Monday, December 26, 2022

Malonowski, a shipmate.

 One of a Kind:

Not sure if this is real, but it was posted as real.  Nothing like living at your job!

For today:

When I reported aboard the USS Independence for duty I was assigned the OZ division. Called the ‘Land of OZ’, because it was behind locked doors, it was rumored to house SPOOKS.  I became good friends with DS2 Frank Malonowski, nick name Ski (Skee).  I was older but he out ranked me. I had already spent a hitch in the USMC and USAF. Ski was a very easy going sailor, mild mannered. A great guy to pull liberty with, he drank a little but was never in trouble.

Taken in our work space. Ski was a computer repariman.

I never pictured him as religious.  He told me at the time aboard ship he wasn't interested.

Every morning the USN has a practice called “Quarters” where a head count is made and the ‘Plan of the Day’ is given. It is sorta formal. Our Division officer LCDR Wilmot was in charge. One morning he finished with a ‘Polock Joke’. He finished and was about to dismiss the troops when Ski spoke up loudly and every one looked at him, “Mr. Wilmot do you speak Polish?”

Caught off guard by our quiet sailor, he said, “No I don’t Ski, why do you ask?”

“How does it feel to be dumber than a Polock?”

The whole division cracked up, laughing and clapping. Mr. Wilmot, face red, KNOWING he had made a mistake, “Good one Ski, Division Dismissed!” he ordered!

Well time passed I was transferred to GITMO and Frank took his discharge and went on to live his life. Our paths never crossed for 50 years.

We bought a home in Deltona a few years ago and I was still blogging with the Shipslog. Lo and behold one day I got a comment from Ski. He lived in Deltona and was now a Proto-Deacon in the Orthodox Church. We texted some and he came over to our RV a few times. What a joy to renew his acquaintance. His wife was sickly and his church duties kept him tied up.

We sold the place in Deltona and bought in Leesburg.

A day or so ago I received a FB Birthday notice. As always I went to wish him a Happy Birthday. WHAT, he was buried last January? His son, Friar (?) Stephen Malanowski posted the funeral video So I did get to see it.

I never saw Proto-Deacon Michael Malanowski decked out in his last uniform, here he is in his first uniform when we visited Athens:


Here he is in his last Uniform




yaya said...

What good memories you have of that once young man and friend. Also a wonderful reunion with the not so young man and friend. It looks like he found God in his own time. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend but happy you shared his and your story here. Those that have passed are not forgotten when we can share our memories. Hugs from Ohio that's finally getting out of the deep freeze!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. Thank you so much for telling us such a lovely story of friendships renewed after so many years. He found God in his time and in his way ... or God found him, maybe.

God bless you, Jack and Sherry.

Susan Kane said...

What a tribute to this man. Getting in touch with an old friend must have been amazing.

Mevely317 said...

Oh, this gives me all the feels! (As the young people say. I'm sorry for the loss of 'Ski', but at the same time, so the two of you had an opportunity to reconnect when you did.

I've recently been looking for new posts from/about an old friend on FB. Unfortunately (and uncharacteristically) there has been nothing for almost a year and no-one to ask. (Because he lives overseas, there's no obituary database to consult). I hate loose ends!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We never know what life may bring our way. Apparently your friend had a good life that saw some changes. What a nice tribute to your friend. Sorry for the loss but you do have some good memories of him.

Chatty Crone said...

Man what a life he had! God Bless.