Friday, December 30, 2022

Did you ever fly a kite?

Today’s one of a kind:

The Long Haul Pickup Truck! 

Some thoughts for today:

It was a little windy the other day on my short hike. My short hike is now right at 4miles. At times I walk a mile and not realize it with my mind on some subject.

I made and flew kites for many years, I started at 5 years old. In early spring it was my favorite past time.  Clouds have always held my interest. I could lay on the grass and watch my kite and the clouds. I loved to see the shapes as they formed and morphed into animals, mountains, people and continents.

My favorite homemade kite was three sticks.  My favorite paper was brown paper from the Dry Cleaners that came from the dry cleaners over dad and mom’s clothes. Now clear plastic is used. Fewer people send anything to the Dry Cleaners anymore. It must be 20-25 years since we used a Dry Cleaner service. (Didn’t mean to wander)

I never flew a Box kite. Kite were 10 cents, but I never bought one. Many times as many as 3-4 boys would be flying kites in the same field. There were lots of games. Ever send a message up to your kite? We would tear or slit a small square of 4-6” paper, slip it over you kite string and watched the wind take the paper up to your kite.  I have brought my kite in with up to ten ‘messages’ still on it.

There was something magical about the tug of your kite,at times I added enough string to put it about out of sight. I had never flown in a plane and at the time and wondered what all my kite could see.  Could it see all the way to the North Pole I wondered?

Today there are many model plane enthusiasts.  Methinks Tom, down in Alabama still flies ‘em.  Now there are drones, I bet the plane and drone flyers get the same feelings as I did, but they cannot be as ‘relaxing’ as holding a tethered flying machine. The kite mostly takes care of itself and lets you know it is doing well just with the tug it gives.

Sister Shirley loved play houses and I joined her at times, but she never joined me flying kites.  I cannot remember a girl flying kites…

Just my mind wandering. The older I get the more it does that.  I have to rein it in sometimes.  Thanks for stopping by the Shipslog, I appreciate you taking the time…

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Victor S E Moubarak said...

I never really played with kites. Just once or twice - home made ones.

I too have a wandering mind. Sometimes it wanders too fast for me to catch up. One moment I am thinking of here then suddenly my mind is miles away to another town, or country; or another time even. Writers call this type of thinking a train of thoughts. Like a train, one thought leads to another. Although right now in the UK we have a train strike. The other day my train was cancelled due to shortage of staff. Why can't they employ taller ones? That's what I say. But there was no one to say it to. Because they were on strike. And there were no trains.

Anyway ... where was I? Oh ... right here, writing on my computer and at the same time at the railway station with no trains. Is it Friday yet? Have I had dinner or not? Who am I? Are these my feet?

God bless, Sherry and Jack. It is good to have a wandering mind.

Mevely317 said...

I enjoyed your mind's wandering! What an imagination!

Despite being gifted with kites, they never held much fascination for me. Can't say for sure, but 8 y/o Myra might possibly have asked, "What's the point?". (lol) Tom's son gave him a really nice one for Christmas a few years ago, but it's still sitting out in his shop, unopened. Fingers crossed the doc will be able to fix his eyesight so he can enjoy flying RC again someday.

Chatty Crone said...

I will tell you something - you have a memory of the past like an elephant. I don't even remember most of my childhood - let alone how old I was when I flew a kite! Your memory is amazing.

Lisa said...

Your post has given me an Idea for a blog post. So I’m just gonna share my comment as a blog post over on my blog at . It will be live later tonight.


Woody said...

My Dad called us or asked us something and if we didn't answer he would say; "Get yer Head outta the Clouds" or "Where Did Your Mind Wander Off to" ?
I think ffrom what I have seen most People lose themselves in their Thoughts and Wanderings !
I like to quietly sit and wander around in my Thoughts and Memories !!!!
You and Sherry enjoy yourselves and behave !
Sending down Love and Prayers from the wet rainy North !
Gary and Anna Mae

yaya said...

I love flying kites! We have flown many here at the Pines with the kids and grandkiddos. We need to go across the street in the field if it's not planted and fly as our trees have grown so much. I always say you can't not smile while flying a kite...unless it ends up in the pine trees! We always gave the boys kites in their Easter baskets. I know what I'm going to plan for this Spring! I've never flown a kite in the winter although it's windy a lot!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't remember flying kites as a kid, but I have flown them with my grandchildren. It is its of fun. Making your own flag sounds like a lot of fun too. I have spent many hours watching the clouds go by overhead and love to imagine what all those shapes in the clouds are. We are starting off our day with a very foggy morning. It'll take awhile to burn off the fog today but then it's supposed to be a lovely day! Happy New Years Eve to you and Sherry!