Friday, May 6, 2022

NOT a travel Blog

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

1999 Chevy Silverado, new the year we started hiking.

(We started when we were 60 yrs old)

For today:

This is actually not a travel blog, but we have and do travel. We have thought and dreamed about traveling to Ireland and the UK.  I have seen a small part of the UK, friend Buddy S. was stationed in the UK and brought a beautiful wife back with him.  I wanted Sherry to see London, Piccadilly Circus and the Changing of the Guard at the Palace.  Then I wanted us to see some of Ireland. 

That hasn’t happened and probably will not. BUT Josh and Megan (Grands') have made the trip and it was just grand hearing their experiences.  Now  I hear Corinne (DIL) is in Ireland.  She is a sweetheart and we hope she and her sister Kim are having a ball and enjoy it. We can’t wait to hear some stories.

(Sweet Paula of TX used to ask Sherry if she carried her beautician along, he hair alwys does look good!)

Gramps at the top and Sir Richard (from the UK) below.

Some of you know that we were once camping at Standing Indian State Park in the Carolina Mountains when Sherry met some hikers.  Later she told me, those hikers were hiking over 2000 miles to Maine on the Appalachian Trail, Why don’t we do that?

(the trail is marked with a white 2"x6" blaze)

My first thoughts and I voiced them, “Are you crazy? You have NEVER backpacked! I have only did it in the USMC." BUT the seed was planted as the story goes. Before we left Standing Indian we had visited the Library in the closest town for suggestions. The Librarian suggested we buy the book, “A Walk In The Woods” by Bill Bryson.

(Atop a Mt in Vermont)

WE did read the book and became serious. WE backpacked about 2000 miles over a few years. Thousands attempt a ‘Thru-hike’, the full 2180+ miles in one year. About 500 make it. WE did what is called ‘section hiking’. The most we did was 900 miles in one summer.

Sherry going down a steep Vermont MT. She had already threw her pack down ahead of her (Her heels were hurting very bad)

It has been a ‘dream or hope’ to actually do a thru hike. Sherry says NO more, but something in me would like to walk the entire trail in one year. I know at my age that is ‘most likely’ not going to happen. I guess you never stop thinking, planning or even dreaming. Next year we will see. And then, maybe next year is like tomorrow, it actually never gets here. LOL


(mysteries of the trail, this is in Maine, can you imagine the stories inside these walls?)

PS:  Quotes that THINK:

If you’re not called crazy when you tell your dream, then you’re not dreaming big enough……….. Maybe!



Mevely317 said...

I, too, like dreaming! While I've never had interest in hiking, your travel accounts are both entertaining and interesting. Some days my biggest dream is to see the U.K. again -- provided I could get there via an ocean liner. Other days, I'm loathe to leave my house.

PS- Don't stop believing!

Glenda said...

My absolute favorites of your posts are of "the trail",it's not something I'd do. Skeered of snakes and heights etc. I so love the pics and admire Sherry for a world of reasons, and especially for the marvelous pics of the journey!!! She is a "Class Act"!
Love and hugs from Chobee, Glenda

betty said...

That is so true that Sherry's hair always looks great! You guys had many an adventure, now it is time to relive them in your memories and maybe not necessarily actually doing them again (but then who should say never??) I hear Ireland is beautiful but I do not believe I'll be visiting there anytime soon :)


Victor S E Moubarak said...

To dream ... the impossible dream ... pizza, donuts and then ice cream. This is my quest ... then go to the bar ... ah Guinness.

God bless.