Journal. I look back at my AOL Journal time and wish I had made a copy of it for some reason.

I think Rick used blog entries as his approach to a book and did at times publish a book containing his Blog entries.

I did not look further enough ahead to think I wanted my AOL Journal, but now at times I wish I had.  Do you know a good way to ‘simply’ make a digital copy of your Blogger ‘BLOG’?

I thought AOL Journals would always be available even though they said it would not be so, and they were right. LOL

There are some graves along the AT (not of hikers), there long before the trail was established

IF (and that is a big IF) I do attempt a thru hike I am not sure if I will have a different ‘walking history’ or continue here. I have even thought about doing the hike journal on FB.  There are several digital HIKER ‘centers’  Where the dedicated hikers keep a running account.

Any suggestions?

Nite Shipslog

PS: Makes sense!!!

“If a man has common sense, he has all the sense there is.” – Sam Rayburn


Communicating wit and a smile

 Memorable car of the day:


  Not gone but near the end, "Down Under"

For today:

I have some witty grand kids, they are a treat to be around. When I read this in a comment, I thought of witty folk who make me smile.

Myra said:  I won't say I hated her; only if she were on life support I might unplug her in order to charge my cell phone. LOL!  I believe a famous Prime Minister was the one who said, I never wished anyone dead, but have smiled at a few obituaries. ;-)

I think that is one reason I come here is to interact with y’all. I am not much for crowds.  Even with my implants I still tend so ask as quietly as I can, “What did they say?”

Hearing is dangerous, when it is distorted, I once told a preacher I was ‘close enough actually to communicate honestly with’ because we were kin, “If you knew how many ‘bad’ words you said during a sermon, you would slow down and enunciate!”

Take care.  This is a beautiful day here in Florida. I think it is gonna be a hot one.  Visiting another local church today.


Nite Shipslog

PS: Makes sense!!!

“The world always looks brighter from behind a smile.” — Unknown

Saturday, May 28, 2022


Title……  I have an appointment

Memorable car of the day:


Methinks someone needed some parts.... The might have used the metal to make my bridge, who knows..... ;-)

For today:

So yes I did get that call, but the appt isn’t until Wednesday.  Must be gonna be good, EVERY appt I have had until now has been 10AM.  This one is a 1PM.  I am taking that as a good sign LOL  I have no idea why…

So we will move the RV over closer and get ready for my dentist bridge building.

I do wish it had been sooner, but it is what it is.

I waxed most of one side of the coach.  If I keep this up I will get the whole coach waxed before we hit the road to NC.

Just a thought. Did you ever have the ‘privilege of knowing ‘a jerk at work?’ I left a good job once because of a boss who was a jerk, I actually regretted it because he left just after I did. I thought of that today remembering ‘B’ here in the bloggisphere. She come close to leaving a job she liked because of a jerk, but SHE outlasted the jerk. We smiled at her up beat entry lately about being wined and dined at her job to celebrate the end of the Covid restrictions.

I was reminded of the phrase often used, “This too shall pass, while awaiting my crazy bridge.”  LOL

That is my input for today I know you are happy about that.  Oh yeah, I have one more thing I learned on Victor’s blog.  He suggested since ballet dancers had to stand on their toes so much, the studios should get taller dancers.  That made sense to me….. Doesn’t it?  LOL

Be safe…… Stand tall!

Nite Shipslog


“Common sense is not so common.” – Voltaire

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Well I can hope…

 Memorable car of the day:


A 1958 Chevy hardtop bites the dust (sand)

For today:

I was hoping to go from this site back to Belmont, NC, where our home base is now. But I have one more reservation starting Monday back over closer to the dentist.  I am sorta hoping sometime today I will get that call and get the bridge put in place so I can cancel the reservation.  I can still hope. LOL

I have never owned a bridge, at least not in my mouth, I hope it works the way it is advertised.  I do have two bridges over ditches on the NC property though. ;-)

Oh, I did do something different, I washed the coach. It was VERY dirty.  I even waxed the front.  This is a 2000 coach and the paint on the front has taken a beating.  I should have taken better care over the years, but things get put on the back burner, as we tend to say.

That is it for today, glad you stopped by.  Life is good….

Nite Shipslog

PS: . “Peace begins with a smile.” — Mother Teresa

And then Mr/Ms Unknown reminds us also…..

“Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.”

This maybe something who knows

 Memorable car of the day:


Looks like an old 40s Buick with funny horns. But I like the view!

For today:

I just wanted to say something, didn’t know what to say, so, let me say this!

It is hot, humid and windy in central Florida.

WE are in Florida. If there are sides between the state and Disney I don’t have a side.  I understand there is a lot of fussing about a passed law that some call, “Don’t say Gay!”  What I read is not what is said or tends to be said.  What I understand is the law says schools cannot broach the subject of gender in the first 3 grades of school.  I tend to agree with the parts I have read. In my mind a young child is not ‘mature’ enough to make decisions like why am I a boy or girl other than what my plumbing says I am.

If a child is ‘Mature enough’ to make that decision why not lower the voting age to 6 or even 10?

Hey, why can’t a 10 year old be allowed to use their allowance to buy a beer, they just might like it.

Yeah I am silly, but so are some things I read in the internet news.

Y’all have a great day…. You probably don’t know I have bought a bridge hahahahahahahahaha!, I wish they would deliver it.  LOL  I need to go North and cut my grass. (smile)  I have wonderful neighbors who have been cutting the grass and feeding the feral cats, I need to get back.


If you know Governor DeSantis.  Ask him to speed up my bridge delivery! LOL

Nite Shipslog


“Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” – Gertrude Stein



Wednesday, May 25, 2022

You think you have trouble, I’ve got…….

 Memorable car of the day:


This was a unique designed auto. It is a 1955 Buick 4 door hardtop.

For today:

I am not going to say I haven’t gotten my bridge installed yet.  I am not even gonna say I haven’t heard a thing. LOL

Life continues and BIG PROBLEMS persist. When I hear and read of the crazies in this world today, from Putin in Russia to the weird crazies pushed by conspiracy theories, shooting and killing folks they don’t like, even their own grandmother and children, it makes you wonder.

I believe we have a right to own and bear arms in this country. BUT with all the idiots around, we just may see some legislation that gun owners do not like.

I am not smart enough to explain and I definitely do not have answers of how to keep guns from crazies, BUT SOME ONE DOES!!!! I hope they can come forth soon with answers.

“WE have the right to own and shoot guns!”  Don’t be dumb enough to say that to a mother that sent her child, the center of her life, off to school this morning and this afternoon the child, that beautiful child, is in a mortuary. Don’t be that stupid.

This world in a position that Prayer IS the Answer. Don’t you think?

 Nite Shipslog


. “Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.” ​–  Thich Nhat Hanh

Monday, May 23, 2022

A few million dollars?

 Memorable car of the day:


For today:

I will admit for the first 40 years of my life we got by financially and always had just a little set aside. The next 20 years we lived very comfortable.  Did about what we wanted to do.  We enjoyed 3 custom built homes, with any amenity we wished, because I built them. The last 23 years we have traveled thousands and thousands of miles and many counties. My dream was to drive to Alaska, we did that. Most of the time on the cheap, tents and RVs. We enjoyed just a little above the average salaries.

 But now I read on the internet how multimillion dollar salaries are just thrown out like it is ‘chump change’ (term I have heard for years for extra money NOT needed). I just read Jack Nicholas was paid 145 million last year then offered another 100 million to use his name or something like that.. WHAT?  Sports figures!! It is nothing to hear of players signing 30 million dollar contracts for two years of play.

CEOs earning 20-30 millions.  These are not company owners, just the one running the company. I guess the owners are doing pretty well. LOL

(Remember Scrooge McDuck? He was ONLY a Millionaire!)

That boggles my mind….


Most of us could take a million dollars and live our lives as happy as a hog in the mud.  But most of us will never come close to seeing a million dollars. In many cases more satisfied than those paid millions.

We go out every once in a while to learn WHY we don’t go out more often. WE used to love to go out for breakfast. At our local grill, “White’s CafĂ©” (now closed) we ate for less than $11 including the 20% tip. Now Breakfast is close to $20 for two + Tip for the same meal,

We could eat at one of our Fish houses in Belmont for $20 for 2, plus tip.  Now the same meal will be min $30.

I guess I am just frustrated, not jealous.  I earned a good living. In my last life I built affordable homes. I produced a product and sold it; not much different than someone who makes hamburgers and sells them.  Of course they must sell a lot more. LOL..  I just cannot imagine how a Ball team or sports outfit can pay MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of $ and stay in business?

I guess I expect someone to produce a product that sells, even if it is a button.  Of course I am not interested in sports, but I hear some ticket prices and wonder how Joe and Mary Citizen can pay those prices game after game while earning a working salary.  You see, someone like me does not see what they get for their money?

I am too simplistic. I get no personal satisfaction jumping up and down and yelling for someone getting paid millions to make a touchdown.  But Yep, I paid for us and some kids to go see O.J. play once. They were thrilled. O.J did run a touchdown against Miami I think. But I left that stadium with memories for the kids, but O.J and the teams were the winners, not me.  Just sayin’.

I loved this. It is from Shipmate Gary's blog.  He and Anna Mae have a 'sweet love['.  Please think of them, but  then insert Mine and Sherry's names.  This fit our lives....... Thanks Gary & Anna Mae.... 

Nite Shipslog


So, you drive across town to a gym to walk on a treadmill?


 I also heard “Money doesn’t not buy Happiness!” I think, “But I wouldn’t mind seeing for myself!”  LOL 

Sunday, May 22, 2022

It is tough getting caught!!!!!

Memorable car of the day:

 No more family outings in this station wagon.....

For today:

I received the following e-mail  it is real, colors and all, top note in color is from AOL


We think this is spam.

We still put this into your Inbox as the sender is in your contact list. You can mark this message as safe or remove the sender.

It's Safe  |  Remove sender



Sun, May 22, 2022 4:40 pm

Dxxxvvvvvvv(xxxx55@yahoo.com) To: you Details

I have been giving you some slack when you skipped several days of the blog but I can’t give you any slack this time. 

The correct saying is:

Never ask your WIFE what is for dinner while SHE is mowing the lawn!!

Signed:   Evelyn



I will admit that 'Lady Evelyn', is now recovering from a broken bone (not in her head).  They did install screws.  I did say she is now ‘screwed up’ and she did send me the following comment awhile back and I decided to use it:

“Never ask your wife what is for dinner while she is mowing the grass.”


Now despite intense pain, being house-bound and having hubby Don take care of the entire estate; house, stove, refrigerator, grounds, farm, deer, ducks, car, RV, truck, squirrels and the birds, she has time to be upset, heck I only changed two little words! Amazing!

I thought the way I used it fit today’s world….  Just sayin’

Okay I admit to plagiarizing with a slight modification.  I just hate to get caught at it. LOL  I just thought it was nice of Mr. AOL to read the e-mail and figure it was SPAM since he knows NO ONE would not be nice to me. LOL

Nite Shipslog

PS: Love you  Evelyn and I do appreciate you reading the blog (I will take the blame, but I think Sherry made those changes.) Hope you are feeling better and being nice to the ‘therapists’ that visit.


 PS2: Just to show you Evelyn is nice, she also sent me this:

Tip: Save business cards of people you don’t like. If you ever hit a parked car accidentally, just write, “Sorry” on the back and leave it on the windshield!