Monday, May 9, 2022

The US Postal Service and mysteries...

Today’s automobile:

 Mysteries of the desert!

Some thoughts for today:

Like every business or government program things change. I remember when a mail man was SOMEONE special in our lives. Mama would at times offer a piece of pie or cake, or a drink of milk or water.  He was given a present at Christmas like a family member.

I also remember if you put the wrong address, but the right city, on the envelope, the person sorting the mail would put it in the right place if the addressee was a longtime resident.

One of the kindest things Sherry & I can remember was on Christmas Day probably ’58-59. I was an E-3 in the USAF. We lived in a trailer park that had a community rural mail box, no one delivered to our door. There was a knock on the door and a mailman was there smiling and handed me a Christmas card, regular 3 or 4 cent postage stamp, no special delivery. He said something Like, “I thought you would like this today.” The card contained a $20 bill from Sister Cope, a member of our church back in NC. We were not destitute but $20 sure was a blessing.

Yep, I remember when a mail box was almost sacred. Folks knew that taking mail from a mailbox was a FEDERAL OFFENSE!  I remember the first time I heard about someone stealing from mail boxes was in the 1980 time frame. There were thefts of SS checks to seniors. I was honestly shocked.

 In parts Las Vegas there are warnings On PO Mail boxes, Do not deposit after 10PM chance of theft is high.

Things change, In the last couple years I mis-addressed a letter. The house # was only a couple numbers off on the street address, it was returned undeliverable. That is decided by a machine now.

Sherry mails checks monthly. She has had several lost in the last few months, including our check to the US Government for income taxes. I used the official return addressed envelope. She is very irritated.

I know TT  has had several bad incidences she mentioned on her blog. It is a sad affair, but today folks do not stay on a job as long anymore. Back home we change mailpersons 2 or 3 times a year.  Today with the millions of letters, many decisions are made by machine not man.

 Now the lost letters?  That is a puzzle (of course the checks are not cashed, just missing)… Sorta like the mystery of the lost sock (MA’s blog)


PS:  Wise thought to pass on, you may have to think:

Trust science. Studies show that if your parents didn’t have children there’s a high probability you won’t either.


Mevely317 said...

Well, it happened again! I hit 'publish' and got a big, orange pop-up, "Your comment has been saved. It may take a moment for your comment to appear on the site.
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That was like 10 minutes ago, so I'm trying again. (See if I can remember ...)

Poignant words about a kinder, gentler time. And what a surprise to see the postman delivering your card on Christmas Day!
Maybe my dad was ahead of his time, but always rented a box at the Post Office.
That's so sad about mail theft. I signed up for 'informed delivery' so I can see what's delivered; more often that not it's junk; we don't bother to collect it but once or twice a week.
Tell Sherry, I'd be livid about those missing checks, too. I remember a time when the phrase, "It must have been lost in the mail" was something said in jest. No-one's laughing now.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Standards are changing everywhere, and not for the better.

The postman gave me a letter and said, "Is this letter for you? The name's obliterated!"

I replied, "My name is Victor!"

God bless.

yaya said...

We think that many Saturdays our postal lady decides to wait until Monday to deliver! But I can't really fault her as she drives up the driveway and delivers packages and mail many times. And yes we leave her a gift at Christmas and sometimes I'll make cookies and leave some in the mailbox with a thank you for doing a good job.

betty said...

I'd be upset about the checks that have gone missing in the mail. Especially for the income taxes! And then such a "pain" to cancel the checks and reissue them, etc. BIL sent our Christmas cards with gift cards in them, sent them to wrong address. Took about 3 months for them to be returned to him and it looked like the envelope had been halfway around the world with the condition it was in, but at least everything was intact in there. I fear a lot of theft happens at mail boxes. I feel for the mail carriers here in Phoenix. The mail trucks are not air conditioned. That has to be brutal in our summer heat!