Saturday, May 21, 2022

Technology, just a little gripe (or 2)

  Memorable car of the day:


Now I love this one, He is going to be late delivering those barrels! 

For today:

Yesterday started off a little warped

We are online with a device from Verizon called the ‘Orbic’. That morning it was DEAD, a message flashed dial xxxx or bring it into the Verizon store. 

My first technical device!

There is one 10 minutes away so off I went. A techie took me immediately. Looked at the orbic, asked me a couple questions. Handed it back it is good to go. GREAT!

Back at the RV, UHUH the same thing. So back I go. I have a new Techie and explain it to him. “Oh you are probably out of ‘gigs’ and need to buy more!”

“No sir, we are unlimited!”

“That is not possible we do not have unlimited plans!”

“Mine is supposed to be,” I said, knowing that my plan states every month UNLIMITED!

He played with it for a while called another guy over for a few seconds. Handed it back and said, “I renewed the data, you are fine.”

Do you know why they cannot talk thru the cans? (if not see below)

Somehow, I could not believe it.  At the RV same problem. There is another store just 15 mins away in Oxford, FL. So Sherry goes with me this time, I have back up!  LOL

Went in to see John. You can tell this guy is solid. We saw that he had a good demeanor and a “ A REAL I know what I am doing” look. He asked about 3 questions. Typed faster than anyone I ever saw on a keyboard (I thought of Betty of AZ, LOL). “Ahh you have the old Unlimited plan, good!” he said as he continued working. Reminded me of Grandson Josh.

 He took the thing apart, studying something…. Comparing…. typing.  The wrong SIM card is installed. He replaced it.  Apologized for taking so long as he worked. Total of 15 minutes.  “There it is, it is a wonder it ran as well as it did; somethings are hard to explain.”

Back at the RV it worked perfect….. I wrote Two Atta-boys for Brother John…

I hadn’t thought much about it, but when we received the Orbic replacing the recalled Eclipse, they had a rough time getting it online. It took 2 trips to that Verizon store. Finally a Technician took the SIM card out of the Old unit and put it in the new Orbic and it worked. So that is how the wrong chip was in it, but the other guys did not even look inside.

(The only technical advice needed, was Keep the string tight!)

(I know it is hard to know every device on the market, but if unfamiliar one should ASK!)

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PS: Could be True:

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."  Eleanor Roosevelt


Mevely317 said...

Grrrr! How incredibly frustrating. Reminds me of the stupid reservations person at Marriott I spoke to the other day. (Rant on FB, minus the property name.)

You didn't mention the approx. age of the first two, but they sound like the caliber of the Front Desk staff at my former property. If it's not in the script (as yes, they have one!), they're like a fish out of water. More often, they simply don't care.
I'm so glad you went to another store and found John. Good on you for letting his superiors know what a great job he did for you.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank goodness you did not give up and found the right guy to fix your problems. Not all techies are equal that is for sure. Some have a lot more experience than others do. It is very frustrating when something goes wrong, but now you know where to go if you have anymore problems. Hopefully you will stay on line now. The bonus was you had Sherry as your back up!

betty said...

I haven't heard of Orbic and we have Verizon. We do have unlimited too with the data. Now I'll have to look into that. Thanks for the shout out about typing :) Years of experience!

Glad it eventually worked out but frustrating it took 3 attempts to get it working right!!


Susie said...

And may the good Lord help us. For sure. I had my internet company on the phone for over an hour or they had me , trying to hook up here in town since I moved. The fellow put me on hold 3 times and when he said "well let me look up so and so" I told him ," Don't you dare put me on hold again"...then he proceeds to tell me his computer service is slow...are you kidding me and you are selling me that service, for crying in a bucket!! It was a nightmare. The telephone service man came to my house and fixed it. Techy things make me pulling my hair out. Yes, I am about bald now. LOL. Glad you found a couple of the smart guys out there. Blessings to you and Sherry, xoxo, Susie

Dar said...

I hate technical problems...we finally found a fella that comes to the house and knows his stuff....AND rarely charges more than $15-30 bucks. I love fast but accurate techs. I'm so glad you found ' the right fella.'
loven'hugs from our chilly northwoods. We're working inside lately, presently converting a tub to a safer step-in shower unit. Life is good.