Saturday, December 31, 2022

Success can take many paths

Today’s one of a kind:

Mayan Magnum is the only one built by Dean Ing, who dabbled in aerospace engineering and science-fiction writing

 The Mayan Magnum

Some thoughts for today:

We humans are each different, no two are exactly alike.  Most of our live are lived by the rules and guidelines learned in our formative years 3-12 (in my opinion).

There are theoretic mental roads we travel. The Poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ written by Robert Frost has stuck in my mind since Ms. Melisa Grill brought it out so well in the 7th grade.  If you do not know or remember, it is summed up with this:

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.


With some roads taken, there will be no second chances; BUT thank the Good Lord some of them, when we realize we chose the wrong path, HE allows us like the GPS to ‘recalculate.’

Many of my friends in and out of the Military drank too much. Some good men, three very close to me realized that they had chosen the wrong road and thru AA or just determination, recalculated and became a plus to our society and their families.

We all make the decisions WE THINK are CORRECT, but at times we do not or cannot make up our minds until forced to by life. Another poem,

The House by the Side of The Road

By Sam Walter Foss,

There are hermit souls that live withdrawn
In the place of their self-content;
There are souls like stars, that dwell apart,
In a fellowless firmament;
There are pioneer souls that blaze the paths
Where highways never ran-
But let me live by the side of the road
And be a friend to man.  ……….

This one points out several roads (paths), but the poet choses to simply ‘Be a Friend to Man.’

Poems are not everyone’s ‘Cup of Tea’. But many have deep meanings. Poets, like the song writer, presents a message, some nonsensical, some so deep that just few words hold you there.

Some paths I want to walk, but just do not have the Ability or talents to do it. I have tried to write songs, poems, sing, or play the guitar and piano… NADA.  Some roads are too bumpy. ;-) But when I found the road that led me to building, the road smoothed out and made all the difference……   ;-)

(taken from a grandson's FB, sooo true!! That fits him, as well as the other Grands.)

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Friday, December 30, 2022

Travel! Maybe we will ALL get back to a normal.

 One of a Kind:


This dude is LOW and LONG! definitely one of a kind

For today:

The terrible wrecks and many deaths attributed to this last BAD STORM were terrible and the number of lives interrupted are almost unbelievable, unless you are one of them.

We were inconvenienced and that is all.  Our lives went on mostly normally. MA, from Bloggersville, has made her trek to Florida, now enjoying more sun!

Here in central Florida we are back to the 70’s with the sun shining and approaching normal. We have a dear friend **Allan. (note in the PS) WE cannot be around him with out hearing, "I am Blessed!"

We know “WE TOO are blessed!”  WE have a few more days here in Leesburg then heading West a short distance to the Wildwood area.  We have sat here too long, it will feel good to be on the road.

Yesterday I fried fish for my time for the main dish. Sherry made slaw and Pea Salad, the Pea Salad recipe became part of our diet (Louise Landers) in Biloxi Mississippi about the 1960 time frame.

Funny moving around the different foods you are exposed to. Sherry got her RED Cake recipe from Moberly MO. Her delicious Lasagna came from Joan Doughton in Key West Florida. Joan was from Pennsylvania and used the recipe in Key West and we loved it.

(The comments were left on a chefs online recipes, I did smile!)

Foods, we try to sample the specialties in the parts of the country we visit. Some hit the spot, others don’t.  I tried fried Alligator in Louisiana, and was disappointed. But I still think the grease was old it was cooked in.  In South Dakota I tried a Buffalo Burger, it was very good.

I do like a little ‘zest’ in my foods, but Myra, here in Bloggersville can make my tongue burn when she talks about her chili!  LOL

Have you picked up any recipes from travel?



Strange how some news shocks you more than others. The timing, the person, and just life.  Our pastor in NC requested prayer for a dear friend. ALLAN is a breath of fresh air to all who meet him. He never seems to be down. Every time I ask, “How is it going Allan?”  The answer is always with a sideways smile, “I’m Blessed!”

BUT now he is in intensive care on a ventilator with a heavy case of the COVID.  If you pray, mention Allan.  THANKS.

Did you ever fly a kite?

Today’s one of a kind:

The Long Haul Pickup Truck! 

Some thoughts for today:

It was a little windy the other day on my short hike. My short hike is now right at 4miles. At times I walk a mile and not realize it with my mind on some subject.

I made and flew kites for many years, I started at 5 years old. In early spring it was my favorite past time.  Clouds have always held my interest. I could lay on the grass and watch my kite and the clouds. I loved to see the shapes as they formed and morphed into animals, mountains, people and continents.

My favorite homemade kite was three sticks.  My favorite paper was brown paper from the Dry Cleaners that came from the dry cleaners over dad and mom’s clothes. Now clear plastic is used. Fewer people send anything to the Dry Cleaners anymore. It must be 20-25 years since we used a Dry Cleaner service. (Didn’t mean to wander)

I never flew a Box kite. Kite were 10 cents, but I never bought one. Many times as many as 3-4 boys would be flying kites in the same field. There were lots of games. Ever send a message up to your kite? We would tear or slit a small square of 4-6” paper, slip it over you kite string and watched the wind take the paper up to your kite.  I have brought my kite in with up to ten ‘messages’ still on it.

There was something magical about the tug of your kite,at times I added enough string to put it about out of sight. I had never flown in a plane and at the time and wondered what all my kite could see.  Could it see all the way to the North Pole I wondered?

Today there are many model plane enthusiasts.  Methinks Tom, down in Alabama still flies ‘em.  Now there are drones, I bet the plane and drone flyers get the same feelings as I did, but they cannot be as ‘relaxing’ as holding a tethered flying machine. The kite mostly takes care of itself and lets you know it is doing well just with the tug it gives.

Sister Shirley loved play houses and I joined her at times, but she never joined me flying kites.  I cannot remember a girl flying kites…

Just my mind wandering. The older I get the more it does that.  I have to rein it in sometimes.  Thanks for stopping by the Shipslog, I appreciate you taking the time…

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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Small Towns along the AT, Surprises

 TWO of One of a Kind:


The logging truck conversion

the little house on the Truck

For today:

Buena Vista, Virginia, I heard that name when I was in Boot Camp. It was not pronounced as in Spanish but by the locals just as it is spelled; BUU-na VISta. Private Billy Morton (not his real name) was from there and while in training I learned his nick name at home was Pig! 

While Sherry and I were hiking in Virginia, we passed a local hiker and asked how far it was to Buena Vista? “You must be from there, no one pronounces it that way except the residents.” Anyway he gave us directions ; we needed some supplies so we went into town.

This is a fact about the good and bad aspects of a small town. I actually stopped a man on the street. “Pardon me sir, but I was in the Marines with a guy from here, do you know Billy Morton?” I asked.

Without batting an eye he answered, “You mean Pig? Just a minute I’ll give you his phone #.”

I called and we talked awhile.  We did not meet, it was just good to stop and talk to him for a few minutes.

I married Sherry and learned small town’s residents. At one time it would have been hard to mention a name in the small town of Belmont that Sherry did not know. Shucks she might have been kin to them.  LOL

I wish at times I had been stationary and lived my life in one place.  BUT we cannot change the past!

I read the Susan Kane’s blog ‘ I cannot comment on her blog anymore, but her mama seems like the average person in a small town, knowing everyone.

Are you a rambler, country, city or small town person?


PS:  I liked this!

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Snacks, or Night food

 Today’s one of a kind:

 A real Lego truck?  They say it is real, but looks fake to me. LOL

Some thoughts for today:

Since my childhood I have loved saltine crackers and milk. I preferred good cornbread and that was with white milk or butter milk.  BUT crackers were always with white milk. I am not sure how mama came up with butter milk, but I think it was the remains after she churned the milk for butter. My daddy preferred cornbread and butter milk

Of course there were days that cornbread and milk was our supper.  Not that there wasn’t anything else, it was just what mama and daddy preferred some evenings. We never had a cow, but bought from farmers by the gallon. Once we lived in town our milk was delivered a couple times a week in quart jars. The cream would rise and the neck of the milk was always yellow cream; mama saved the cream for coffee and to churn for butter.

The bottles had a round cardboard stopper.

In my early childhood up to 5 yrs old, mama used a wooden churn, using an up and down motion she churned until the butter was on the top. 

Then she skimmed it off and put it into mold, after it hardened, she turned them over and the ½ pound of butter had a pretty flower on top.

Later in town mama had a glass churn that she turned at the top and turned paddles. She could see the butter rise without lifting a lid.

But for my snacks? Nuts or popcorn, but nothing satisfies me like plain soda crackers and milk. I prefer to crush them in a glass and add milk, but I also eat them as now, typing this, one cracker then follow with a cool sip of milk.  LOL

There are other snacks, left overs, etc, but I prefer plain crackers and milk.

My Sweetheart prefers popcorn or a small dish of Ice cream. 

Do you have a favorite?

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Monday, December 26, 2022

Malonowski, a shipmate.

 One of a Kind:

Not sure if this is real, but it was posted as real.  Nothing like living at your job!

For today:

When I reported aboard the USS Independence for duty I was assigned the OZ division. Called the ‘Land of OZ’, because it was behind locked doors, it was rumored to house SPOOKS.  I became good friends with DS2 Frank Malonowski, nick name Ski (Skee).  I was older but he out ranked me. I had already spent a hitch in the USMC and USAF. Ski was a very easy going sailor, mild mannered. A great guy to pull liberty with, he drank a little but was never in trouble.

Taken in our work space. Ski was a computer repariman.

I never pictured him as religious.  He told me at the time aboard ship he wasn't interested.

Every morning the USN has a practice called “Quarters” where a head count is made and the ‘Plan of the Day’ is given. It is sorta formal. Our Division officer LCDR Wilmot was in charge. One morning he finished with a ‘Polock Joke’. He finished and was about to dismiss the troops when Ski spoke up loudly and every one looked at him, “Mr. Wilmot do you speak Polish?”

Caught off guard by our quiet sailor, he said, “No I don’t Ski, why do you ask?”

“How does it feel to be dumber than a Polock?”

The whole division cracked up, laughing and clapping. Mr. Wilmot, face red, KNOWING he had made a mistake, “Good one Ski, Division Dismissed!” he ordered!

Well time passed I was transferred to GITMO and Frank took his discharge and went on to live his life. Our paths never crossed for 50 years.

We bought a home in Deltona a few years ago and I was still blogging with the Shipslog. Lo and behold one day I got a comment from Ski. He lived in Deltona and was now a Proto-Deacon in the Orthodox Church. We texted some and he came over to our RV a few times. What a joy to renew his acquaintance. His wife was sickly and his church duties kept him tied up.

We sold the place in Deltona and bought in Leesburg.

A day or so ago I received a FB Birthday notice. As always I went to wish him a Happy Birthday. WHAT, he was buried last January? His son, Friar (?) Stephen Malanowski posted the funeral video So I did get to see it.

I never saw Proto-Deacon Michael Malanowski decked out in his last uniform, here he is in his first uniform when we visited Athens:


Here he is in his last Uniform



Sunday, December 25, 2022

It is Florida! Bad Weather?

 One of a Kind:

See! I knew you always wanted a John Deere Trike!

For today:

Weather is never guaranteed. We have lived places where folks were always quoting the old saying, “If you don’t like the weather here, just wait a day or two, it will change.”

When a person has lived in Florida for many years and they go as far north as South Carolina in the winter and notice the forestry; they think all the trees have died, not thinking ‘dormant.’  I know that because it happening to me once.

I was only thinking about that because all around here many bushes and flowers are ‘covered’ in an attempt to prevent the colder weather killing them.’

The joy here is: ‘at least we do have the sunshine. ;-)’

Hoping you are WARM, got what you wanted for Christmas and that you are ready for the next Biggie….2023!




Saturday, December 24, 2022

Merry Christmas 2022

 One of a Kind:


Myra asked a logical question about 'trail names.'  Yes I think it is to remain anon unless you want to share. The most folks usually pry is, “Where are you from?”  Also about the keeping in touch. WE only kept up with Chilly and Just Ray. Cards and dinner at times.

 For today:

I will leave thoughts of the trail for a few days (maybe). Christmas Season is such a wonderful time of the year. I think of it like the end of a good book. The sweet ending when all is well. The good Guy wins.

The difference is we will start a new book a few days after that, but like children someone will say in a few days, it is only about 350 days until Christmas.  We start a new book.

We have been blessed with health this past year.  I did have a bout with Covid.  It did leave me weighing less and much weaker.  Weaker than I have ever been, and it does bother me, but I know I am still blessed.

I have no idea what you faced last year, and survived.  Contrary wise, you don’t know what we have faced, and that is how it should be.  Some close friends help us all along with prayer and faith so WE make it.  

Deaths and drugs hold a hammer over families too often. Two dear families, close acquaintance's, have suffered much more than we have this year, each involving family members.

My prayers for Sherry and I is that 2023 will be filled with joy, love and forgiveness.  That 2023 will have more smiles and happiness than we have ever known.  I am not selfish here, my hopes and prayers for each of you are the same.

I know Christmas is the highlight of the year because we celebrate the birth of our Savior.  Then a few days later we celebrate the birth of the New Year. We each have a blank book.  I want mine to be a LOVE Story.  I hope yours is.



Friday, December 23, 2022

People who Hike

  Today’s one of a kind:

This is the Japnaese Batmobile

Some thoughts for today:

We met folks from South Africa, England, Germany, Australia, Netherlands even Texas LOL. There were other countries, but those come to mind right off the bat.

Most everyone who hikes the AT has a ‘Trail Name’. Some picked, some tagged by fellow hikers.  WE were known as the “Overland Hermits.” Sir Richard was from the UK. One kid was called “Intense” (In Tents). We have a list somewhere of over a hundred Trail Names me met.

We Met ‘Chilly Willie and Just Ray.’ We learned Ray didn’t want a trail name so the hikers called him ‘Just Ray.’ WE hiked some with a Professor from Kenya, Dr. Gordon. Mark called him ‘Gordy’ he did not seem happy with it, but after a day or two it stuck.

A girl scout group in New Hampshire. Sherry is sitting in  shelter reading the shelter log.

Where Golf Courses boast themselves as a good place for a heart attack or stroke, because there is usually a Doctor close by; on the AT there are a lot of Nurses. Because one must be off of the grid for 6-9 months there are definite age groups. Many young people take the time between HS & College, Also between a Bachelor’s degree and the Masters.  Then a big open spot from mid 20s to the 60s; that is newly retirees  finally have time to be in the woods for months.  WE fit in that category starting in our 60s.

Above is Sir Richard from England somewhere in Vermont

One question comes up, especially by people who have a Concealed Carry Permit. Do you carry a weapon? My answer is NO. I have never met a thru hiker who would add an unnecessary few pounds to their load. I have carried Pepper Spray, and probably will this time; just in case of the remote possibility of a dangerous bear encounter.

This couple from Denmark (I think), we met in upper Maine

But as for safety, you are safer on the AT than walking in most small towns; much safer than NYC or Chicago. WE have met 16-18 year old females and grandmothers hiking alone.

A solo hiking grandpa  Here he is leaving New Hampshire 20 miles from Maine.

A solo hiking grandma, about 300 miles to go....

Preachers, saints and sinners find comradery on the trail. We have met the recluse and the know-it-all. We even met Mooseburger, "the best there is; there is no better." I know that because he told me so, TRUE! A very self-centered German. The president even sent ‘AF One’ to pick him up for his help several times.  He said it like it was fact! He was entertaining.

This is Cricket She has hiked nearly 2100 miles, she had 100 miles to finish the trail.

We don’t regret the time spent on the AT.  I just hope I can do it again and gain some more wonderful memories.

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