Friday, May 13, 2022

School buses and emergency vehicles

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Most folk think we are on the roads a lot.  And with our life style it is easy to assume that. There was a time when we first started that was true. When we first hit the open roads over 22 years ago we were on the road almost daily. Later we adapted a style once we learned RV sites were much cheaper by the week, we liked to drive 300-400 miles and stop for a week.  We would then scout around that area see the sights and try to find that ‘hidden’ local restaurant, LOL.

Now we sit on an average 2-3 weeks. We are not ‘tourists’ much anymore, this is just how we live. There are plenty of days we are NOT on the road even in a car.

That brought up this subject.  When we are on the road I have noticed that Emergency Vehicles are many times just IGNORED.  You know, we old people were taught if you see an emergency vehicle, you slow and move OUT of the way, we were told someone may be dying in the vehicle and seconds count or someone may be having a heart attack and anxiously awaiting that EMT. ALLOW THEM ROOM!

Ah, than a subject that should be close to each of us, THAT SCHOOL BUS. What precious cargo they haul. Give ‘em the road when they need it. Make turns easier for them. For heaven’s sake STOP when you are supposed to.

Up to the last few years there were 128 deaths in School busses each year. With all the lock downs and home schooling it is down 50%.  That is great, but that still leaves 50-60 a year now. Some of those are my Great Grand kids, give ‘em room.

This came up watching some busses lately and a report of a terrible accident back in our home area. 15 on the bus all injured no fatalities. Amazingly most injuries minor. A Dump truck driver went to sleep at the wheel and hit them head on.


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PS:  From Evelyn (BTW she is home, screwed back together & ordering Don around) She actually sent me this:

 Life is like a helicopter. I don’t know how to operate one of them either.

Then she said: Becoming an adult is the dumbest thing I ever did.


betty said...

I love that "becoming an adult is the dumbest thing I ever did." Yet we are always in such a hurry to grow up when we were younger! There was an accident about 10 days ago where a school bus ran a red light and hit a car. No injuries on the school bus but the car hit, that driver had to be taken to the hospital. I am respectful of school buses but I have also seen some school bus drivers do crazy things when driving with their precious cargo!


Mevely317 said...

I love Evelyn's sense of humor!
Wow, those numbers you cite are sobering for sure. Thankfully, I've not heard of any instances locally. Most everyone seems to behave themselves. (Watch, now I hope I haven't jinxed things.)

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I agree with Evelyn. Becoming adult is a stupid thing to do.

Take care on the road, Jack. And everywhere too. They say a lot of accidents happen in the home. Now we live in a tent in our garden. So annoying to have to wake up at night and enter the house to go to the toilet. Why can't people have outside toilets any more?

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Now od my jobs this week was waiting for my grandson's school bus. Much to my dismay one went on by this week without stopping. Little did I know there was a second bus and it soon dropped him off and I breathed a sigh of relief. They do carry precious cargo for sure and I'm thankful for them. Strange how the news generation shows less respect for them and other emergency vehicles. I'm sure they had to have learned the same rules we did in order to drive. They just seem more self occupied.

Tistonedide1941 said...

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