Monday, May 23, 2022

A few million dollars?

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I will admit for the first 40 years of my life we got by financially and always had just a little set aside. The next 20 years we lived very comfortable.  Did about what we wanted to do.  We enjoyed 3 custom built homes, with any amenity we wished, because I built them. The last 23 years we have traveled thousands and thousands of miles and many counties. My dream was to drive to Alaska, we did that. Most of the time on the cheap, tents and RVs. We enjoyed just a little above the average salaries.

 But now I read on the internet how multimillion dollar salaries are just thrown out like it is ‘chump change’ (term I have heard for years for extra money NOT needed). I just read Jack Nicholas was paid 145 million last year then offered another 100 million to use his name or something like that.. WHAT?  Sports figures!! It is nothing to hear of players signing 30 million dollar contracts for two years of play.

CEOs earning 20-30 millions.  These are not company owners, just the one running the company. I guess the owners are doing pretty well. LOL

(Remember Scrooge McDuck? He was ONLY a Millionaire!)

That boggles my mind….


Most of us could take a million dollars and live our lives as happy as a hog in the mud.  But most of us will never come close to seeing a million dollars. In many cases more satisfied than those paid millions.

We go out every once in a while to learn WHY we don’t go out more often. WE used to love to go out for breakfast. At our local grill, “White’s Café” (now closed) we ate for less than $11 including the 20% tip. Now Breakfast is close to $20 for two + Tip for the same meal,

We could eat at one of our Fish houses in Belmont for $20 for 2, plus tip.  Now the same meal will be min $30.

I guess I am just frustrated, not jealous.  I earned a good living. In my last life I built affordable homes. I produced a product and sold it; not much different than someone who makes hamburgers and sells them.  Of course they must sell a lot more. LOL..  I just cannot imagine how a Ball team or sports outfit can pay MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of $ and stay in business?

I guess I expect someone to produce a product that sells, even if it is a button.  Of course I am not interested in sports, but I hear some ticket prices and wonder how Joe and Mary Citizen can pay those prices game after game while earning a working salary.  You see, someone like me does not see what they get for their money?

I am too simplistic. I get no personal satisfaction jumping up and down and yelling for someone getting paid millions to make a touchdown.  But Yep, I paid for us and some kids to go see O.J. play once. They were thrilled. O.J did run a touchdown against Miami I think. But I left that stadium with memories for the kids, but O.J and the teams were the winners, not me.  Just sayin’.

I loved this. It is from Shipmate Gary's blog.  He and Anna Mae have a 'sweet love['.  Please think of them, but  then insert Mine and Sherry's names.  This fit our lives....... Thanks Gary & Anna Mae.... 

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So, you drive across town to a gym to walk on a treadmill?


 I also heard “Money doesn’t not buy Happiness!” I think, “But I wouldn’t mind seeing for myself!”  LOL 


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think we are rich in the things money cannot buy. Love and happiness go together. I've never paid big bucks to see an sporting event, but have gone to many events to see my family play. Win or lose they are the stars of my life. I consider myself a very wealthy person, but I don't have much money. I think it is sad that sports players earn higher salaries than teachers or nurses, they are are our true heroes!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Thank you Jack for this wonderful post. It reminds me of Luke 16:19-31

God bless.

Mevely317 said...

We were just talking about this at Bible study Monday morning. And the percentage of Lottery winners who later file bankruptcy is staggering.

Sure, I'd love to say (that) a million dollars wouldn't affect me -- but I wouldn't chance trading it for what I have right now. I have to think the responsibility for managing that kind of money would feel burdensome.

Good topic!

Susan Kane said...

You get me every time with your stories. "happy as a hog in the mud" Only someone who has dealt with hogs in mud knows how that goes.

betty said...

I never could get why professional athletes were paid so much money! But then they draw in a lot of fans and a lot of advertising money for the team, etc. I am content with what I have though at times I like to dream big, just in case I win the lottery. But then, of course, I would have to start playing it :)